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    Brand Name:Keppra
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
1999-11-30 ,2006-07-31 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
UCB, Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
Tablets and Oral Solutions
View the actual FDA approved label for this drug at the following links:,021505s013lbl.pdf

About Keppra

Keppra is a medicine taken with other seizure medicines to treat:

  • partial seizures in adults and children 4 years of age and older with epilepsy.
  • myoclonic seizures in adults and adolescents 12 years of age and older with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.

Precautions for Keppra

Keppra may cause drowsiness. Do not drive a car or operate complex machinery until you know how Keppra affects you.

Side Effects of Keppra

Some people taking Keppra can get serious reactions including:

  • sleepiness or feeling tired
  • weakness
  • difficulty coordinating muscles normally, (e.g., abnormal walk)
  • aggression, anger, and irritability
  • agitation, anxiety, and other mood changes
  • decreased ability to cope with daily life events
  • feeling depressed or worsening depression
  • thoughts of suicide

Talk to your doctor before stopping Keppra or any other seizure medicine. Stopping a seizure medicine all at once can cause status epilepticus, a serious problem.

The most common side effects are:

  • drowsiness
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • infection
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Recent Forum Posts on Keppra

Extreme fatigue

Hi, I just started Keppra a week and a half ago. I do not have seizures, but was put on this medication due to daily headaches. I have been on anti-seizure medications before for my headaches, but this one is new for me. After I take the medicine I become very dizzy, but then I go to bed so the dizziness does not matter. However I am have problems with extreme fatigue. It does not matter how much sleep I get, I always feel tired (to the point I can barley keep my eyes open.) Just wondering if this side effect will eventually go away. Yesterday I slept for over 18 hours. I just cannot seem to get enough sleep. I am due to double my dosage this coming weekend, and I am very scared. Oh and by the way I am 23 year old female.

Keppra + Infection Susceptability

Hi everyone, I've been taking keppra for 2.5 years now and have not suffered badly from side effects. I have noticed though, that it seems I am getting colds + flu's much more often than ever before now. I cannot remember the last time I didn't have an infection - maybe last September. I'm 37 and have two children (1 + 3 yrs old), maybe it is age or maybe the children are picking up bugs and passing them on? I would love to know if it is the Keppra causing my immune system to be impaired or is this just a regular problem with parents of young kids?

please help

My daughter is 16 had passed out in school and went into a seizure,first eeg normal then overnight eeg abnormal Dr says looks like generalized primary epilepsy.I started her on keppra two nights ago and she is already having cry in spells,bad moods nd saying she thinks she will die from this condition or medicene,I have no I site as I know no one with this disorder or taking this meds,do u think I should keep her on it nd see if she adjusts?she started with one 500mg at night nd in a week 2x daily nd I'm scared that will make her even more depressed..any advice will help as her Dr doesn't wanna see her again for a month and gave me the news over the phone..feel lost

side effects

........I was put on Keppra a month ago, @500mg 2x/day........then building up to 750mg 2x/day. My question: Has anyone had a feeling of being light headed or have tingling in the arms?

KEPPRA and suicidal thoughts

Hey i have been on keppra for 2 weeks now. I am due to double my dosage as of tomorrow up to 1500. Im so worried to do this as over the past week I have been experiencing terrifying suicidal thoughts and severe depression. Its been 9 months since I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, and due to incompetent doctors I have spent a lot of time in hospital due to been put AND kept on meds that I was allergic to, thus, this caused liver damage etc. I am not confident in my doctors at all now. I am scared as these thoughts are getting so strong, i iy and cry all day. I have a 2 year old daughter to look after and im terrified that by doing as im told and increasing my dose, that im going to become more depressed than i am now.. and see no way out. any advice? thankyou:confused:


I was diagnosed with petite maul (absent) seizures when I was 12. I was put on Dilantin with horrible side effects and anger. I refused to take it, and have lived with these absent seizures for more that 30 years. I recently took a medication for illness that kick my petite maul into a grand maul, which I had never had prior to this event. This started the whole EEG and doctor process again, which was never delt with before. I was put on 250mg of Keppra about 3 weeks ago, and my world has never been clearer. I so wish they would have found something like this 30 years ago. The only side effects I have notice is dehydration, water is a must have at all times. I get a little dizzy if I get up to fast, but that even seems to be subsiding. I hope for great things in my future. The grand maul seizure was a horrible thing to go thru but it has changed my life for the better. I could not be happier with my current situation. Life is Good!!!!:):)

monthly cycle

Hello, I am a 31 year old (F) When I get my monthly period I experience at least one Simple partial seizure towards the end of my period. I am Taking Dilantin and Keppra. Has anyone experienced this.
Any feedback would be great.

No Subject

I am 22 years old with partial complex seizures, and they started when I was ten. I was having them almost everyday, a few times a day, and have been seizure free for a month since the day I started taking keppra! I was about to give up hope on medication since I have tried them all for many years without any luck- tegrotol, topomax, depakote, zonegran, trileptal, etc...and went through the weight gain, weight loss, anxiety, memory loss, and so on. so if you havent found one yet dont give up hope. and if you havent tried keppra you should deffinately ask! some things I have warn you about though are the side effects, of which I wasnt aware of until it was kind of too late. this medicine DOES cause depression, psychosis, attempted suicide, and deffinately anger and temper outbursts. I am on lexapro now to control these side effects and it has made all the difference. Its very relieving to know that i'm not really going crazy! so deffinately inform your family and loved ones.


