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    Brand Name:Avelox
    Generic:Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
1999-12-10 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Bayer Pharmaceuticals
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Avelox

Avelox is an antibiotic used to treat adults with bacterial infections of the lungs, sinuses, skin, and intra-abdominal area (inner belly). It does not work for viral infections (for example, the common cold).

Precautions for Avelox

  • Individuals who take Avelox should not drive or operate heavy machinery until they know that Avelox does not cause them to get dizzy.
  • Individuals who take Avelox should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Although not reported with Avelox, certain other quinolones increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight and severe sunburn may result. Call your doctor if you experience severe burning, redness, itching, rash, or swelling after exposure to the sun while taking Avelox.
  • The following medications can cause Avelox to not be absorbed if taken at the same time:
    • antacids containing aluminum or magnesium
    • iron supplements
    • multivitamins containing iron
    • sucralfate (Carafate)
    • didanosine (Videx)

Side Effects of Avelox

The side effects of Avelox are generally mild, but serious side effects have been reported in people taking this class of drugs. These reactions may occur after taking just one dose. If you experience any of the following side effects, stop taking Avelox and call your doctor:

  • an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of the throat; swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; or hives)
  • central nervous system (CNS) side effects including seizures, dizziness, confusion, tremors, hallucinations, depression, or suicidal thoughts
  • pain, inflammation, or rupture of a tendon

Other side effects may include:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • stomach pain
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • headache

Who Should Not Take Avelox

Avelox should not be used in individuals who:

  • have had a severe allergic reaction to any of the quinolone antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin or levofloxacin.
  • have certain heart irregularities (prolonged QT interval) seen on an electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • have untreated low blood potassium
  • are taking certain medicines to treat an irregular heartbeat
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Recent Forum Posts on Avelox

Almost died from Avalox

I was prescribed this drug by my doctor for an infection and thought I had the bad case of flu after taking it for only 2 days on day 3 I went back to my doctor hardly able to function, he sent me to the lab for blood work and found my liver function was very bad due to the drug. I stopped taking this drug after only 3 days and it took over a week for my liver to get back to normal I had to have blood tests every day to make sure it was improving. But if I had continued taking this drug I would probably not be here today. It is all over my chart about my reaction to Avalox. So please be careful if you are taking this drug any side effects what so ever even slight, stop taking it and call your doctor.

Almost Died from Avelox

Mine is a case where I developed I apparently developed an allergy to the drug after taking it previously without any side effects. Was prescribed avelox for sinus infection after zithromax was not working. Took first pill today. Within 20 minutes, I begain experiencing symptoms common to an anaphylactic response to an allergen. My eyes and face started to itch, swell, and turn red. My hands and limbs started to feel swollen. Within a few more minutes, I started to cough and have difficulty breathing. I was driving at this point, so this was extremely scary. I got home as fast as I could , because the symptoms were multiplying. When I got home, I made it to the kitchen and kneeled to the floor. I was lying on the floor, head between my knees. I was having trouble breathing, thinking, and was extremely dizzy. I contemplated getting my daughter's epi pen out of the cupboard but I couldnt get up. I was very hot, sweating profusely, losing my ability for speech, and felt as if I might die. Overcome by nausea, I stood up only to begin vomiting violently. I swayed into the bathroom, only to vomit more. I made it to my bed where I lay for 30 minutes unable to move because I was incapacitated by symptoms. After the nausea subsided, I had a terrible pain in my bowels that felt like appendicitis, and I was tremendously cold. Expelling the pill was the best thing I could have done, because the symptoms finally began to subside where I could finally get up after about 45 min. Terrifying. This was the worst, scariest allergic reaction I have ever had to anything. I really feel like I was close to death for a few moments. Second-time users, beware!

