Brand Name: Bextra®
Active Ingredient:   valdecoxib
Strength(s): 10 mg and 20 mg
Dosage Form(s):   Tablets 
Company Name:    G.D. Searle & Co.
Availability:         Prescription only
*Date Approved by FDA:   November 16, 2001
*Approval by the FDA does not mean that the drug is available for consumers at this time.

What is Bextra used for?  

Bextra is used to relieve: 

  • symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in adults 
  • painful menstrual cycles   

Who should not take Bextra? 

You should not take Bextra if you: 

  • had asthma, hives or allergic reactions after taking aspirin or other NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or COX-2 inhibitors. Some examples of NSAIDs are ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve), diclofenac (Voltaren, Cataflam), nabumetone (Relafen), ketoprofen (Orudis), celecoxib (Celebrex), and rofecoxib (Vioxx). You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for a complete list of these medications 
  • are allergic to valdecoxib (Bextra) or to any of the ingredients in Bextra

Special Warnings with Bextra:

Bextra and all NSAID medications can cause stomach ulcers that bleed. The chance of this serious problem increases the longer you take Bextra, but it can also happen suddenly. Stop taking Bextra and call your doctor right away if you get: 

  • a burning stomach pain 
  • black bowel movements that look like tar 
  • vomit that looks like blood or coffee grounds 

General Precautions with Bextra:

Bextra and other NSAID medications can cause serious problems such as liver damage. Some of the warning signs of liver damage are nausea, vomiting, tiredness, loss of appetite, itching, yellow coloring of skin or eyes, “flu-like” symptoms and dark urine. If this happens, stop taking Bextra and call your doctor right away. 

  • Bextra can cause fluid retention (holding of water in your body). Fluid retention can be a serious problem if you have high blood pressure or heart failure. 

Do not use Bextra if you have asthma and are allergic to aspirin. If an aspirin-sensitive asthmatic takes aspirin it can cause severe narrowing of the airway (bronchospasm), and even death. The same reactions to aspirin and other NSAID medicines happened in aspirin-sensitive patients. 

What should I tell my health care provider?

Tell your health care provider if you: 

  • have heart problems or high blood pressure 
  • have liver or kidney problems 
  • have or had stomach ulcers or stomach bleeding 
  • have asthma 
  • are allergic to aspirin or other NSAID medicines 
  • are pregnant or planning to become pregnant 
  • are breast-feeding 

Tell your health care provider about all the medicines that you are taking, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Your health care provider may have to adjust your dose or watch you more closely if you take the following medications: 

  • certain blood pressure medicines called ACE inhibitors 
  • furosemide (Lasix) 
  • fluconazole or ketoconazole 
  • lithium 
  • warfarin (coumadin) 
  • aspirin 

What are some possible side effects of Bextra? (This is NOT a complete list of side effects reported with Bextra. Your health care provider can discuss with you a more complete list of side effects.

Side effects can include: 

  • Indigestion 
  • Nausea 
  •  Stomach pain 
  • Upper respiratory tract infection 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Headache 

Rarely serious ulcers and stomach bleeding have occurred in patients taking Bextra. 

For more detailed information about Bextra, ask your health care provider or pharmacist.

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Recent Forum Posts on Bextra


I have asthma and now reading about how it's bad taking Bextra scares me. I have been taking it for one year now and had alot of bouts with asthma and allergies.I do not know if should continue using this medicine. Please let me know so I know what to do.My doctor is an Internest and they also make mistakes. I have to order another supply of it and do not know what to do.Who can realy tell me the truth. Thank you

No Subject

I have taken Bextra for two weeks, once a day for a factured foot. I was fine for the first week and a half. It did relieve the pain, but now I feel dizzy and weak. I am going to discontinue .


I was recently diagonosed with a bulding disc with an annular tear around the disc along with arthritis in my back. The pain is unbearable. I have been to so many doctors and they have no idea how to treat me except with muscle relaxers and arthritis medication. I was prescribed Bextra 20 mg but am scared to death to use it because of some of the side effects that I have read on this website. Does anyone out there know how to treat a disc buldge or how to relieve the pain? If so I would love hearing from you. I have tried physical therapy, massage therapy, all sorts of muscle relaxants and still no success. My entire back is starting to go numb and I hate just having to deal with the pain. Please send me some advice Thanks

coumadin and Bextra

I had taken 10mg two doses of Bextra and my INR blood level went from 3.5
to 9.2. I called my Rx and they warned me of the interactions between the
two. My Dr. feels that itis not the fault of the Bextra and resumed my script st 20mg for the nex two weeks at one per day in AM with food.
Please advise. Thank y9ou...


i have never used bextra before. i am only on 10mg and after reading the side effects i am really scared of using bextra. would anyone help me and convince me to take the tablets. i have been on painkillers for over 7 years and my doctor has just put me on these, she thinks they will be better for me

No Subject

When I wake up in the morning,it takes me 10 minutes to get the stiffness out of my body and going up stairs is always a chore with my knees feeling like they are going to collapse. I recently experienced a terrible ammount of pain in my left knee and decided to go to the doctor rather than continue to suffer. I started taking Bextra 20 mg on 3/30/04 and as of 4/11/04 I have experienced no side effects of any kind. Last week I ran up 3 stories at a brisk pace and felt great. No knee weakness or pain and I felt like 30 years old. I'm now 62 and feel like I have a new lease on life. It's dissapointing to read all of the negative reviews because I would like to take this the rest of my life.

slow to know

after 5 days of 20mg/day no skin rash or weakness the pain level is less it is to early to evaluate my reactions to this drug but I can say that pain levels in my neck and mid spine has not decreased . I will keep on the drug for 30 days and get back to you.