I've been taking keppra for about a month. My seizures so far are STOPPED. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. THANK-YOU.

No Subject

Over the summer I had passed out with sezuire-like symptons and I've recently come to find out that it was a seizure and i've been taking complex-partial seizures. I just started taking Keppra and the side effects are very intense.Extreme tiredness, very moody, I don't have problems saying what i want now and sometimes that's scary...I've read other comments on how people are reacting to keppra and it's almost reassuring that people are having similar effects. But, it can be very hard to deal with sometimes....
One good thing though, it seems like I'm not taking seizures anymore.


I heares Keppra is used to cure tinnitus (in Germany and Blgium). Could anyone inform me?


I started Keppra 500 i wanted to know if it is a weight gain i will
be on 1 Keppra pill at night. I was taking dilantin and gaind a lot of
weight and feeling tired. Now i am getting use to taking Keppra mixing
it with dilantin to get in in my system then in June i go on 1 Keppra
pill at night instead of 4 dilantin pills.
Can anyone tell me the side affects about Keppra thanks. It is better
for me to take then be on four dilantin pills. I am just nervous taking
it. Something new i guess.


Ps. Does Keppra mess up your periods???


I've been taking Keppra for six or seven months now, as for seizures go I have only had two but that was because I forgot to take a couple dosages. I have started to get very sleepy during the day and feel depressed all day long. Plus I am getting headaches in the mornings and throughout the day. I put a call into My Doctor today, but if anyone has experienced what I am going through please let me know.


I think Keppra gives me problems. Suicide thinking, depression, too much emotional feelings, and many mood disorders. I had surgery in Mayo Clinic 7 years ago, had TLE left side. The doctors there said I was 90% likely to be free of epilepsy. Unfortunately I had to get through much stress after that as a divorce and I had many very bad seizures worse than before. Now I have been without seizures for more than a year, but depression is worse than before the surgery. I hope it will get better on Lamictal but nobody knows till about a year from taking Keppra out I think. But this is my last hope. Mayo Clinic is very great hospital, any way. My best greetings to all of you.

No Subject

I have been taking Keppra for about a month now. Seems to be working really well for me. When I started taking the Keppra I had really bad dizzy spells but eventually that went away when my body adjusted to the medication which took about a week. I had tiredness during the day in the beginning and still do. I still have frontal headaches almost every day in the morning. As far as going out and doing more things the Keppra has helped a lot as I am prescribed Keppra for epilepsy and migraines. Before I just wanted to sit home and do nothing as I didn't ever feel well. I plan to stay on the Keppra. Topamax didn't work for me at all or Lamictal. Tried one pill of Lamictal and woke up about 4:00 in the morning and felt like my mind was racing. Just have to find right medicine for you. Like I said, Keppra is the best one I found so far, less side effects too than other epilepsy medicines.



I have been on Keppra for almost one year. I have severe chemical sensativity and hear on CNN that this medicine might help. I have taught for 15 years and dealt with horrible migraines, once exposed to any perfumes, smoke, cleaners,mold etc. I take imitrex for migraines,and that is a miracle drug in my opinion. With Keppra I can go to stores again and function much better. However; what I have noticed is that I am more lethargic and seem to tell it the way it is! I know the medicine has changed my moods and I am very bold now. (I've been an honost person all my life but I wish I could just not tell all) This medicine would make a great truth serum! Anyway, I've tried to get off of it because of the weakness in my body, and boldness in speech, but the migraines were right back. The smells have been horrible and I'm back on Keppra. Point in all of this. Keppra works for chemical sensativities, but the person taking it does not have control over how sensative they are when asked questions!

No Subject

My daughter, 10 years old, was diagnosed with epilepsy in May. She's been on Keppra for about 6 weeks. Every site I've gone to says it's for adults. This is bothering me. Not to mention her moods have completely changed-she was always cheerful and pleasant, now she's yelling and just very difficult to live with; sometimes she seems so depressed. Does anyone have any information about this? Will these moods go away soon or should I look into having her medicine changed? Thanks! -Mel


My son is 5 years old and having seizures and taking different kinds of medicine all the time is very new to us since we just found out 1 year ago that he was having seizures. He starts taking the keppra today, (September 6), and after reading some of the other responses on this web-site, I'm very afraid for him. At 5 years old he doesn't, or can't always tell us what he's felling, for example, I don't think he will be able to tell us he's feeling depressed, or angry, so I'm very upset about giving him this medicine, I'm hoping for the best and he would be seizure free after taking this medicine and I hope that Keppra will make all of his seizures go away.

If there is anyone else out there who has a young child with seizures and would like to exchange e-mails, please e-mail me. It would be nice to have someone else to talk to about this because we don't know anyone else who has seizures and we can talk to. Thanks.


I was on mostly all antiseizures medicine. ALL! I had left anterior temporal lobectomy and after most seizures were gone, just I had horrible limbic rage seizures. Keppra helps. Everyone who started take it should do dose up slowly and need have tolerance to wait when diziness and somnolence will be less. It'll be less, but need to be patient.
Insomnia... I have it too. Will be thanksful for any advice!


mood swings keppra

I work with adults with learning difficulties. Some of the people I have been working with have epilepsy and have been tried on Keppra. In each case I have observed mood swings, violent outbursts,depression and paranoia. The psychiatrist involved in these cases thinks Keppra is wonderful and will not considor the adverse effects this drug is having on people. I am in a really difficult position as I am likely to be suspended if I challange the psychitrist over this issue. I believe this drug to be really dangerous in certain cases and at the moment is ruining peoples lives.

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