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    Brand Name:Definity
    Generic:Perflutren Lipid Microspheres
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2001-07-31 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Bristol-Myers Squibb
This drug is available in the following forms:
Intravenous Injections
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About Definity

Definity is a diagnostic contrast medicine (special dye) that is used during some echocardiograms (ultrasound images of the heart) when the doctor needs to see a clearer picture of the patientís heart.

Who Should Not Take Definity

You should not be given Definity if you:

  • have a heart shunt
  • are allergic to octafluoropropane or to any of the other ingredients in Definity
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Recent Forum Posts on Definity

Beware of Devinity

I just had echostress with devinity contrast today jan. 31 2012. The pain in my back was something undescribable, tourcher. I thought I was dieing. I asked for my son but they did not call him. I did feel that I wasnt going to make it even as I drove home. Yes they let me drive home. Never again.:mad:


I had a cardio stress echo earlier today. The definity dye was used in small doses 3 separate times during my 30 minute test. The test went well and I was feeling fine until I went to sit up and get dressed. First the palms of my hands became bright red and started itching like crazy! I was itching them like mad and showed the tech what was happening. He seemed surprised because he had not seen this kind of reaction before. Next the bottoms of my feet started itching as well- although not as severely as my hands. When he left the room to let me dress, my upper back between my shoulder blades started aching severely I couldn't catch my breath and I felt like someone had punched me full throttle in my upper back!! Positional changes did not help at all! I was really scared because I knew it had to be a reaction, ( I'm a RN) but they did not seem to think this was "typical" and thought it was due to a massage I mentioned I had had the day before. NO WAY WAS THIS TRUE! after offering some ice for my back and letting my lie down for 20 minutes or so I finally left feeling 90% better. My hands were no longer itchy and red and my upper back pain had pretty much resolved. The Tech told me that if it were a reaction that I should have had it immediately and in my LOWER back. My point is this: people are unique and can react in different "expected" ways. It wasn't until I did some research that I learned my reaction was unique to the Heart Clinic I visited, but not to this drug!!!!


Just after my echo cardiogram in which definity was injected, I was standing up and started feeling pain in my coxygeal area. The pain increased until I could no longer stand, I thought I'd broken my back or had a ruptured disc. I couldn't even lift my foot high enough to step up to the table, the pain spread from the coxygeal area to the base of my skull I just fell over on the table and was sobbing when the techs came back in the room and found me like that. They claimed the 'allergic' reaction was very rare but they rushed out to record it.


I too agree with others here. Why is this drug still on the market? I too suffered with this having a stress echocardiogram. The minute they gave it to me to start the test, I was unable to stand. I lost all feeling in my lower back and legs and this scard the jeebers out of me. Needless to say, the test was aborted as I needed this drug in me, I was told and it only has a life of 20 minutes. So for 20 minutes I was on the floor as my legs and back were like mashed potatoes and could not hold me up. This is a horrid med. A week after I had this med. I had a NSTEMI. I personally feel that this med may well of caused this Acute Coronary Event. Never again. Two years later they repeated the stress echo and used another med to define the heart. No more DEFINITY! . I did not have the bad reaction to the new med but I did have about 5 minutes of wheezing laying down after the test was over. They will always use the other drug for me now. I scard them too. I wonder who makes the drug DEFINITY! I did report this to the FDA. Macy

Definity Side Effects

I was given Definity yesterday. When i woke up this morning my knees were so stiff i can hardly get up. I don't have problems with my knees and was wondering if this was a side effect from definity? Other than this stiffness, i had no side effects or reactions. If anyone knows the answer to my question, feel free to e-mail me an answer. Bryan


I was given divinity today during an echocardigram.
I had an adverse reation to it. My hospital had never seen that and had no clue what was wrong with me until they read the literature. I had all the clasic symptoms. First my back started hurting, then my legs, one arm, shaking, cold,couldn't lie on the table. Heart and pulse were racing and my blood pressure went way up. Scared all of us to death.

Asthma and Definity

We had a 74 yr old lady with no Coronary Artery Disease but had history of Hypertension and Asthma (requiring frequent use of inhalers and on Singulair qhs as well as nightly O2 at 2L N/C) Pt was given 1cc Definity pre-echo. 5 minutes later before the Dobutamine stress echo- she had complained of difficulty catching her breath and attributed it to her anxiety. We gave her 2 puffs of her combivent, checked her pulse ox and it was in the low 80's so we put on o2 via Face mask at 4 L and then she felt much better. The physician had wanted to cancel the test but the pt wnted to proceed stating she felt better.

