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    Brand Name:Benicar
    Generic:Olmesartan Medoxomil
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2002-04-25 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Sankyo Pharma Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Benicar

Benicar is used to treat high blood pressure in adults. It may be used alone or with other medicines that treat high blood pressure.

Side Effects of Benicar

The most common side effect with Benicar is dizziness.

Who Should Not Take Benicar

Do not take Benicar if you are allergic to Benicar or to any of the ingredients in Benicar.

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Recent Forum Posts on Benicar

Benicar (Olmesartin) muscle & joint pain

I took generic Benicar (Olmesartin) for one week and developed severe muscle & joint pain in my neck, shoulders, upper and lower arms and hands. I stopped the medication 8 days ago and the side effects aren't improving.

Benicar 20mg

I am 49 year old female, I have been taking Benicar for 3 months for High Blood Pressure. For the last couple of months I have been very tired and all I want to do is sleep all the time. I hope it's not this medicine because I have my blood pressure under control.


I am fourty-two years old. I started Benicar approximately four months ago. Experiencing heartburn, fatigue, joint stiffness and pains, and problems with my neck especially. Seem to have gland swelling ,soreness, and tightness on each side of my neck. Not sure if I'm overreacting, but all of this seem to be associated with the Benicar. If anyone has experienced the aforementioned please e-mail me asap. I am on 20mg once a day.

William A.

benicar HCT

I have taken the medication for one day now. I found this site while looking for pros/con to this medication. So far after only one dose, I had a slight dizzy spell but noticed it while falling to sleep. I had a wierd spooky dream (disturbing). I got the ringing in the ears already and also clogged ear feeling and a slight head ache. My legs sometimes jump but guessing it is just nerves. I am coming off Atenonol and I have also tried Tevetin which worked well but the insurance would not cover it. Insurance would not cover the Benicar either but got samples from Doctors office. I guess I will see what happens on day two.

Benicar experience

Started Benicar about 1 yr ago, 10 mg. BP went down somewhat. Increased to 20 mg. BP got to 117/79. Some days shortly, started to notice lethargy, a bit difficulty breathing, and felt needles mostly in torso (similar to 'needles in your feet' feeling, but not as intense). These symptoms actually started some months before, but not as pronounced. Reduced to 10 mg. BP went up, now avg 129/81.

It's important for me to exercise via brisk walks. That helps to reduce BP, too.


I started taking benicar on Oct 10. I am a retired nurse with systolic hypertension(systolic 150-165). I had been taking hydrochlorothiazide with very little change in bp. I was started on 40 mg of benicar daily. There was almost no change in bp for the first 2 weeks, By the third week my systolic pressure was in the 130's. However,I felt terrible. I was anxious, irritable and my joints began to hurt. I have a connective tissue disease and I thougt that I might be having an attack. Although, I have not had any joint symptoms in 10 years. On Oct 31, I became extremely dizzy and my systolic had dropped to 100. I stopped taking the benicar on Nov 2. I went to see my physician on Nov 7. I had difficulty getting up from a chair without feeling that I was going to faint. I hurt all over and
was tired and anxious. My physician did blood work and checked me over. He really did not listen very well to my symptoms.I told him that I couldn't tolerate the dizziness. He acted as if I was not being objective about the medicine and said that it was too bad that I couldn't take it because " It's a good medicine". I was left rather frustrated when he pressed a sample bottle of Norvasc in my hand and told me to try that. I knew that there was something else wrong with me, but he wouldn't listen. In the past week, I have had Rotater Cuff surgery because I had a bad tear. I was having the rotator pain when I went to my physician, but that didn't cause hip, knee and foot pain. I do not have any anxiety,dizziness ,joint or foot pain and I am only 10 days out from the surgery. I am convinced that the Benicar was responsible for the dizziness, joint pain, and the anxiety feelings. Now my problem is that my systolic pressure has returned to the 150's and I am scared to take the Norvasc. I have called my physician's office to make sure that Norvasc is the proper drug for me and they haven't called back. I need a scientific approach where some listens to the data and lets me know if Norvasc is the next line of defense when Benicar doesn't work.


