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    Brand Name:Colazal
    Generic:Balsalazide Disodium
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2000-07-18 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Salix Pharmaceuticals
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Colazal

Colazal is used to treat the signs and symptoms of mild to moderately active ulcerative colitis in patients 5 years of age and older. The safety and efficacy of Colazal are not known after 12 weeks in adults and 8 weeks in children (ages 5-17 years).

Precautions for Colazal

Some people experience a worsening of their colitis symptoms possibly related to the use of Colazal.

Side Effects of Colazal

Common side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Who Should Not Take Colazal

You should not take Colazal if you are allergic to medicines containing:

  • salicylates, such as aspirin
  • mesalamine (Rowasa, Asacol, or Pentasa)
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Recent Forum Posts on Colazal

longterm use

I've taken colazal for over 2 yrs... When i have a flare up i combine it with rowasa enemas and that really helps me out with all of my symptoms; sometimes i might take one bentyl for cramps...
my question is this: anybody out there knows of longterm sideffects for this medication? (colazal). I'm really concern because I can't find this info. Please e-mail me if you know.

Colazal for Crohns

I have been taking Colazal for 2-3 years. 2 caps., 3 X/day. It really helps keep the Crohns under control, but I am concerned about long term effects. Does anyone know where to find that information? Also, it seems that no matter what I do, the weight continues to creep up. (Probably about 40# in the last couple of years.) Is anyone else experiencing this from this drug? Thanks for any help, Carol


I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and Diverticulosis.. I had surgery due to the Diverticulosis..I was originally on asacol, my Dr. recommended Colazal..I was on colazal after the surgery for a short period of time, the side effects were pins and needles in hands and feet, swollen ankles and legs, pain in abdominal area, weight gain was rapid, almost 35lbs in just 6wks. I informed my Dr. about theses symptoms and he reduced dosage from 3 pills, 3 times a day to 2 pills 3 times per day..The side effects did not go away..I switched back to asacol and the side effects were not as severe..I am beginning to lose weight..Once I got back on the asacol I began to gain more energy, when I was on colazal I experienced tiredness and very low energy.. If any one else has experienced these symptoms please email..


experience chest pains

No Subject

I have been on Colazal for over 2 years. Am wondering why I am seeing that there are no studies that show effects of usage over 12 weeks. I have recently noticed all over body pain as well as constant tired feeling.


colazal is a great drug, but when is the generic form available ? i only ask because my co-pay is up to $50 !


sir the cost of colazal is very expenive for someone who does not have there any help for a person who must take this med for 12 weeks...the first perscription of colazal 750 mg ...two taken 3 times daily for one months supply ...was 289 dollars do you have a program with your company that might help me???


I was given samples of Colazal by my Doctor. The capsules had tiny letters om them - CZ.

I have since had the prescription filled and the capsules have the letters BZ on them.

What is the difference between these capsules? Are the BZ's an older version of the same medication? Is there ANY difference at all?

I need more information before I decide whether or not to take the prescription capsules.

Thank you.
E. D. King


I have been taking colazal since April - 3 pills 3 x per day. Although I don't feel as bad as I used to before starting this medication, I still have diarrhea just about every day. I have read nothing that says colazal can contribute to weight gain, but I have gained about 10 lbs since April.

side effects

Was wondering if anyone experienced hair loss. I'm losing a lot of hair and was wondering maybe if this may be from the colazal.


I have taken Colazal for over a year now. I'm taking the 9 capsules a day. I just read that the average length is eight to twelve weeks. I don't see my doctor but once every six months. Now he has moved out of state and I will have a new doctor. Is this harmful to take it long term. In March my former doctor cut the dosage to 6 capsules a day and about a month later I had a flare-up with blood in my stool. Would appreciate any information you can give me.



My daugher, Emiko, has been diagnosed with UC in April 2005. She has been on Colazal since then and experienced many bad side effects. Just yesterday she complained of painful jaws - is this also related to taking colazal? Also, she still has bloody diarrhea everyday.

fatigue from colazal

I've been on colazal for over a year for crohns disease, and have been happy with it for treating my symptoms, but it seems that it makes me very tired/worn out. I missed my dosage for a whole day and had SO much energy! I felt like my old energetic self again! Once i took it again the next day, i felt tired and "run down" an hour later!! Anyone else experience this? if so, please drop me an email! :) Amy

weight gain

I have been on Colazal for three months now and have gained 10 lbs - no matter what I eat or how much I exercise, my weight continues to creep up.

Respiratory side effects? Colazal

My daughter was recently put on this medication (she is age 24) for her ulcerative colitis. She is experiencing respiratory infection symptoms. I noticed that 4% of people do get these from the information I read on this drug. Anoyne else have these symptoms? Thanks.

Get off birth control

This won't help the guys out there, but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences that I've found helpful in dealing with UC. I was diagnosed midway thru my senior year in college. I was first put on a small dosage of Asacol, which worked initially. Thru the summer I stopped responding to the drug and became progressively worse. I tried just about every drug under the sun. Finally my doctor put me on a combination of Colazal and mesalamine suppositories, which gave me the first signs of relief in months. Unfortunately my flare-ups still occurred occasionally, but at that point I started noticing that they followed a pretty regular cycle - 2-3 weeks of improvement, 1-2 weeks of progressive worsening and extreme symptoms. The 1-2 weeks of worsening always corresponded with my off-week for birth control. I asked my doctor if there had been any research done on the relationship between estrogen/menstrual cycles and colitis...he of course said no, probably because he had no idea. Like any other good biology grad student, I went and looked up the research myself and read the papers written by colitis researchers. Turns out there is work that has investigated the relationship between estrogen and colitis flare-ups. Nothing extremely conclusive, but they've found evidence that estrogen makes flare-ups worse. I got off of birth control, just to see if it worked. It's now been about 3 months since I've been off it, and for the first time since my diagnosis, I have started to feel "normal." I still have some of the symptoms - the bleeding hasn't totally stopped, but it's extremely minor. The bloating and cramps, the extreme, frequent, incapicitating flare-ups with huge amounts of blood and mucous have almost completely stopped. I'm still on Colazal for preventitive/maintenance purposes, but I'm now only taking four pills/day, whereas 3 months ago I was taking 9 pills/day, + 1 suppository every night, 2-3 weeks every month. Don't know if this will help anyone, but I wanted to put it out there. Good luck.


I have been taking colazal since 2001. It has worked great NO flair-ups at all


Recently diagnosed ulcerative colitis. Has anyone experienced bloody mucous on a daily basis?

No Subject

My urine seems to have turned a darker yellow since I have begun it over two months ago.

No Subject

colazal has been a wonder drug for me. i have not had a flair up since i began taking it 3 years ago and i was able to discontinue use of rowasa enemas. the only side effect i have experienced is dry mouth.

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