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    Brand Name:Clarinex
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2001-12-21 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Schering Corporation
This drug is available in the following forms:
Tablets and Orally-Disintegrating Tablet, Syrup
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About Clarinex

Clarinex is used in patients:

  • 2 years of age and older to treat symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis (“hay fever”)
  • 6 months of age and older to treat symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis (yearly allergies)
  • 6 months of age and older to relieve itching due to hives in patients with recurrent hives

Side Effects of Clarinex

  • pharyngitis (sore throat)
  • dry mouth
  • sleepiness
  • tiredness

Who Should Not Take Clarinex

You should not take Clarinex if you are allergic to Claritin or Clarinex, or to any of the ingredients in Claritin or Clarinex.

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Recent Forum Posts on Clarinex

No Subject

Is there a possibility that clarinex will elevate your livercounts? How does it effect the liver?


I would like to know if you should take clarinex on an empty stomach and when is the best time of day to take it. also should it be taken with drinking a large glass of water?
thank you
Gloria Yettaw

Clarinex experience

When I take Clarinex, after about two days, I experience a burning in my sinuses. It feels as if I'm breathing out hot steam. Very uncomfortable, and annoying. After a few days of not taking it, this goes away. Has anyone else had this experience when taking Clarinex?


Why is it that we have all these questions above but ,not even one has been answerd ,what kind of site is this.

respectfully submitted,SSGT U.S.M.C.

gluten component in clarinex?

I need to know if there is any Gluten component in Clarinex, this is very important to me due to my medical history. Please rewspond ASAP.
Kim Fyffe

Side Effects

A friend of mine is on clarinex and has been for a few months. The only possible side effect that she has experienced is an irregularity in her menstrual cycle. As of last month, her period was three days late (she is normally like clock work). As of this month, it has not come at all (5 days late). She is sexually active, but has had three different tests (EPT) say that she is not pregnant. Could it be the Clarinex that is making her late?

side effect

I took Clarinex for about 3 months after taking Claritin for about 2 years. It worked well on my allergies. However, I noticed a "hyperness" feeling. At times, it felt as if my blood was racing at high speed through my body. I could not relax. I was surprised when my allergist stated that this was a little advertised side effect of Clarinex. I went back to Claritin and am fine. My friend started taking Clarinex this past July. His personality dramatically changed. He became extremely irritable and and quick to anger. After three weeks, he stopped using the Clarinex and went back to being himself again. Why isn't this possible side effect (even if it is less than 1%) not made known to the user?

should i take this?

thanks for everyones input on this medicine. i recently was prescibed clarinex, and was hesitant about taking it so i decided to check it out.i can say this i wont be taking this medicine.


I went to my doctor because I got stressed out and got fever blisters all over my lips. He gave me clarinex and they went away within days...CM

sore knee

OK. I have a wierd one. I have been having a problem with a sore knee, diagnosed as bursitis. It had basically healed when I got some samples of Clarinex from my doctor to try for my allergies. These were 5 mg and it was recommended that I take one daily. After I took the first one my knee became a little sore, after the second one it was worse, and after 3 tablets, I had a lot of pain and swelling with it. I stopped the Clarinex and the knee is starting to heal. I had had a problem with that knee about a month earlier when I took a 25 mg dose of diphenhydramine HCl, but passed it off as a coincidence. Neither my pharmacist or doctor have a clue here.

No Subject

Has anyone experienced weight gain since starting Clarinex? I have noticed a drastic change in my hunger level (all the time) and the weight is piling on despite ramping up my exercise.

No Subject

My son has just been prescribed this drug for his severe eczema. He has just turned 6 months old and I gave it to him tonight before bedtime for the first time. He took 2mL. I am worried now! I hope he will be ok!


Saturday night (July 30) I gave my daughter a little more clarinex than I usually do. Doctor said if 1/2 tsp. wasn't getting the job done, to go ahead and give 1 1/2 tsp. 20 minutes or so later my daughter was having what looked to be a siezure. She could still talk to us, and breath, but could not control her bodily movements. After taking her to E.R. and running the usual blood tests the doctor conceded that he had never seen anything like this before. We all assumed we were dealing with a Claritin overdose. Several hours later the seizure activity went away and my daughter and I came home. She had a good sleep and a good day and then in the afternoon the seizure like activity began again. EEG revealed true seizure activity, but no one believes this has anything to do with the Clarinex. I still believe Clarinex is responsable for this. My daughter is six years old and has never had any symptoms similar to these before. Has anyone heard of seizure activity in children after a dose of Clarinex?

weight gain

Has anyone experience weight gain or increase in appetite since being on clarinex? I was taking singulair and completely lost the sensation of a full stomach. My allergist changed my meds and wanted me to try clarinex. I still have not regained this sensation and I seem hungrier since starting clarinex.

No Subject

How long can a person (15 years) continue to take Clarinex?

No Subject

After taking it, just the one pill as perscribed, i get a really big high that makes is hard to concentrate and sit still. the next day i took half a pill because i needed to take something, and the same effect happened.

No Subject

Clarinex is a non-drowsy antihistamine. The comment about how Clarinex should have been passed out at Woodstock was amusing but the experience is unlikely. In fact, the FAA has approved Clarinex for use with Pilots.

Furthermore, the nature of the molecule does not pre-dispose it to exitability for those of you who feel that Clarinex "hyped you up". You may want to be sure you aren't confusing the Brand Name Clarinex with Claritin-D because the "D" component of Claritin and other allergy pills can cause excitability.

Clarinex does not need to be taken in any special way or with a certain amount of water. Clarinex may be taken any time of day with or without food.

You may consume alcohol while taking Clarinex. Clarinex has not been shown to have any effect on the body's exposure to sunlight.

Clarinex has been tested in Children as young as 6 months of age and was recently approved for use all the way down to 6 months of age.

I take Clarinex for my seasonal allergies and for a condition known as acute urticaria (hives) whic I occasionally get from being stressed out or as a reaction to diet-soda. Clarinex does the trick for me every time without side effects.

No Subject

I take Clarinex to relieve the ichiness of my skin due to eczema. I am 24 years old and it is a major discomfort when I have a histimine attack. I usually only take it during flare-ups, and have started back on it as I sleep much better not iching. I have noticed that I have become constipated. I am wondering if this is a common side-effect of anti-histimines in general, if it is particular to Clarinex, or if any other person has expereinced this. I am going to see how I feel after I stop taking the drug. What makes this interesting is that there are no reprots of constipation as a side effect on the Clarinex website.


I only took clarinex for 2 days and i felt like someone slipped me a o
mickey. I felt like mi was going to crawl out of my skin let alone i

felt like a complete zombie on 5mg. my doctor assured me oh you'll

be ok on this i asked are you sure this isn't going to cause me

fatique? no he said i feel like i can't function please be aware


weight gain

I noticed that my daughter has put on about 20lbs since talking this medication. She has been taking clainex since July, about 3 months. Does it cause weight gain?

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