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    Brand Name:Arava
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
1998-09-10 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Sanofi Aventis US
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Arava

Arava is used to treat active rheumatoid arthritis in adults to reduce signs and symptoms, slow down damage to joints, and improve physical function. Arava is not indicated in children or adolescents with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Precautions for Arava

If you have the following conditions or if you are being treated with medications that can be harmful to your liver, Arava may not be right for you:

  • liver disease including hepatitis B or hepatitis C
  • kidney problems
  • severe immune system disorders, bone marrow disorders or uncontrolled infection.

Side Effects of Arava

  • diarrhea
  • elevated liver enzymes
  • hair loss
  • skin rash
  • mouth sores
  • unusual tiredness
  • abdominal pain

Who Should Not Take Arava

You must not take Arava if you are pregnant or a woman of childbearing age not using reliable contraception.

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Recent Forum Posts on Arava

No Subject

Since i have start Arava I find that my skin has lost of its elasticity. Is it a report commun problem?


Arava has been a wonder drug for me. Within a relatively short period of time after starting it, I was greatly improved with regard to stiffness. I had been almost unable to sleep due to severe neck stiffness and this disappeared with the Arava. I've had no side effects other than the expected mild neutropenia which simply required adjustment of my dose.

No Subject

I was on arava for three and a half months and have lost sight in my left eye. the doctor that prescribed said this was not a side effect but thru research this is one.the drug company donot list all of the possible things that can happen to you ,there only interest is getting the doctor to prescribe to fatten there pockets.when there is no evidence of any other cause , no stroke,no bleeding behind the heart disease etc. ,then there is only one other cause(medicine).I have lost my vision forever and it is possible that in three to four years i might lose the other.WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!!!!!!


I have been on Arava for 5 months and have experienced a blood pressure increase, a pounding heartrate, hairloss, and some episodes of diarrhea. I have also had increased energy and fluid range of motion. I have taken advantage of this increased energy and movement to take a walk after work or bike. My lft's have been in the acceptable range. I have gotten my blood pressure down also with weight loss. It is a trade-off, definitely, but worth it to be able to move again without much pain.

No Subject

The doctors do not warn about the very serious side effects of Arava, including death, stroke, liver failure, hyperthyroidism, etc. Do not rely on the handouts provided by the drug company.

No Subject

Life threatening neutropenia for months, originally diagnosed as
a terminal cancerous condition. Severe diarrhea; tachycardia; elevated
blood pressure; reoccuring infections; full body hives. These conditions
have totally reversed by stopping Arava, returning to Methotrexate,
repeated bone marrow and other medical tests and the passage of time.
A dangerous medication!

No Subject

My arthritis seems much better after only 10 days of Arava, however, I've had several days of diarrhea and severe stomach cramps. What to do?

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