Avelox Allergic Reaction

I was given avelox for my sinus infection. i thought it was only a 5 day dose because it was given to me by my doctor at the office as samples and i had some in a bag and and as i found out i had two more my pocketbook so it actually was a 7 day prescription. I took it for 5 days and at that time it worked awesome. Totally cleared my sinus infection without any problems. When I found the other two packets of pills in my pocketbook about a week later i put them in my medicine cabinet (for the next time). I started getting a sore throat with brochontis so i took an avelox saturday morning. Within in 15 mins, my body was burning from the inside with tingling, in my feet, my head, my chest it would rotate everywhere. That continued along with massive itching,my hands turned white and hives started to pop out. Once it came to point that i couldn't form words to talk, my husband called 911. Instantinly started with a benedryl drip and had the epi pen ready if needed. I couldn't hold up my arms for them to take my blood pressure, i couldn't sit up on my own for them to listen to my chest it was like i was catatonic (sp). I could hear people but i couldn't talk and everything was so loud. The ER put me on a heart monitor but i kept trying to tell them my chest was feeling funny. But because i was breathing without a problem i guess they didn't care so they sent me home after only being there for an hour. My chest still burns and tingles every once in a while the palputations are horrible. I called my doctor he put me on a zpack and predisone. Neither are stopping the fluttering in my chest. I am going to my doctor tomorrow. PLEASE BEWARE!


Took It Sunday Night In 30 Min I Was Taken Out By Ambulance Its Now 5 Days Later And Still Cant Get My Toughts Together

Watch your loved one carefully

Please watch your loved ones and yourself when you are taking new medications. The bizarre hallucinations caused by avelox or avelox with a combination of other prescription drugs was unwarranted and frightening. My mother was hospitalized and received IV avelox in the ER and subsequently received daily doses of this powerful antibiotic for pneumonia. She experienced hand tremors, extreme dry mouth, severe anxiety and finally bizarre and intense hallucinations. The hallucinations have lasted for 2 days so far. Thankfully my father is a pharmacist and I am an advocate for any family member who is hospitalized or under medical care. We took her off the avelox, spoke to her physician and the hospital pharmacist and will contact the company directly to convey our case to them. This is an unacceptable side effect.

Avelox Experience - Never again

After the past 24 hours of Avelox, I want it posted on all my medical records that I want no part of this drug unless it is a life and death disease with no other possible alternatives! I went to my Doctor with a mid grade fever, sinusitis and bronchiatis. I have taken a number of antibiotics over the years including Levaquin which is similar in drug class I was told and have never had a negative reaction. I filled my perscription to the tune of $172.00 after discounts and took the first dose around 6:00 p.m. yesterday. Within the first 15 minutes I had the feeling of strange dry heat that was seemingly coming from the inside out and pins and needles tingling in my head neck chest and extremities. Two hours later I was sweating profusely, trembling arms like someone with Parkinsons. I did not have any of the weird mental feelings described in other posts, but I had a very restless night of not being able to sleep more than 2 hours at a time. When I awoke the next morning I felt extreme prostration that went beyond the expected fatigue of a sinus and bronchial infection. I felt like passing out and my heart rate seemed very rapid. So I checked my blood pressure which is generally a normal 115/65 for me. This morning my bp was 85/45. Ok so now this has my attention and I called the Doctors weekend number. He told me to check into the emergency room and have them take a look. The Doctor at the ER told me Wow that's a pretty strong drug and further said "Like throwing a grenade to break up a neighborhood fight." WTH???? So they did a chest x-ray to be sure pneumonia and then sent me home with a prescription for Zithromax. I hope to be back to my normal healthy self in the next few days. The experience not only cost me stress and concern, and an evening in the ER. It also cost me big dollars for a drug that needs further investigation before it is allowed to be routinely prescribed for bronchiatis or sinusitus. The paperwork info for Avelox says it can be used successfully to prevent and treat Anthrox in the event of bio terrorism so perhaps this drug should be saved for such conditions as that. This is at least for me a case of the side effects out weighing the benefits.

Avelox or death from flu-associated pneumonia? It's a toss up.

Background: 55 yr old female, never sick exc for rare cold. No meds (perhaps 10 NSAIDS per year for hormonally related headache). Got the flu before my flu shot kicked in...kids ok, my flu turned to pneumonia. Can't take PCNs. No other allergies or known sensitivities. 1st dose (took after dinner)...tingly all over, got worse and worse. I was so exhausted I did fall asleep but awoke every few minutes with strange fleeting dreams and restlessness that made it a fitful night #1. Finally evened out around 6pm the next night. Hands still trembling. Still feel weird. One more chance...pill#2...OMG...tingly lips, dry mouth, sudden onset runny nose and sinus inflammation. That was only the beginning! Knowing my baseline EKG is normal, had I been at work I would have done another EKG on myself...lightheaded, dyspneic, extrapyrimidal symptoms (tardic dyskinesia), headache, foggy brained, blurred vision, insomnia...and palpitations/PVCs. Would like to see my Qt interval. I securely threw out the rest of the med. If my lungs don't clear I'll just go ahead and die...because I will not take this medicine again. I hate giving prescribed fluoroquinolones to people...and this is the first time I've taken it. Never again. I know that they are useful to some people in isolated instances...just stick for azithromycin if you have pneumonia...I swear the pneumonia is easier. You are not crazy, although the DNS ADRs include crazy thoughts and nightmares/weird dreams (if you can sleep at all).