I am experiencing terrible shorness of breath since I took a bextra, 20mg. I only take maybe one or two a day. I do have periodic asthma. Anyone else have this> thanks

Bextra's ok in my books

I was give a 4 day perscription for a tendonitis i have in my right shoulder sometime back in december. Normally I just take a few Advil and I can get by but for a few days it was so painful I had to go see the doctor.

That evening I felt noticably better. By the end of the second day I was amazed on how good I was starting to feel. The next morning I felt almost 100%, and by the end of the forth day I was basically fine.

Anyways, it's been a few months but yesterday my shoulder started acting up again. So I went in. Obviously if the last time i went in for a perscription was 4 months ago I'm not a wimp.

Anyways my doc wasnt in the office today so I went to a walk-in clinic. The lady gave me some NAPROXEN and so far the only thin that NAPROXEN is good for is making BEXTRA look like a wonder-drug.



Am taking bextra and flexaril for ruptured disc have been for 2 mos. About two weeks ago I had a terrible dizzy blackout spell. thought it was a fluke so went on. two days ago I experienced 2 more spells just like it. Went to my herbalist to be "tested". Bextra was not the sole cause of the black outs but DEFINATELY contributed....bloodflow to the brain was being hindered.


I have been taking Bextra 20mg once a day now for a month for Sarcoidosis. I have numerous joint pain and inflamation, I think I had some side effects earlier, felt like my limbs were noodles,and very very tired. They have since cleared up and I am almost back to my same old self, no more joint pain and inflamation. I am also interested in the long term effects.


Before self diagnosing. Ask a professional! Some have said that they will stick to ibuprofen, however from experience that too has some very serious sideaffects. Being on ibuprofen several times a day for a long period of time causes toxicity in the stomach. Which means as a result will break down the lining in the stomach which will make it bleed and make it so that other infections that settle in. It is very serious! Some doctors have called it poison in the stomach. It opens up to areas of some cancers. So go easy on the ibuprofen and don't use it long term. Even longer than a month is dangerous! Yes, even death can occur. It can affect other organs! This toxicity isn't related to certain people. It can affect anyone who takes it. So BE AWARE!

No Subject

my doctor gave me samples of Bextra for arthritic pain but
after reading all the comments, i think i'll stick with ibuprofen.


i have been taking bextra for two days now for knee pain and arthritis, i feel like i am going to die, feel dizzy and heads feel like it is spinning. feels like i have indigestion. will not take anymore. thanks for thio s site .


I was in a severe motorcycle accident which involved broken bones of arm and leg. also back injury (but no broken bones---x-ray showed degenerative par with my 50 yrs. of age)...
3 weeks after accident Md. prescribed this for pain...over the Lor-Tabs.
..of course pain was not relieved...swolleness of arm seemed to increase... moved to regime with codeine for a week for pain..of course it subsided...I on my own continued back I feel relief...and swollenness subsided..

Yesterday...I decided to take Benadryl..yes. O.T.C. benadryl...R.O.M.
Range of Motion of Elbow greatly increased..also pain greatly decreased.
..Will try Bextra tonight...again...hope it catches on like the .25 cent a dose Benadryl does..

Mark Rumple
1508 N. Battin
Wichita, Kansas

P.S. former Pharmacy Student.

No Subject

I checked out this site because a few hours after I had taken half of a 10 mg tablet, I started having pain in my neck and a tightening of my adam's apple. Had no idea what it could have been from and thought I should look for adverse side effects to see if it cuold have been the Bextra.

Not sure to start taking this drug

My sons doctor gave him some samples of Bextra. I had taken him in to the doc for fluid on his knee. He was in a dirt bike accident this past summer. The doctor didn't give him any info so I said that I would look it up on the net before he could take them. Now I am scared to let him start. He has asthma. This scares me the most!!! Guess I'd better talk to the doc myself. (My son is 18)

Side Effects-Optional

I believe Bextra has caused small lesions on my body especially the neck and face area. I believe it also caused me to have a sick "empty" feeling to my stomach even when taken after food intake.

No Subject

I love Bextra. It really works for me. I have not experienced any side effects. I would like to know more about long term use and side effects.

Bextra & pregnancy

I was taking Bextra in 2002 during the first 4 months of pregnancy. In Dec 2002 I delivered to a beautiful baby boy. He was born with multiple abnormalities which occured during my first trimester. I believe it was due to being on Bextra for a heart condition. There is no other explanation. If you know of anyone who has had a similar problem while being on this medicine during pregnancy please email me. The only thing my doctor said was not to take it in my third trimester.

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