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    Brand Name:Evoxac
    Generic:Cevimeline Hydrochloride
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2000-01-11 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
SnowBrand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Evoxac

Evoxac is used to treat dry mouth in people with Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Precautions for Evoxac

  • Use caution when driving at night or performing other hazardous activities in reduced lighting because Evoxac can cause blurred vision and changes in depth perception.
  • If you sweat excessively while taking Evoxac drink extra water and tell your health care provider.

Side Effects of Evoxac

  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea
  • Runny nose
  • Diarrhea
  • More frequent urination

Who Should Not Take Evoxac

You should not take Evoxac if you have:

  • Uncontrolled asthma
  • Narrow-angle glaucoma or inflammation of the iris
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Recent Forum Posts on Evoxac


I had been having successful treatment of incontinence with Elmiron infused intravesically. Since staring Exovac for dry mouth, I am incontinent again.


can you tell me the phonetic pronunciation of this medication (Brand name) please??

low blood pressure

i have been told by my doctor to discontinue taking evoxac because my blood pressure has been low (84/48). i cannot find any information about this particular side effect. what can you tell me? i was taking it for sjorgren's.


i have gain about 8lbs with thsi pills which i don,t realy like to have.thank you


I was precribed Evoxac for sjorgren's, and a diagnosis of Lupus. Within first week I found that I was more relaxed, less regid and anxious. I have not read anywhere of this being a side effect but it sure does come in handy. Further, I do find that I urinate more, but because I'm instructed to take only two/day at this time, I start at 6:00am with the 2nd one being at 6 in the evening. This has helped to eliminate having to wake throughout the night for bathroom trips. Also, because of the calming effect, which in turn seems to spur more energy, to take this drug at night kinda leaves me to full of energy to sleep. Yet on the other hand once I do fall asleep I find it is a more restful sleep, go figure that. I have had sweating, not excessfully. This could be because I only take two/day. And I have noticed occassional eye twiching.
Question; I am wondering about side effects of weight gain however, and tightness in my neck. Is this something I should be alarmed at. I have also had thinning of hair. I am beginning to wonder if my estrogen medicine is contributing to this. Overall, dryness seems to be less of a problem.

No Subject

I have had great results with evoxac. My mouth is moist again and all mouth sores have disappeared. On the down side, I sweat excessively. Has any one noticed any significant weight gain while using evoxac. I am a fitness instructor and have weighed the same for years. Recently I have gained 10-15 pounds. I can't think of any thing I am doing differently except the use of evoxac.

No Subject

Evoxac was prescribed for me for dry mouth which is due to some medicationsI take for incontinence related to Multiple Sclerosis. This seems to me to be counterproductive. I have not been taking the drug long enough to really evaluate results, but I have had more frequent bathroom trips and night time incontinence. Ironically, night time incontinence is the reason that I take the medications that make my mouth dry. Does this seem like catch-22 to anyone but me???

Thanks for your time.

No Subject

I've noticed I am having symptoms of diarrhea after taking the medication for 9 days. It does not seem to help with the underlying dryness in my tongue but has helped some with my dry throat problem.

No Subject

I have had incontinence at night.

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