Avelox nastiness

This is Thursday. I have had 2 nights of Avelox and I won't be taking anymore. Was prescribed this drug for a sinus infection on Tuesday. I already felt weird and spaced out because of the infection, but, now, Oh Man! Last night, after only two hours of sleep, I awoke to find my eyes, throat and nose so dry that I had to put saline in my eyes and nose (not the same saline, by the way) every couple of hours. Never did get back to sleep because then, my arms and legs started feeling twitchy and I began to get paranoid thoughts. I sat in the shower and cried before I got ready for work. Now, my arms are still twitching and I feel like my face isn't moving when it is and I still feel like I'm expecting someone to jump me every minute. I hope these feelings go away before bedtime tonight because I've been a raging b*tch for the past three weeks anyway. Without sleep, I don't know what I might say or do. Never, ever again.:(

avelox - strange feelings

i am a generally healthy, happy and energetic 31-yo white male...and I was prescribed a 7-pack of Avelox to help clear bronchitis last week. my doctor said this was some heavy-duty stuff, so i took my first pill at night (at least 8 hours after taking vitamins). Tuesday - night #1: dizziness, flu-like, underwater feeling (weird pressure changes, floating feeling, sound echoes)...strange dreams...while laying still in bed with arms & legs stretched out i felt like my body was spinning in circles. woke up not knowing what day/date it was, or how long I was asleep for. Weds/Thurs: started feeling worthless. felt like disappearing and not wanting to deal with life/work/family/friends. Friday: went to see a psych with my wife (routine quarterly visit), and he wanted to put me on buspar or some other anti-depressant immediately. my wife says i am very depressed, moody, irritable, easily frustrated, and not sleeping well. Sat/Sun: woke up in a panic because i could not find one of our 3 small dogs. wife said i was yelling and irrational, and outside in the snow in slippers and pajamas because i thought i left him outside to freeze. found the dog trapped underneath our pull-out couch...very embarrassing, felt like dementia. usual projects around the house took forever...short of breath & sweating just doing laundry and cleaning. if i sat down on the couch, my head and eyes kept rolling back as if i am going to pass out. i took my 7th and final dose an hour ago. feels like someone/something keeps touching me on the bottom of my feet, my ankles, and shoulders. i am kindof jumpy because of these sensations, but it feels like i have a buzz from drinking. be careful and prepared...might want to warn your family/coworkers that you are taking this med...

Avelox = Bad Medicine

I was prescribed Avelox for a sinus infection. On day 12 of taking this medication I developed severe neuropathy in my left arm and hand. The pain was so intense that it woke me up in the middle of the night. All I could do was cry. There was extreme numbness and pain, I could not bend my fingers, it was awful. I stopped taking the medication but the neuropathy continued, it also developed to my right arm and hand. My joints began to swell and my muscles had extra tone ( they were enlarged in my arms). I went to the doctor for labs to make sure that there was no organ damage, the heart is a muscle you know. Everything turned out normal as far as all the testing. But the pain and the swelling remained. He put me on Prednisone as a taper. I was on it 3 days at 40 mg and I was not sleeping, was spacey and irritable. I used my own taper and came off of it sooner. I had a problem working feeling like this. I thought that I would rather be dealing with the pain of neuropathy instead of feeling not myself on steroids. What I did notice is that the neuropathy was decreasing and the swelling was also decreasing while on that steroid. Three days after I stopped taking the steroid the swelling came back to the point where my knees were so swollen I could not bend them. My lower legs and ankles had pitting edema, not to mention my hands were swollen, even my palms. So back on the prednisone but only talking 10 mg now for 10 days. I am at day 5 and the swelling in at a minimal. I am hoping that it will be completely gone and not return after stopping the steroid. This medication has caused me nothing but problems and I do not understand why it is on the market. Be weary of this medication. I did report to the FDA and the drug company about what happened. My doctor said it was a rare adverse autoimmune response. Rare or not..it happened to me and one person is one too many for the severity of the side effects that I experienced.

Avelox warning!

