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    Brand Name:Lantus
    Generic:Insulin Glargine [recombitant DNA origin]
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2000-04-20 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Sanofi Aventis US
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Lantus

Lantus is used to treat adults and children (age 6 and older) with type 1 diabetes or adult patients with type 2 diabetes who require long-acting insulin to control high blood sugar.

Precautions for Lantus

There is a risk of your blood sugar becoming too low when taking diabetes medicines. Strenuous physical activity, drinking alcoholic beverages, or not eating enough can increase this possibility when taking Lantus. Talk to your health care provider.

Side Effects of Lantus

  • Low blood sugar
  • Injection site reactions such as redness, pain, itching, hives, and swelling
  • Changes in fat tissue at site of injection
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Recent Forum Posts on Lantus

Lantas low

I have been using Lantas about a year now, I take 88 units early AM each day as that coincides with my lifestyle (early to bed, early to rise... you know the rest!) Anyhow I was on various oral meds previously and none controlled my numbers like Lantas does so in that regard it has worked out very well. The downside is every so often, about once a month, when I inject in my fat gut area I will immediately get nauseated and I know what's coming which is within an hour my number nosedives to very low, usually around 30 - 40 but one time when driving I was lucky to get into Mickey Dee's for some sweetened iced tea to get the numbers back up, the dude waiting on me at 7am probably thought I was under the influence since I was close to out of it. Although my doc originally told me he hadn't heard of this type of issue with Lantas with research I have done I am convinced that on those occasions I miss the big target fatness and hit some sort of blood vessel or whatever and the lantas starts doin' all it's thing pronto rather then over time. One thing that does help is typically when I'm missing my fat target it will have a little pain when I insert needle whereas when I hit the fatness it don't hurt so if I feel that hurt I back it out and choose from some of the other acre of fat that is my stomach!! All in all I am a big Lantas fan but these times when I get that nausea I know what is coming down the pike and it ain't fun - but at least it gives me an excuse to whack down a snickers or Hershey bar when that happens, YES!!! Well that's my issue and story, peace everyone.

Lantus SoloStar and Novolog Flexpen experience

My experience with Lantus SoloStar and Novolog Flexpen were not good. At first my doctor put me on Lantus, 30 units twice a day, because Humulin didn't seem to be doing the job. Then after a year she added Novolog Flexpen (8 units) before each meal for a total of five shots a day. In the meantime my health insurance company nurse suggested I take cinnamon tablets to help stablize my blood sugar which was all over the chart from 40 in the middle of the night to over 300 at times during the day. (Be careful with cinnamon. It can react with your insulin. I took two tablets and stopped.) At that low point my heart started racing. It would wake me up at night. I would sit up until the racing stopped, wondering if I should go to the emergency room. Then my heart started to flutter and beat erratically. I thought I was going to die. I came to the conslusion that if I was going to die it would be from natural causes and stopped taking the Novolog. My blood sugar dropped but my heart continued to alternate between racing and fluttering. A chance encounter with my pharmasist prompted me to cut one of the Lantus injections. He looked at me over the counter and said, "Lantus is a 24 hour insulin. You are overlapping." My blood sugar dropped further but my heart continued its irratic behavior. Needless to say I went back to Humulin. My body is beginning to heal but it has taken a couple of months for the fluttering to stop. I do not recommend that you discontinue any medication without the help of your doctor. This is a case of do as I say not as I do. I have been a type 2 diabetic for 38 years and know my own body and how I will react to certain medications. Also I check my blood sugar at least three times a day. It is my road map and tells me what I need to do. One observation about diet--stop eating carbohydrates. My blood sugars stablized when I stopped eating a sandwich at noon. I eat meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts and one slice of low carb bread at breakfast. Fruit, for me is a no no, although I can tolerate strawberries. I have eliminated sugar, potatoes, rice, beans, snack foods, and almost all bread from my diet. It sounds hard but isn't your life worth more than a potato chip? My sincere hope is that the Lantus SoloStar and Novolog Flexpen have not permanently damaged my heart.

New Here

Hello all, I am new here but just to say hello. I have been on Lantus for almost a year now started out real low 30 units a day. And just went and seen the Endo last week what a disappointment that was. I had been taking Lantus 80 units in the am and 90 in the pm. Well, he increased it to 100 in the am and 100 in the pm. I have severe spinal stenosis and fibro. In one week my food intake has gone crazy its like i am craving food. I can't get enough and the numbness in my left leg is enough to drive me nuts. I can't sleep because I can't get comfortable. And the weight gain I have gained almost 10 lbs in one week. :eek: That is very disappointing for me as I have worked hard to drop alot of it 180 in fact I did that in about a year. But my Endo does not seem to think the pump is going to work for me even though my family doctor approved me for it so who do I believe. I am also on Novalog sliding scale. I have autoimmunes too which makes me insulin resistant. My blood sugars are never below 300, except for this morning it was 165 but what is better the low blood sugars or taking the extra lantus and eat everything in sight and gain the extra weight that I worked so hard to get off. Oh not to mention I dild this all and I am in a wheel chair. :p

Maximum Dosage

I started Lantus about 5 years ago. Starting dosage was 5 units. That has gradually increased over the years to 400 units at night now. My doctor doesn't seem concerned about the dosage. Does anyone know what the maximum dosage of Lantus is?