During the dobutamine infusion, she was given .8cc of Definity and then continued with the test. By the next 10 minutes she had an adequate heart rate response and we shut off the dobutamine and the O2 was stopped near the end of the test. During the last 2 minutes of the dobutamine test, pt had complained of some chest tightness and some shortness of breath- her pulse ox started to fall again so we gave her the O2 again. Symptoms started to improve and so we proceeded to set her up from the lying position.

Breathing was OK at this point, but pt had orthostasis- dropping down to 60/40 when sitting, but better when lying 90-100/50. IV Normal Saline administered, Lungs remained clear and pulse ox WNL. Fluids were continued
but pr still orthostatic-B/P at this point now 120/60, pulse ox 95% with O2 remaining on via Face Mask.

Pt then sent over to ER- it was then noted at that time that she had developed urticaria. She was treated for urticaria and allergic reaction to Definity. She was kept overnight and monitored. She was given solumedrol IV and sent home the next day. Pt had an adverse drug reaction
to Definity-which was nearly life-threatening. We will avoid those people with moderate to severe asthma. Will plan to administer benadryl, epinephrine and other measures as above if it would happen again.

Echocardigram w/Definity

I experienced flushing, and extreme pressure starting about chest high and moving down through my back to my backside where it finally disapated. I got pretty panicked before the pain subsided. I had a catherization a couple of weeks later and had extreme back pain (maybe from the contrast dye?) during the procedure. Are these two dyes related in some way?

definity die- reaction

In March of 2006 i was in the hopsital for an extreme drug reaction and had to have a pacemaker put in but before they did that they ran a ultra sound of my heart and used the definity die. I had an immediate drug reaction and i had shooting pains from my back to my head. I couldnt breathe and it hit me in waves of pain. they stopped the procedure and got the er people to come in. It finally stopped but even now i get those same pains a couple of times per month. they are not as strong but i still get it starts at the top of my back and shoots up to my forhead. Has any one had these and are still having them after this amount of time?\
I heard they took it off the market is there a way to see if something is wrong permanantly because of this? any help would be appreciated.


Two years ago I was given Difinity during a Echocardiogram. It was shot into the back of my hand with a syringe. The first shot missed the vain and the drug was injected into my hand the same thing happened on the second try in the same hand.(caused a lot of pain & swelling)
Since then I have had full time burning pain in my hand and electric like shocks into my fingers when I flex my hand.
Has anyone had this type of problem? or have any information on how this drug should be given and by who.
Please E-mail me if you have any experience with this.

would not recommend

I receeived this drug during an echocardiogram. Within one minute of starting the drug...I felt as if I was going to die. My heart rate went from 100-150. My blood pressure went into the 200's. My arms and back were numb and I had a hard time catching my breath. My face felt hot, and I developed a rash. I had a terrifying sense of impending doom. I will not repeat this.

thought i was going to die

I was given Definity today for a stress echo. Within 90 seconds of receiving it I had an adverse reaction. First I started feeling a little funny, then I started blacking out. I was sweating, couldn't breathe and had severe pain starting in my neck and it crawled down my back and stopped at my hips. It was a very slow progression of pain but it was excruciating pain that I felt down to my bones. I couldn't breathe, they couldn't get BP on me and called the doctor in. When the doctor came in he said call the EMT and the nurse said I can't get a pressure. Then I started asking what is happening? and they couldn't answer me. It was the scariest I have felt in a long time. I really thought I was going to die. Then, within about 30 minutes I felt better. Within a couple of hours, I felt like nothing had happened. Yeah, I won't be getting Definity again!

Allergic reaction

I was given definity today for a stress echo. I did not feel any adverse reaction until approximately 20 minutes after it was administered through a vein in the back of my hand. I was on the treadmill and mentioned that I was starting to itch in my groin and back. My face and eyes then began to swell. When they noticed this the staff had me lie down and administered benadryl and called the doctors in. My blood pressure had dropped and I began to get the chills. The doctors then began to increase the rate at which the drug in the IV was going into my body. I did not know what was going on the entire staff seemed very concerned and not clear initial on how to treat this reaction. After I was stablized I was sent to the ER and observed for 6 hrs and discharged.

leg pain

Yesterday monring I was given Difinity and about five hours after that I was having severe leg pain. I could not even move it hurt so bad. This morning I was still very stiff and sore. It has to be from the Difinity.

No Subject

I had Difinity last week for an echo and I was covered with a rash over my whole body and my eyes swelled shut. I had to be given an antihistamine to stop the reaction. I was still puffy the next day. No more for me.

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