I suffer from frequent sinus infections and recently was on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I didn't get better so my doctor prescribed Avelox. I took one pill at 3:30 p.m.and by 7:15 I started freaking out! I jumped up off of the couch and was screaming that I couldn't breathe, I was dizzy, I was scared to death, my heart was racing, I was shaking very badily. I do have xanx but rarely use it and did take a pill to see if that would calm me down. It didn't help, I got worse and by 8:00 I was in the ER freaking out! In the car on the way to the hospital I didn't seem to have control of my legs and I was kicking and moving all around. I have never in my life felt like that. I was given a shot and after 3 hours in the ER I was allowed to go home. I was told it was a bad reaction to the Avelox, ya think? The day after I took a xanx to stay calm because I felt nervous. The next day I had that wierd feeling come over me a few times and had to take xanx twice. Today I had the weird bad feeling once but didn't have to take xanx. What a horrible experience! I'm so glad I found this site because I thought I was losing my mind.

Avelox nightmare.

I started Avelox last night. I have only taken one dose. I woke up at 4am this morning and felt very weird. I felt like I was hot from the inside out. I also felt very tingly all over. I almost felt like I was having an out of body experience. I thought I was imagining that at first. I was extremely dizzy and nauseated and my bowels were very upset. I drove to work that morning at about 7am but probably should not have d/t the extreme waves of dizziness and nausea. I was not told of any of these side effects. I have been very scared of taking another pill tonight. After reading and researching the drug all day, I have decided to not take it. I am extremely upset because I have paid 60$ after submission to insurance and I still have the same sinus infection I have had for 6mo. Back to the drawing board. I will trust in Jesus.

My Avelox experience day by day

My daughter and I both were diagnosed with bronchitis. She is around 2 so they gave her Amox...I on the other hand was prescribed Avelox (I am in my low 30's Male). I have never read the warning labels on drugs until the Walmart pharmacist told me ..."man the doc prescribed you some heavy stuff". I read all the warnings (you should too it only took ten minutes). I saw all the mental warning listed like 10 times for everything from anxiety to suicidal thoughts. Well anyway here is what happened to me day by day for 10 days. BTW I never go to the doctor and I am lucky if I take an aspirin a year. Always felt dehydrated but drank over a gallon of water and unsweetened tea daily about 50/50. Day one - 30 min - 1 hour after taking the pill (took pill at 3:00 pm daily) I couldn't keep my eyes open and I never take naps...ever...felt dehydrated but drank over 100 ounces of water and tea. Day two - same thing...felt like I ate two turkey dinners and drank 2 glasses of wine 30 min - 1 hour after taking the pill. Day three - Still felt tired but not as bad...started feeling a little weird though...definitely not as with it mentally. Day four - Debated moving my pill taking time to just before bed time but decided not too due to the mental stuff setting in. I didn't want to have nervous fits at night. Day five - Daytime sleepiness from taking pill almost gone (my body must be getting use to this pill). Starting to feel weirder mentally...starting to breath differently (shorter breaths)...my skin itches, and my cheek bones feel weird...I rubbing them like a nervous person would. Day six - Anxiety getting worse...I am feeling my calve muscles start to twitch...tongue and cheeks feel weird...tongue feels swollen. Day seven - Not tired at all after I take the pill. My throat and tongue feel swollen...also have a sore throat now. I find myself rubbing my cheeks and head a lot...my lower extremities are feeling numb...I definitely haven't felt normally mentally since day three. Day eight - Bowel problems set in big time...I am guessing all of my good bacteria are dead at this point. Back of neck, throat, lungs, cheek bones, legs, head all feel weird. The bridge of my nose has pressure that I believe is anxiety (looked it up common anxiety symptom). Nervous twitches starting over whole body...hold out my hand straight and it looks like I drank 3 or 4 red bulls. Day nine - all of the symptoms getting worse...I am starting to think "other things" are wrong with me...I would quit but I am almost through my treatment and I am still able to act somewhat normal in public. I'm a former Marine...if I went through boot I can get through Avelox! Day ten - All of the previous symptoms getting worse...I scratched my forehead from rubbing it...my bowels are killing me...making noise and discomfort. I feel short of breath which I think is adding to the anxiety...I got scared typing on my computer late at night...like turned around real quick and it felt like something was behind me (with the lights on lol)...got chills down my spine. (haven't gotten scared in at least a decade). I go hunting in the woods at night by myself...I don't get scared period...this has got to be from the pills. After thoughts - I wrote this day by day so some of you might read this and realize your not going crazy your just taking Avelox. I made it through it...you can too. The warnings are clearly written and definitely came true. I just finished my treatment and am going on some pro biotics now so I can go out in public without shiiiiiting myself. I just stopped taking them yesterday and I feel better...ill post a reply and let you know how long it takes everything to wear off.