Lantus Avoid hypoglycemia!

Lantus website -avoid intravenous My daughter takes lantus and some blogs concerned me about the hypoglycemia. Below 30 BG is very dangerous so I went on Lantus web site to see if it warns against this. It says that LOW blood sugar can be caused by not injecting in the fatty tissue....So if you inject lantus and you see blood ... it can cause serious lows. This is from the lantus website a bit technical but hopefully it will help others NOT suffer like you did PRECAUTIONS General: LANTUS is not intended for intravenous administration. The prolonged duration of activity of insulin glargine is dependent on injection into subcutaneous tissue. (fatty area) Intravenous administration of the usual subcutaneous dose could result in severe hypoglycemia. Insulins, including LANTUS, can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), allergy, and skin reactions. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar): Also alcohol use, liver, adrenal dysfunction, not eating enough can all cause significant hypoglycemia.Hypoglycemia can happen with: Taking too much insulin. This can happen when too much insulin is injected. Not enough carbohydrate (sugar or starch) intake. This can happen if a meal or snack is missed or delayed. Vomiting or diarrhea that decreases the amount of sugar absorbed by your body. Intake of alcohol. Medicines that affect insulin. Be sure to discuss all your medicines with your healthcare provider. Do not start any new medicines until you know how they may affect your insulin dose. Medical conditions that can affect your blood sugar levels or insulin. These conditions include diseases of the adrenal glands, the pituitary, the thyroid gland, the liver, and the kidney. Too much glucose use by the body. This can happen if you exercise too much or have a fever. Injecting insulin the wrong way or in the wrong injection area.


I started on Lantus 4 weeks ago. Since then, I have been in the hospital with severe dehydration, vomiting, diarrea, muscle pain throughout my body. I believe it is a reaction to the Lantus. Has anyone else had this problem? I am thinking of going back on my original insulins which were R and N. Thanks

No Subject

Ok, I know most of you won't agree with me, but Lantus doesn't work as well as it is said to be. My best friend was on it, and had severe seizures, major headaches, and a litany of problems. She was on this for a while, and her sugars were outrageous, even though she kept upping her Lantus dosage and adjusting her habits. She would end up in the ER once a month because of this.
She switched doctors and immediately her new endocrinologist took her off Lantus, and all problems subsided and she chose the other alternative, the MiniMed Insulin Pump, which has made her life so much easier! She is able to excercise whenever she wants to and can live life more freely than taking the Lantus + 3 more shots of Humalog --- now she only has to take one to TWO shots a WEEK! Its so amazing, and her diabetic friends are all now talking to their endos to see if they can get their insulin though the pump rather than take one or more shots a day.
Lantus may work for some people, but for others, like my friend, I am so grateful she was taken off this insulin, becasue it almost killed her.

Lantis control

I am a type 2 diabetic,only use about 12,sometimes 14 at night of Lantis. I think it is great,except sometimes late afternoon,if I am not real active,it does not seem to work as well.It takes over 4 hours to get my sugar down. Sometimes is fine for supper,otherwise have to wait almost 5 hours to get down to 130 or 140 for supper. Mornings always stay on low side. Has any one else had this experience? WINSSTON


i started using lantus insulin aprx.4months ago my a1c went from a
9.4 to a 6.5 but i also heve experienced alot of weight gain especially
in my stomach region were i take most of my shots,i also have had an increase of hot flashes,but overall very happy with it i also take actos
with it.


I've had one dose of 30iu Lantus for the first time last night, having been on Humulin I (N I think it's called in USA) 24iu breakfast&bedtime with Humalog for several years but my control had badly deteriorated so I was hypo-ing 4-5 times daily. This morning I had a severe hypo requiring a glucagon injection....! On almost half my previous dose. I know I'm probably panicking(just a little) but no one here seems to have any idea about causes or remedies. Can anyone offer similar experiences and solutions
Cheers, Spike Jones Wales UK

Extreme Swelling

It seems when I take this Lantus insulin, my body goes outta control. I cant sleep, im moody, and whats worse than anything - I get extream full body swelling. When I say swelling i mean it, I am regularly VERY tiny, like a size 0 100lbs max, and when I take lantus Ive gone up to a size 5. Very painful , from my eyelids to my toes.
Does anyone else get this from Lantus??
Also, I find it is more painful, and the site swelling increases.
Can anyone help me figure this out?