i been on this drug for 2 week now 20mg once a day i been have bad ringing in my ear and headaces bad ones this durg sucks and am mot takeing ot anymore thanl you anthony


My father, age 68, is also a diabetic. He was taken off Atlace and put on Benicar in April of this year. Since taking benicar he has developed extreme swelling in legs, ankles, and puffiness in face. He was hospitalized in June to have constant lasix administered to reduce the fluid retention He weighed 42 lbs. less in 2 days !! ALL FLUID RETENTION. You would think that was the biggest problem.....oh no, his BP was averaging around 80/45 and a heart rate staying around 50. This was his vitals taken upon discharge from the hospital, at the orders of his cardiologist. He was also suffering from the inability to sleep, itching, dizziness, tingling (needles) in legs and hands, and a diffficult time regulating his sugar...which they never addressed, only removing the fluid. We thought there may be some kind of circulation problem. They never tested urine, never tested blood.....nothing!! Not to mention there was no change made with his medications.

Four weeks later, my father seemed to continue going down hill. I called the local fire dept. to go to him and do a bp check. He was rushed, once again to the ER, once again admitted. This time they decided to run test and found A) he had recently suffered a stroke, most likely from the abnormal low bp B) he had 80% kidney function loss....ONLY 20% functioning. Prior to this my father had never had any test results reveal any kidney problems. As a matter of fact, 3 months prior to taking Benicar, he had a 24 hr. urine test done as routine monitoring and his kidney function was fine. My father is also on potassium chloride. During my devastation of my fathers recent diagnosis, and now being furious after spending 2 days and nights researching, I found that there are a couple of combinations of drugs that he takes together that are toxic to the kidneys....with one of the more serious interactions being benicar and potassium. I found a great website that will assist you in doing a drug interaction. You can list all your meds and it will tell you what meds you should avoid taking together. The site is I also found another site called healthatoz that gave a very descriptive list of side effects of benicar. I was amazed to find that my dad had been complaining about more than 10 symptoms of side effects.

PEOPLE......PLEASE, really do your homework before you or a loved one take this medication. I truly believe that since my dads kidneys were fine 3 months prior to taking benicar and after 4 months taking benicar he is about to have to consider dialysis....and I also believe that his stroke was caused by the low bp, caused by benicar.

We are still not clear as to why he was taken off the Altace in the first place and given benicar...he had no complaints at that time. If anyone knows about reactions of the Altace, please let me know. In my reasearch I did not find that Altace was as threatining as benicar.

No Subject

I am on Benicar HCT 20 mg and it has helped me lower my blood pressure, I am 22 years old with a BP of 198/132!!! It has lowered it to 120-122/80. I could not have been happier.

No Subject

I was taken off accupril and put on Benicar 20mg 2 weeks ago. I also take tenoretic 50/25 a half tab daily with 20meq of Kdur my blood pressure has dropped to 116/70 which is good because it was running 220/115 but I have been having heart flutters almost constantly! I see my doctor tomorrow. Has any one else had heart flutters on this stuff?


I have been on Benicar for three weeks now, because I was in the process of trying to get over a bad cold ( mild case of pneumonia)at the time of starting Benicar, I've notice I am unable to get over this sore throat thing I am able to take a nap in the after late evening and still go to bed at night and rest all night, this is something I was never able to do also I am able to sit and watch T.V another thing I was unable to do in other words this medication has slown my life down tremendous I don't know if that is a good thing as I was normally hyper ( very) I am 38 years old and I take 40mg ( 1 tablet a day) when I spoke to my doctor they claim that was not a side affect...but if you read the information there are no side affects but dizzyness this is a new product on the market and they are handing out samples like it's bubble gum but I will start to break my tablets in half starting tomorrow, but I have lost a liitle wait, my blood pressure is at normal now 120/60 it was 185/98
My question is why is so many people on blood pressure medicines these days I know its mainly because of our eating habits, all the fried foods, french fries so I have decided to go on vegetables and fruits.
I hope this was helpful


I do not see any "new" postings. I have been on Benicar almost a year. I have been to see my Dr. many times. Good news, my BP is where it should be (I was borderline before). I have not felt like my self for a long time now. I have not thought it had anything to do with this drug, or any others I take. I tell my Dr. I just feel "off". No sex-drive,body-aches,cranky all the time and tired most of the time. I have been very dizzy but never related it to a drug. I thought I was getting "neverous leg syndrom", but could it be this drug? I was so pleased that it worked right from the start and I did not have to try other drugs, but now I am rethinking it. I have always been in good shape but since I started taking this drug, excersizing is hard! My husband makes me walk, but always feel so bad afterwards. Thanks everyone for "opening my eyes", I think I will try going off this drug slowly and see how I feel.