Avelox - wasted money - wasted days

2010 4:17 PM I have had a bad cough for the past six weeks - went to the doctor and was prescibed an antibiotic which I took for 7 days and the cough got no better. Went to him again 2 days ago and he prescribed Avelox 400 mg " just in case there was infection omewhere that was missed by oher antibiotic." I felt horrible within a couple of hours and had to go to bed. I slept an hour and the rest of that night was awful - I felt very nervous and dizzy. My legs were restless and I felt awful. I had bad diarhea the next day and had a hard time working. Took another pill last night and could not sleep. I woke up feeling dizzy and weak today and decided to see if other people have felt like this (online). Other people have! I just called doctor office to leave the message that I won't be taking more of this. ( doubt he will respond.) It is very expensive and I hate to waste my money - but I don't want to waste my life either. Why would a doctor prescribe such a miserable drug unless your life was threatened if you did not take it? The pages of warnngs supplied when I picked up the prescription were scarey - but I trusted the doctor's wisdom - duh me. I guess I have killed all my "good bacteria" now and I still have my cough. He also gave me a prescription for Omeprazole "just in case " the cough is caused by acid reflux. Too much "just in cases" to suit me. I had better get back to prayer and faith in God - faith in the doctor is not helping much with any ailments I have.

Avelox How long does it take to leave your system?

I started taking avelox about a week ago for a upper respiratory infection and I am so happy I took my last pill today. The first day I took it I felt nauseous and kind of out of it. The next day I felt really weak and lightheaded and I didn't think much of it because I was just getting over the flu. So I decided to start taking the pill at night and it semed like the nausea went away but then I couldn't sleep. I felt anxious, restless and umcomfortable and also started getting a stiffness in my hands and fingers. I can honestly say I am not taking that ever again. But does anyone know how long it's going to take for this drug to leave my system.

Avalox is AWFUL !!

Hello,I had to register to this site because as of yesterday,had I not read these posts,I may have ended up in the emergency room! Here is my experience....I have a sinus infection,was given this drug on Wed early evening,I took it at 5:30 that night. Felt okay...went to bed,slept allright with the exception of sweating. Thursday morning I wake,and decide to take the other dose (Granted I know,not the smartest thing to do,conisidering it was only roughly 14 hours later,but..alas I did it anyway) So,there I am,sitting on the couch,its my husband and I day off together,kid at school,so we had plans for breakfast. I started feeling,,lets say "off.I decided to skip the going out to breakfast,and he made me an English Muffin...I could not even HOLD the muffin in my right hand,it felt numb,and as if I had no motor control. Naturally this freaked me out...I felt sick,so I went to go to te bathroom,my mind was alllll over the place,and I began the most intense panic attack of my LIFE !!! Yes,I have had them but honestly I havent had them in 8 years since my Dad died,and no,I am not on any medication for it.Anyway.to make one of the longest most scary days of my life shorter,I began to have horrible thoughts,I was talking to myself,testing my every move "who are you?whats your name" And the scariest thing...I continued on with my day,took a nap,then felt ok,and went for our son at school.I was sitting in my car,beginning to panic again,and ask myself " Do you remember what your son looks like? what if you dont recognize him?" I serioulsy felt like I needed to have myself committed immediately !!!! I got home,called the dr,she obviously told me to stop it immediately. I was drinking a ton of water all day to try and flush it out. By about...........6pm I was feeling a lot better. Pharmacist said once the concentration begins to weaken,the side effects lessen. So,its Friday right now,and I havent taken it since 8am yesterday. I feel MUCH better,no crazy thoughts,but my nervous system still a bit jumpy,my hand still feels a bit weird... I cannot believe they can still keep this on the market !!! Its one thing to get diarhhea or other side effects from medication,but for your MIND to be effected by an antibiotic is absurd !!!! It was one of the most frightening experiences Ive everrrrrrrrrrr had !! Thanks to all of you who posted and gave me some peace in the midst of my panic attack yesterday.I was able to settle myself a bit by knowing it wasnt IN MY HEAD !! I wish everyone who has had any trouble with this antibiotic the best,and hope in the future more is done to warn people of the possible side effects ! It should be in BOLD letters on the pamphlet that is inside the box of this medicine !!!! Good luck,and thanks again! Feel free to email if you wish ;) Barb13ann@aol.com ;)

Has anyone gotten better from Side Effects?

