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    Brand Name:Inspra
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2002-10-02 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
G.D. Searle & Company
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Inspra

Inspra is used to:

  • treat high blood pressure. It can be used either alone or with other medicines for high blood pressure.
  • help patients who have congestive heart failure after having a heart attack.

Precautions for Inspra

Inspra can increase potassium levels in the body. High potassium levels can cause irregular and dangerous heartbeats, and sometimes death. Your doctor may do regular blood tests to check your potassium levels if you are at risk for getting a high potassium level.

Side Effects of Inspra

The most common side effects with Inspra include headache and dizziness.

Who Should Not Take Inspra

You should not take Inspra if you have any of the following conditions:

  • high potassium level
  • type 2 diabetes with protein in the urine (microalbuminuria)
  • kidney disease

You should not take Inspra if you take the following medicines:

  • potassium supplements or medicines called potassium sparing diuretics ("water pills") such as amiloride, spironolactone, or triamterene
  • ketoconazole
  • itraconazole
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Recent Forum Posts on Inspra


My cardiologist has prescribed 12.5 mg of Inspra on each of 3 days a week - Mon, Wed and Fri. I am currently taking the following drugs
for Type 2 Diabetes and blood pressure
Glyburide - 5 mg AM 5 mg PM
Slo-K (Pot 8meq) 8meq AM 8 meq PM
Norvasc 10 mg AM
Digoxen .025 AM
Lasix 40 mg AM 20 mg PM
Carvedilol 25 mg AM 25 mg PM
Ecotrin Asp 325 AM
Lotensin 40 mg AM
Lotensin 20 mg PM
Zantac 150 mg bedtime
Starlix 120 mg - three times a day

I am concerned that not enough is known about this drug (It has only been approved for 2 years - Caution would dictate waiting until a drug has been on the scene for 5 years.
I would like to know any history that can be related concerning its use and possible side effects with the drug program I am on

No Subject



I wanted to discuss the new medicine that I am taking with inspra. 18 years ago I was diognosed with bi-lateral arterial renal infarction. This was because I smoked and took rolaides regularly. The Dr. told me that I was overdoseing on both. Since then I have stopped smoking and I do not eat rolaides any more. I do take a water pill everyday and I take a potassium replacement. The amount I take is 8 mill. twice a day.
About 5weeks ago I had a heart attack which was mild and I had a stint put in and my doctor put me on Inspra. He said that my potasium level was low and this would be a good medicine to place me on. I read all the info that is given me on every med that I take. My Question is, will this take care of my problem takeing a water pill and is there any advise that I need to know regarding Inspra. I have side effects of all the meds that I take and I am conserned about what this med will have. Any information that you can give me will help. Thanks for your time and any help you can give me I will Appreciate it.

senior assistance

I am retired and on a very limited income $1500.00 pr month. Your Inspra 25 mg product costs me $123.25 per month.
I understand that you might have a hardship program that would provide me your product at no charge? Please consider.

Happy that Inspra is here.

I am a male who have been taking Spirolactone for over four years and it has caused gynomastica (enlarged breast in men) and other problems for me. According to my doctor, Inspra will work the same from the positive point of view , but without the negative "stuff" that I have had to deal with. I am happy that Inspra is here and I do hope it works as anticipated.

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rt medications. including twice weekly iv infusions of natrecore. Her numbers from this are spiking and she is experiencing fatigue and shortness of breath, She also has her pacemaker adjusted with a third lead attached and biventicular pacing. We are at a loss. The cardiologist has now put her on inspra as well. She is experiencing the same symptoms and now leg cramping. Can anyone out there offer any suggestions????

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Inspra is too expensive

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