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    Brand Name:Elidel
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2001-12-13 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
This drug is available in the following forms:
Topical Cream
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About Elidel

  • Elidel Cream is used to treat mild to moderate atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema. It should be used only for a short time. It is not for continuous long-term use.
  • Elidel Cream should not be the first prescription treatment that you try to treat your atopic dermatitis. Use Elidel Cream only after other prescription treatments did not work or if other prescription treatments are not right for you.
  • Elidel Cream is approved for adults and children 2 years and older with normal immune systems.

Side Effects of Elidel

  • Possible risk of cancer: As noted in the Elidel Cream label and patient Medication Guide, although a link has not been made, rare cases of cancer (for example, skin and lymphoma) have been reported in patients who use Elidel Cream. The manufacturer is conducting studies to examine the risk of cancer. These studies may take many years to complete.
  • Viral infections: Elidel Cream may increase the chance of getting chicken pox, shingles, skin warts, or other viral infections.
  • Skin irritation: Elidel Cream’s most common side effect is a sensation of warmth or burning where you apply the cream. See your doctor if your reaction is severe, or you have it for more than 1 week.
  • Other side effects may include headache, throat or nose redness and soreness, flu symptoms, fever, and cough.

Who Should Not Take Elidel

Do not use if:

  • Your child with atopic dermatitis is younger than 2 years
  • You have been told you have an immune system problem
  • You have any infection on your skin including chicken pox or herpes
  • You have Netherton’s Syndrome. This is a rare inherited condition where the skin is red, itchy, and covered with large coarse scales.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless directed by your doctor.
  • You are allergic to Elidel Cream or any of its ingredients
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Recent Forum Posts on Elidel


can you use editel for the treatment of Rosasea?????, i will appreciate your answer


made it worse and wider on my arms and legs
my doctor had to stop it and started me on oral steroids fortwo weeks to settle the flair out


I'm interested in hearing if anyone has used Elidel on the eyelids and in the surrounding areas of the eyes? My opthamologist diagnosed me with atopic dermatitis on my eyelids and perscribed an antibiotic/steriod combo ointment. I'd really like to find a non-steroidal treatment for this recurring problem...and heard that Elidel was safe to use even on delicate areas. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

cystic like acne

i have been treated for exzema and acne forever and the elidel seems to help reduce the painful cysts i get on my face. can you explain why it works on the acne and if it is ok to continue this use? nothing else has worked to reduce the swelling etc. other than a steroid shot directly into the cyst. thanks. polly


My doctor prescribed this product for a wart on my finger. I see where one lady said it was prescribed for keratosis pilaris. I would also like to know if this is OK? I haven't use it for a week yet, and haven't noticed any change. She was it should get like a sore but not yet. I am going to call her about this in a few days since it will be a week.

No Subject

This is a great product but it's expensive. It definitely works!!!I need more than what I can get in a small tube for $30.00. I practically have to use it like lotion on my 2 boys. So I have to alternate with vaseline. I left an email with Novartis--who makes it. But if you can refer me. Let me know.

No Subject

My dermatologist prescribed this medication for keratosis pilaris. Is this common practice? Anyone who uses this medicine for the same diagnosis, please let me know. I have not been diagnosed with eczema.

No Subject

I've been using Elidel for about a week and it's made my dermatitis worse - redder, itchier. I've stopped using it. Anyone else?

No Subject

This drug was a miracle drug for my 12year old until we discovered that the side effects do not outway the relief. Though it clears her eczema very well the cold like symptoms are more than she can bare. Why does this wonderful drug that seems to give such relief to so many suffering cause such drastic side effects? And why is this drug so expensive?

I am very thankful for the relief that it has given my daughter and would encourage anyone who has not tried it to do so, you may not have the side effects and it would be worth the chance.


Expensive but works wonders

This product works wonders on my 5 years old eczema. He has had skin problems since he has been 3 months old. I have used other prescription steriod products in the past, but this definately works better.
The only issue I have is the cost. My pharmacist could not fill the prescription until my DR. approved it through my insurance company. This took 2 weeks and much effort by my DR (I am thankful that he was presistant). The insurance company only appoved it for one year, even though my son has a history of other prescription treatments for his skin.

elidel & rosecea

this creams works great on my rosecea but my eyes are tearing in the morning side effect but i can stand it better that then my rosecea. this cream should not have an ordor its odorless. my derm gave me samples and some smelled funny and then my skin got worse in the morning. i finally had my prescription filled cost $50 w/insurance but thank God it had no smell tried it last night and my face is better this morning. so apparently the samples were bad if it has an odor dump it dont use it.


Began as blisters on my feet then began peeling and forming hard crusty skin. Burning and painful. Numbness and tingling in my toes. Using Elidel now and found much improvement. Like one of the other entries I am finding it is very expensive. Can anyone share info on cost saving? Can I get free samples?


My doctor prescribed Elidel for my Vitiligo and I have seen a definite improvement in my skin condition. My color on my face, arms and legs is slowly comming back. I am very happy with this treatment.

elidel for the eye

I recently went to a new doctor for burning peeling skin on the eyelids. He immediately gave me elidel to put a thin layer on my eyelids. He never once asked me any questions and I have never been diagnosed with eczyma before. I keep reading that it is ok to apply to face and around eyes, but is it ok to put directly on eyelid? There is a very hot sensation to my eyelids and that is laying ontop of my eyeballs, which feels really weird and Im starting to wonder if maybe I shouldn't be using this on my lids????

No Subject

My doctor prescribed Elidel for my 1 month old. She has baby acne. Has anyone used this for baby acne?


i had awful scaly eczema that covered my neck, stomach arms and legs. in 2 days after using it twice a day i could hardly notice it! it's been about a month since i began treating it with elidel and i haven't had another problem with those nasty lizard skin breakouts since!

Elidel on eyelids

I am using Elidel for eczema on my eyelids and find the cure to be almost worse than the diasease. My eyes water and burn, my eyelids feel hot and my nose runs almost the minute I apply it. The information with the prescription says these are side effects (not allergic reactions) and will go away in four or five days. Has anyone experienced this? Is there anything else to use besides Elidel?

No Subject

just wondering, does anyone know if you can use elidel on a plantars wart?

No Subject

i have been using elidel with my acne and it's done wonders for my skin. it doesn't necessarily help with the actual large zits themself, but the skin between the zits has shown drastic improvement. i have sensitive skin but it feels much healthier after i use it and its evened out the tone of my skin as well. i use elidel in conjunction with retin-a. my doctor has no idea why elidel works so well for me since i have not being diagnosed with eczema.

Extreme Burning

I experienced extreme burning when I was having a mixed drink after having used Elidel for 2 weeks. The burning subsided after about an hour and didn't return, even though I was able to have wine with my dinner. Are there any interactions with alcohol or certain types of alcohol to be avoided?

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