Hello, I was just curious you all have had adverse reactions to Avelox, has anyone gotten better? Did the symptoms go away? How long did it take? Please reply here or email me at amethyst2766@hotmail.com Thanks


It has been approx 8 days since I stopped taking avelox, was prescribed this on August 11th for pneumonia, first day to take was the 12th, also took robutusssin with codiene immediately after taking felt lethargic and very strange. 2nd Day anxiety set in, dizziness could not even get out of bed. I went up on line to see if this was a normal side effect and it was. Finished taking all meds and then now a week later, anxiety has set in, insomnia, unable to eat, woke up sweating, feeling numb, skin felt like it was on fire. Is this a delayed reaction? as anyone else ever experienced this? and if anyone had all these symptoms have they gone away? How long did it take> Please reply, not sure what to think at this point. Thank you

Avelox Reaction?

Hello, I have a question for anyone who has taken Avelox, I was givien Avelox over two weeks ago for pnuemonia, immediately started having the side effects of drowsiness, anxiety, strange weird thoughts, today it has been over a week since I finished the meds, was feeling overly tired but better, yesterday all of a sudden anxiety really bad, today the same thing, could this be a adverse effect and if so has anyone else experienced this? Are the effects lasting or do they go away? Feel like Im losing my mind. please reply if this is your issue also. thanks :(

Our Unfortunate Avelox Experience

My 22-year-old son came home for a weekend visit three weeks ago. When he arrived, he was running a 103 degree temperature with severe headaches and back pain. He said he was suffering on and off for three days and wanted to see a doctor. This young man is rarely sick and has never even been close to experiencing anxiety, panic or depression. Other than normal adjustments of living on his own after college, there is nothing disturbing at all in his life. When we were in the ER, the doctor, as a precaution, started an IV of Avelox along with other fluids in case there was a bacterial infection. We were in the ER for several hours, and he rec'd two 'bags' of this poison. In the end, there was another diagnosis totally unrelated to a bacterial infection. He was also given a RX for Avelox tablets. The next day, my son was agitated and restless. I just thought it was a result of the fever and his experience the night before. He had also taken two tablets of Alevox. That night ended up being a living nightmare for him. His heart was apparently racing; he had anxiety through the roof; and was "seeing things" when he closed his eyes. He woke me up at 4:00 a.m. to tell me he was driving to the store. I'm so sorry I didn't pick up on what was happening and taken him back to the ER. The following day his fever broke, but he continued to be agitated and upset. It occured to me that it was probably the medication. He was so afraid to go to bed the next night, that I had to give him something to help him sleep. He went back to his apartment in another city and still had the anxiety for at least a week. He was having difficulty shaking the experience and getting a good night's sleep. It wasn't until later when I read on the internet the psychological effects this drug could have. Even when I confirmed with him that it was the medication that caused his uncomfortable symptoms, he still couldn't calm down. I believeat that point the drug infused anxiety and produced a depression. Just last week, he called said that he could not get the idea of sleep off his mind, that he keeps thinking about that night and is afraid it'll happen again, and therefore, had hardly slept at all. He was feeling lonely, vulnerable and scared. I drove two hours to pick him up, and my strong, confident son was so afraid that he would never get over this. Fortunately, I was able to get him into our general practitioner who has prescribed him an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication for the short-term. He has found a good counselor who is helping him get over this traumatic experience. He has been better the last few days; he has somehow continued to work; and his prognosis is good for a full recovery. But, none of this would have ever happened if he had not been given this medication. Now I'm wondering how hospitals can so easily dispense medications in an IV without notifying the patient of potential side effects like pharmacies are required to do. I think if my son knew that night that it was the medication doing this and not him, it may have been less traumatic. A colleague of mine torn her achilles tendon while taking this medication. Our pharmacist told us that this drug is "wicked." She has had many customers who have had very bad reactions. What can be done to notify and champion the FDA to look further at this. The ironic thing is that my younger son has had to jump through hoops to take Accutane that supposedly can cause depression--he has not had a single problem. I am praying that my son will be able to understand this experience for what it was and put it behind him. I feel so bad that he has had to go through this. Sorry this is long, but it is therapeutic for me to write about it!

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