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    Brand Name:Factive
    Generic:Gemifloxacin Mesylate
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2003-04-04 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
LG Life Sciences
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Factive

Factive is an antibiotic. It is used to treat adults 18 years or older with bronchitis or pneumonia (lung infections) caused by certain bacteria (germs). Factive does not treat germs called viruses. A virus causes the common cold.

Side Effects of Factive

Some signs of rare but serious side effects include:

  • a rare heart problem known as prolongation of the QTc interval
  • central nervous system problems including body shakes (tremors), restless feeling, lightheaded feelings, confusion, and hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there)
  • tendon problems including tendonitis or rupture (“tears”) of a tendon
  • phototoxicity (making your skin sunburn easier)

Factive and other quinolones may cause joint problems (arthropathy) in children.

Some common side effects with Factive include:

  • rash. If you get a rash while taking Factive, stop Factive and call your healthcare provider right away.
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • stomach pain
  • dizziness
  • change in the way things taste in your mouth

Who Should Not Take Factive

Do not take Factive if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Factive or to any antibiotic called a “quinolone”.

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Recent Forum Posts on Factive


My friend just completed Factive about 5 days ago and is still complaining of nausea, sometimes so bad she can't smoke a cigarette. It starts after she eats anything and is horrible. She has two small children to take care of. She also got the RASH everyone else talks about and was told to take Benadryl for that, but she doesn't have med. insurance, so she doesn't know what to do about the nausea. Has anyone else experienced it AFTER completeting the mediation?

FACTIVE Severe Allergic Reaction

As the name suggests, FACTIVE seems to be very EFFECTIVE in clearing sinus infections. However, the side effect is dreadful, I will never take this drug again. I also took Factive for 7 days, and on day 9 I developed a severe allergic reactive with a rash covering all my torso and even my face. I took antihistamines for 2 days, but the rash got worse and started itching badly. So I had to go to the emergency room over the weekend and get IV Steroid and IV antihistamines. These cleared my rash in 3 days thank god. But it was really the worst allergic reaction / rash that I got in the past 29 years...


Excuse me if my english isn't good, but I'm mexican. I also took factive like a week ago, and now I got this awful red, itchy points all over my body, especially in my arms, face and brest. I'm really scared because I usually suffer of dermatitis and I can't not be under sunshine too often. I'm not trusting my doctor anymore, because they do not really know what it is causing the rush, although it was very clear to me it must be the factive, because it was the only unsual thing I took these past days. So I wonder if anyone has already found a cure or a treatment for the rash, and how long it took to get it off. I would appreaciate any possible help. Thank you

No Subject

My skin became sensitive and itchy around the fourth day. I took the last pill three days ago, but I still have the "rash". It did, however, clear up my sinus infection.

No Subject

After just 3 days taking Factive, my symptoms seem to have disappeared. I will continue to take the medication for 5 days as prescribed by my physician. I noticed no side effects.

Factive intestinal reaction

I took factive for 5 days and it cleared up my chronic sinus infection.
My problem with side effects began 3 weeks after-I started having severe
abdominal and intestinal cramping. I was puzzled until I recalled the
literature that accompanied the pills-it had stated that there could be
"intestinal distress" at some period after the regimen is completed. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

No Subject

i have been taking factive for three days now, i only experienced the light headness and nausea, hopefully i will not get a rash since i am going to Las Vegas in 8 days.


Hi, I'm using FACTIVE ( it was perscribed )for me, because of a suspected infection in my lungs ( lot of congestion)and I was coughing up heavy thick yellow phlem.
I have C.O.P.D. for a lil over 5 yrs. and am on 02 constantly for over 2 yrs.
I a take numerous drugs for this condition. Which my Dr. knows
so as a first time user i am anxious to see the results pluss side effects if any.
I havn;t yet felt any ,, but since i just started the 5 day dose i
really have no comment as of yet 10/30/04.
But as soon as i'm finished ,I will be back here with my findings and
comments. Prof. Slivak @ Mt. Regina Observatory .


My husband was prescribed Factive 3 days ago for severe bronchitis. He has been complaining of a rash that burns and itches over his body. We just found this website today talking about the frequency of this occurance. So far nothing has really helped to relieve the symptoms. He also passed out the morning after he began taking the drug.

No Subject

I was prescribed a 5 day factive treatment against a bacterial bronchitis. After taking only 2 doses of factive i have experienced a tremendous decrease in appetite (i basically have not eaten in 2 days), serious headaches, light headedness and severe nausea to the point where laying flat on my back in the dark was the only way from keeping me from vomiting. As to my bronchitis? The symptoms are gone. I have a light cough and my nose is somewhat stuffed. But I feel sicker than ever before thanks to factive. IT IS A POWERFUL DRUG AND IF YOU HAVE THE DESIRE TO DIE ALONG SIDE YOUR INFECTION I RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY!! as for me, I am done with factive. I trashed the remaining three pills, I will contact my physician on monday when the office is open and give him quite a piece of my mind... depending on if I am able to stand up by then. Regarding a rash, I have not shown any symptoms yet, but after what I experienced from this drug I would not be surprised if I woke up tomorrow covered head to toe!


