Hydromorphone Hydrochloride

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    Brand Name:Hydromorphone Hydrochloride
    Generic:Hydromorphone Hydrochloride
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
1997-06-19 ,1998-07-29 ,2003-04-25 ,2004-12-23 ,2005-10-18 ,2005-11-09 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Actavis Totowa
Barr Laboratories, Inc.
KV Pharma
Roxane Laboratories, Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
Tablets and Oral Solutions
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About Hydromorphone Hydrochloride

Why is Hydromorphone hydrochloride prescribed?

Hydromorphone hydrochloride, a narcotic analgesic, is prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain such as that due to:

  • Biliary colic (pain caused by an obstruction in the gallbladder or bile duct)
  • Burns
  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Injury (soft tissue and bone)
  • Renal colic (sharp lower back and groin pain usually caused by the passage of a stone through the ureter)
  • Surgery

Side Effects of Hydromorphone Hydrochloride

More common side effects may include:

  • Anxiety,
  • constipation,
  • dizziness,
  • drowsiness,
  • fear,
  • impairment of mental and physical performance,
  • inability to urinate,
  • mental clouding,
  • mood changes,
  • nausea,
  • restlessness,
  • sedation,
  • sluggishness,
  • troubled and slowed breathing,
  • vomiting

Who Should Not Take Hydromorphone Hydrochloride

If you are sensitive to or have ever had an allergic reaction to Hydromorphone hydrochloride or narcotic painkillers, you should not take Hydromorphone hydrochloride. Make sure that your doctor is aware of any drug reactions that you have experienced.

Additionally, you should not take Hydromorphone hydrochloride if you suffer from severe, uncontrolled breathing difficulties or uncontrolled asthma.

Hydromorphone hydrochloride cannot be used in pregnant women during labor or delivery.

Interactions with Hydromorphone Hydrochloride

Hydromorphone hydrochloride is a central nervous system depressant and intensifies the effects of alcohol. Do not drink alcohol while taking Hydromorphone hydrochloride.

If Hydromorphone hydrochloride is taken with certain other drugs, the effects of either could be increased, decreased, or altered. It is especially important to check with your doctor before combining Hydromorphone hydrochloride with the following:

  • Antiemetics (drugs that prevent or lessen nausea and vomiting such as Compazine and Phenergan)
  • Antihistamines such as Benadryl
  • General anesthetics
  • Opioid antagonists such as naloxone (Narcan) and nelmefene (Revex)
  • Other central nervous system depressants such as Nembutal, Restoril
  • Other narcotic analgesics such as Demerol and Percocet
  • Phenothiazines such as Thorazine
  • Sedative/hypnotics such as Valium, Halcion
  • Tranquilizers such as Xanax
  • Tricyclic antidepressants such as Elavil and Tofranil
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Tabletted high dosage hydromorphone

here in the UK the only IR HYDROMORPHONE we can get is Palladone caps in 1.3 and 2.6mg strengths, not nearly enough for my dosage of 14mg PRN as rescue medicine (I am on the 120mg Oxycontin tabs but they have an average duration of action of nearer 6.5 hours than the 12 hrs stated on the box, necessitating rescue meds) but can not find any source for the TABLETTED forms they have in Canada and the USA which are usually in 2, 4 and 8mg strengths. Can anybody let me know where to obtain these tablets, in particular the 8mg White triangles, at reasonable cost? I used to have a good friend (RIP Nick) who would send me several things on a monthly basis that are not available here in the UK for no charge - I would send him some UK anxiolytics as an exchange. Hydrocodone bitartrate, oxymorphone (Endo OPANA E612/613 blue 5mg and pink 10mg), Fioricet with and without codeine for migraine and cluster/tension headache, the best medicine I have ever had for such a condition, and Grenstone alprazolam 1 and 2mg (G3721/3722), the ONLY alprazolam bar the branded XANAX made in the USA which would be considered even 'acceptable' quality in Europe - almost all US-made alprazolam is complete garbage and few are worse than the most-dispensed of all, Sandoz generic GG249 2mg tabs - which also happen to be the most counterfeited alpmInhave the world. Quite why one of the poorest brands available should be so widely faked is beyond my intelligence, but that is a fact. Is anyone able to help in any way whatsoever? I can not find a single place in the US which will send medicines to the UK now. Surely someone can come up with something? I also have to go to the Low Countries for prescriptions for other medications n/a here; the patient choice in the UK a has declined drastically since the mid-80s and never quite so quickly and brutally as the past five years or so. A prescription for XANAX here is nit worth the bother as it is available only up to 500mcg and costs more than XANAX in any other country of which I know. The new Actavis IR Oxycodone capsules LYNLOR are excellent and a third of the price of branded Oxynorm. For benzodiazepines the UK is an absolute disgrace - there are only TEN left on the NHS list! Thanks folks!

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