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    Brand Name:Exelon
    Generic:Rivastigmine Tartrate
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2000-04-21 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
This drug is available in the following forms:
Capsules and Oral Solutions
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About Exelon

Exelon is used to treat:

  • mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease
  • mild to moderate dementia associated with Parkinson’s disease

Side Effects of Exelon

  • Nausea
  • Serious vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Weakness or lack of energy
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
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Recent Forum Posts on Exelon

Decreasing Exelon

My mom has been on Exelon for many years, along with Namenda. She is in an AD facility, she is also on Paxil. Her nurse seems to think that either one or the other should be decreased as she thinks it will add a little more vitality to my mom. She is 88. I have some hesitations about these decreases, as I fear she may go downhill real fast. Anyone with information about decreasing these drugs would be appreciated.

Peggy Strong


This drug has been given to our Mother who is a 93 yr. old in a Nursing Home..
We have stopped the ,edication due to it making her go into a deep sleep and not even coming to for her meals..We have asked that it be stopped..She had been taken up to the second strength or the second month...

taking exelon and nothing happen

well,the doctor prescribe exelon (1 pill 1,5mg per day) to my father .He has only been on the 1.5mg Exelon for two weeks and we notice that is no progresion.

No Subject

My mother is 81 and has taken this drug for the past 4 months. I am going to request that she be taken off of it. She fights diarrhea every day, doesn't sleep at night, and has lost 15 lbs in 4 months. After all of this I don't believe the medication has helped the Alzheimers symptoms at all. I would think long and hard before letting anyone start taking this drug.

Memory loss

I have been taking Dilantin for several years for very mild
sizures, and my memory is not as gfood as it was. My doctor said that is caused as a side effect of the Dilantin and he prescribed Exelon, I am 56 years old and need to be very sharp because of the line of wqeok I am in.
Please advice if you can recommend something better than Exelon and I can ask my doctor. What has me concern are the testimonies that I just read on youe web site.

I will appreciate a prompt response and thank you in advance,

Mrs. A. J. Lange

No Subject

Exelon was given to my mother in July 2003. She is going to be 80 yrs. old in December. She has been very sick to the point that she was refusing to eat as it was causing her so much pain in her stomach. Over the three months that she took exelon she lost 25 lbs., lose of appetite and looked near death. We took her to her regular dr who took her off the exelon. What a change within 24 hours. She was eating better, and she was more alert and attentive. What a big change. Anyone have the same side effects? My real question is is this prescription really worth it?


No Subject

This drug has helped my father as far as his bouts of anger. His face seems destorted and he has a hard time understanding anything you say. He talks nonstop just goes from one subject to another and this frightens me. I'm not so sure this is a safe drug. The cost of these drugs are unbeliveable. He takes 2 other prescriptions for nerves and depression plus high blood pressure medication and diabetes medication. He has no insurance so this eats up his retirement. Is there any help out there for people who have only medicare? I am the only caregiver and I work full time. I feel like the government helps everyone but the elderly.


I can't say enough good things about this drug. My husband, who is now 52, was on Aricept for a few years and it helped some. Then we got a Dr. who did not believe that his problem was early onset dementia and put him on Concerta for a few more years. Bad move! This Dr. finally placed him on Exelon and what a difference after 3 short weeks

No Subject

My 91 year old mother has been on Exelon almost 2 years now and it really works well for her. Sometimes she refuses to take any of her night medicines and the affects of her not taking the Exelon is certainly noticable. She becomes very agitated, confused, forgetful and fussy when she misses her once per day dose. Exelon also keeps her calm. I am thankful for the new prescription drug program that she is on now because the cost was astronomical for an elderly woman on a monthly income of less than 600.00 per month.


My husband has had Alzheimer's Disease for about five years. He has been taking Exelon for about three years. He has had no bad side effects and is now on the newest drug for AD, Namenda. No bad side effects from that either. I can't tell if either medicine is helping but then he might be worse if he were not taking the medicine. I believe you should try anything that might help.

No Subject

My mother was recently placed on Exelor and has been extremely agitated and restless ever since. She can't sit still for more than a few seconds at a time and is completely worn out by the pacing she does. She is miserable. Has anyone else noticed restlessness from the drug?


My father has been prescribed Exelon as a replacement for Galantamine (Reminyl - same price)- as the Galantamine was reducing his heartbeat. He has only been on the 1.5mg Exelon for four days, but is very very tired even on this low dose. Does anyone have any experience of Exelon reducing the pulse rate?

Exelon and vomitting

My mother who is 61 years old is taking a low dosage of Exelon. The doctor wanted her to increase it but every time my dad gives her a higher dose she has severe vomitting. Is there anything out there to help with this side effect.

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