After completing a course of 8 Factive pills, completed on a Friday, I broke out in a nasty rash. My M.D. called it vasculitis. However, my sinus infection has cleared up. The rash is over most of my torso and some on my arms, legs and face. It really itches.


57 yr old male with bronchitis took for 7 days. On the 8th day developed severe rash diagnosed as acute allergic reaction. Rash was from head to toe, extremely itchy and nonresponsive to antihistimines and steriods.

No Subject

I was given Factive (samples) from my doctor to treat bronchitis and I'll NEVER again take this medicine. I was on the drug for 5 days and had no issues, but on the 7th day I started itching in the middle of the night and by morning I was covered from head to my knees with a SEVERE rash.

I was lucky I was able to get in to see my doc bright and early today. He put me on Prednisone, but it seems to be doing nothing for me, at this early point. He also told me to use Zyrtec & Benedryl with the Prednisone.

I look like a freak and I ITCH like crazy. I'm depressed because after reading all the posts, I am worried that the itch and rash is going to be around for a bit and this itch is way beyond uncomfortable...I am totally miserable.

I'd stay away from this drug at all costs.

Rash from Factive

I was prescribed Factive for ten days for a lung and throat infection. The medicine worked great and knocked out the infection. However, on day 12 I broke out in an itchy rash from head to toe and today was even worse. The rash started as small dots and lines and has progresed to itchy, patchy areas. I have been taking Benadryl and trying to stay cool, as heat and sunlight irritate it. The antihistamines don't do a whole lot for the rash. I hope it is better tomorrow. I won't be taking it again.


After taking factive has anyone lost their smell and taste?

Factive side effects

I took 3 days worth of this crap and then threw away the last 2 pills. It didn't seem to help at all and it kills your appetite. 3-4 days after I stopped taking it, I got all these red spots on my body, but they don't itch. It keeps spreading, but still doesn't itch so hopefully it gets better. I wouldn't recommend this drug to anybody.

No Subject

I too have been taking Factive for a sinus infection following bronchitis. I took a 7 day regimen. Today, which is the 9th day after starting, I have developed a rash on my arms, thighs, and trunk. I dread what tomorrow brings! I don't recall reading this on the fact sheet
under side effects. My doctor did not mention it either.


Stopped taking a 5 day course of Factive on Friday- Monday I developed the most itcy , awful full body rash- my doctor told me to take Benedryl, but it hasn't helped at all- this "rare" reaction is all too common it seems.


I took Factive for 7 days for possible pneumonia following a severe bout of flu. I finished the last dose (7th) and woke up the next morning with a rash on my arms and torso that reminded me of measles. It wasn't particularly itchy, so I went to work. By the afternoon, I was covered and called my doctor. He told me that the Factive that caused the rash, although unusual for someone who is 53. He recommended Benadryl and said he could call in steroids if the rash got worse. By the next day (Saturday), the rash was even in my ears and mouth, some were raised, all were itchy and my face was red and swollen. I tried to contact my doctor, but it turned out that the number left on his answering machine was useless. It connected me to an exchange where the receptionist told me the doctor taking my doctor's calls does not take patient calls when she's on-call. I guess everyone is supposed to go to the emergency room. Not wanting to spend $200 at the emergency room, I called a physician's assistant I know. She said to continue taking the Benadryl and that Pepcid at the recommended dose would also help. This combination was a lifesaver! It turns out that Pepcid is a histamine blocker, something I didn't know till I checked on the Internet. While the rash is still not gone; it's been a week, once I began taking the Pepcid twice a day along with the Benadryl, my facial swelling went down and I was considerably less itchy. I called my doctor on Monday and he said he'd call in a prescription for steroids, but then either didn't do it or the pharmacy messed up because they said they didn't have anything for me. By that time, I was really annoyed and just gave up because I figure this darn rash will go away eventually! My advice is that if you get a rash, call your doctor and insist on getting steroids right then even if you aren't itchy yet--especially if you get your rash right before the weekend!!!

Do NOT take Factive

I had a miserable experience similiar to many of you. I took Factive for 7 days (with no side effects on those days). Then on the eigth day, I noticed a few small, red dots on my stomach. By Day 9, I had a huge rash that went from my neck to my ankles. By Day 10 it was much, much worse. Today is Day 12 and I still have a rash all over me. I read the patient leaflet prior to taking Factive. It was never mentioned how common this reaction is. I would not recommend this medicine to anyone!!!!

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