I have had a terrible experience since switching to Lantus. What has worsened the symtems is that the Dr prescribed Thyroxine at the same time, which should not be taken with Lantus. My blood sugars go from being extremely high to dangerously low within hour. I have had muscles pains, severe headaches, hot flushes, increased heat rate, nausea, shaking, plus more. Be careful!

Lantus side effects

Have two boys, age 11, on Lantus at night for about a year. Recently one has been having chest pain soon after injection. My other son seems to have no reaction to Lantus. Has anyone found, or has their doctor offered, information regarding what seems to be a rather bad side effect of this insulin? Have informed the group of three doctors, spoken to nurse practitioner, diabetes educator, and dietician. No one owns up to chest pain as being a possible side effect and they tell me to see our family practitioner. After reading all of the other incidents on this site about chest pain, numbness, etc., I wonder how dishonest the FDA, food industry and pharmaceutical industry really are. If Lantus is not good for diabetics, how many billions do they feel they must have before they recall it (remember VIOXX, Celebrex, etc.).

high sugar count

I am Canadian and hav been on Lantis for 2 wks. My glucose readings are never below 13mm in the morning; don't know what this is in the american scale but is high for me. I am on 45 units already and see no advantage to it whatso ever. Perhaps this drug is not for everyone??
I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 38 years and feel that fooling around this way is not helping. Does anyone else seem to have a resistance to this insulin. I am at the point at going back to my old regime since it suits me and my levels better. This insulin has not helped in the least and is keeping me awake all night; would appreciate any feedback. Thanks alot.


I had adverse reactions to Lantus in the form of severe leg cramps. Just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this reaction.


I've been using Lantus for almost a year now and find that it is important to keep it refrigerated. It has a normal 28 day life after first use which diminishes drastically when not refrigerated. I've found my blood sugars to increase toward the end of it's life. My regimine includes usage of Humalog at mealtime...this is where my problems with low blood sugar readings is most prevalent. Attention to frequent readings,eating on time, and constant monitoring is very important. My current dosage is 40 units of Lantus per day...with the mealtime dosages of Humalog throughout the day.


Lantus has been effective in keeping my blood sugar more stable. However, I've been experiencing extreme numbness on the right side of my body -- mostly my arm and then face & head. Any other similar reactions?

Lantus side effects?

A comparatively recently diagnosed diabetic (9 months), I've been on Lantus (evening 28-32 units) for about 5 or 6 months. It may be that the more you read, the more you notice, but I think I am noticing a number of 'symptoms' which have appeared since I started on Lantus. Chief among them are bouts of quite nasty depression (which may be a side effect of recent diagnosis, of course)and extreme mood swings (the passionate breakups and makeups are perhaps a symptom of being Celtic, but you never know), but also tingling feet shakiness before meals and a scarily increased heart rate at about 11-12 in the evening. Could there be a link to Lantus? I also notice that Lantus is a lot more painful to inject than any other insulin I use or have used (stinging as the insulin goes in). Anyone else?

Lantus Insulin

I started using Lantus on June 18, 2003. My blood sugar readings are very stable. I can skip meals with no effect. I keep the Lantus and Novolog in a two-pen Frio cooler and carry it where ever I go. I am still using the Lantus bottle I that started with on June 18, and it is still working perfectly.

I am T2, diagnosed in 1986 and used oral medications until March 2003. After after three months on Novolog 70/30 Premix, the Lantus and Novolog was a great change. I have no lows and run about 85-100 unless I misjudge my carbohydrates. I inject 12 units of Lantus at night and from 3 to 6 units of Novolog with meals. I never had such good control. My last a1c was 4.8. I don't think it gets much better than this.

Great and also scary

Well see for me, i've been on it for a year. I love not having to be up at a specific time, sleeping in, and i've lost some good weight to on it because i can eat whenever. The scary part of this all is remembering when i take lantus. see your suppose to take it in the evening. Well for me i sometimes get off of work early or later then 8. And usally when its earlier, i tend to remember when i take my shot, but when its 8, i get home end up donig stuff then try and remember if i even take lantus or not. That's the part that frights me. Because then im up all night wondering if im ok or not. (they say you shouldnt take it if you dont remmember taking it) but this happend to me 3 times that i didnt remember and i took a shot all those times. Luckily i was right on them. But beleive me what i did with those is really stupid! you could get yourslef into MAJOR trouble or even go into a bad coma. MAKE SURE its at the right time, even if yoru at work or doing stuff with frineds make sure you get that shot done at the right time AND keep in mind that you did it. i just had to point that out, thanks.

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