No Subject

I started taking Benicar in July of this year. The it hasnt helped me yet in bringing down my blood pressure. Frankly I paid $139.00 for 100 pills and for 20 mg. I dont think they are worth it. I am 47 years old and my blood pressure at the doctor's office has been around 140/80. After one month my doctor told me to double my dosage a day. I was taking 20 mg a day, and now 40 mg a day.
Now I have vertigo in the mornings upon rising and fatigue. My doctor refuses to change the medicine. Well I guess I will have to seek another doctor to find the right solution for me.
Personally this medicine is not worth it.


I have been on 40 mg of Benicar for 4 months and I am very tired. my back is killing me and if I stay out in the sun too long I start feeling Dr. says these are not side effects from Benicar.


I have been one benicar for 3 days now, 20 mg. it is lowering my BP too low, today 75/48, I am going to try 1/2 a 20 mg to see if this will work, I had to drink tomato juice to increase my BP, I think that the DR should have put me on the 5mg. This is all so new to me. Ruby


I was prescribed Benicar last month and I was dizzy and my back hurt and I was itching all over my body and I was constantly tired.. I told my doctor about these symptoms and he suggested that I might try drinking coffee to stay awake. What a joke - I finally quit taking this medicine and I seem to be getting better without it.
What kind of drug is this?


Why would anyone want to take this medication? I take atenolol at 100 mg and lisinopril at 20 mg, each once a day. They worked well for me with no side effects. But, my pressure was still a little above normal, at 150/90 and it needed to be a little lower, so I was put on a sample of 20 mg of Benicar. I got off it after 2 days, my other third medication was adalat, and I had a terrible reaction to that, so it was suggested I try Benicar. It has terrible side effects, ringing in the ears, bad dreams, stomach upset, and I already have a problem with that, I got a fever and felt like I had flu. It also causes tiredness and severe headaches. I had a migraine episode at work the first day I was on it.

Why would a doctor think that this is in somebody's mind when so many people report these symptoms? Any doctor worth his salt would immediately take a patient off this. There are some other good medications out there.

I am doing the safe and sensible thing which is diet and exercise, and am doubling my lisinopril and taking atenolol. I feel much better having made that decision.

If you have normal blood pressure and this medication is effective in doing that, but with all the horrible side effects, who would want to take this awful medicine. You would probably be better off with slightly elevated blood pressure than all the problems this medication causes.

At least I have a good doctor that listens to me and changes my medications if something is not working.

This one is not for me, and quite frankly, with all the reported similar side effects, I think this should be taken off the market.

It is terrible.

Benicar 20 mg

I've been taking benicar for 2 days. The lst day I got a really bad headache and had to take 2 tylenols. The same today. I'm really scared because I have lupus in addition to the sudden onset of high bloodpressure. I was suppose to start taking it a month ago. The support group on Satruday told me I should. Now I'm not so sure.


I started taking Benicar 20mg a month ago, I have pains in my back,lighthead and dizzy spells, pounding pulse rate and uncontrolled hypertension. I have had pains in all my joints and swollen glands in my neck. I have got 8 hours sleep over 5 days time. When my temp rises from sunlight, or working heat my heart races and I feel as I am going to pass out.
My Blood pressure is still high, I have a return visit to my Heart Dr on the 18th of July and after reading all the posts on this medication I do see my Heart Doctor removing me from this medication.

Benicar HCT 40/12.5 mg

I have been taking benicar since 2004 and it has helped me. i also have lupus. sometimes i get a headache but it goes away.

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