Brand Name: Curosurf
Active Ingredient:   poractant alfa
Strength(s): 120mg of phospholipid/1.5mL or 240mgphospholipid/3mL vials
Dosage Form(s):   Intrathracheal suspension
Company Name:    Dey, LP
Availability:         Prescription only, for professional use only
*Date Approved by the FDA:   November 18, 1999
*Approval by FDA does not mean that the drug is available for consumers at this time

What is Curosurf used for?

Curosurf is used to treat or "rescue" premature babies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). Curosurf reduces air trapped in the lining of the lungs (pneumothoraces) associated with RDS.

Curosurf is an extract of a natural substance (pig lung surfactant) necessary for effective breathing. Babies with RDS are lacking in this substance.

General Precautions with Curosurf:

Treatment with Curosurf is not a substitute for intensive care. Curosurf should only be given by health care professionals experienced in treating premature babies with RDS.

What are some possible side effects of Curosurf?

Curosurf is given to babies within several hours of birth by medical professionals in a hospital who will monitor the baby for any negative reactions.

For more detailed information about Curosurf, ask your health care provider.

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