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    Brand Name:Natrecor
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2001-08-10 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Scios Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
Intravenous Injections
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About Natrecor

Natrecor is used to treat patients with congestive heart failure who have shortness of breath at rest or with a small amount of activity. Natrecor has not been studied in children.

Side Effects of Natrecor

The most common side effect with Natrecor is low blood pressure.

Who Should Not Take Natrecor

Natrecor should not be given as the main treatment for patients with:

  • shock due to abnormal heart function
  • systolic blood pressure less than 90 mm Hg

Do not use Natrecor if you are allergic to nesiritide or to any of the other ingredients in Natrecor.

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Recent Forum Posts on Natrecor


can you tell me if FDA has approved/ given green light to infusion of natrecor step down monitored floors and telemetry. Why or why not?

home infusion

has Natrecor been approved for home infusion? if so, are there any specific precautions that must be taken in the home setting?


I have used this drug once it was wonderful, but I do have a question. Can Natrecor be placed in a glass bottle of either d5 or normal saline? Thank you Tracy

No Subject

My husband had congestive heart failure since 1992, he was 71 years old. His doctor prescribed intravenous injections of Natrecor once a week starting around the middle of July 2004.By the second week of August 2004, he seemed to be confused at times and his words seemed to be garbled at times. we wondered why this was happening. At the time he was prescribed this drug, my husband did not feel like he was dying.It surprised both of us when the nurse who was adminstering the drug memtioned "end stage". I know now that the confusion and garbled words meant the beginning of
kidney failure. The last treatment he received they could not get a
temperture reading nor BP reading. The machines would "erro" out.I took him to our family doctor the next day. That nite I had to take him to
the emergency room because his kidneys had failed his heart beat was few and far between and . He was very very weak. That was Monday nite, September 13, 2004. Wednesday September 15, 2004 at 10:08 AM, he was pronouced dead. I asked the Hospital Physician if Natrecor may have caused his death. He said,"no". I, at this time think he was dead wrong.

patient education

We currently have several patients who come for out patient infusions. Do you have any layman friendly educaional information about the drug itself - not just CHF?


since natrecor is a human peptide is there a need to have the patient sign a consent for the medication? (similar to blood product consent for blood, plasma, albumin etc?) thanks dede

Use of Natrecor and interference with subsequent BNP lab values

Does anyone have any information regarding any variations in subsequent BNP values after the use of Natrecor? Scios labs has not returned my phone calls regarding this. Thanks in advance.

Daddy's wonderful

My Dad was given this drug at 90 years of age. His birthday was only days away and he had given up hope of reaching 91.
The doctor told us that we would know if Natrecor worked in only 48 hours. Almost immediately Daddy began to get better.When the doctor came in and asked about Daddy, I told him that he was wonderful. It really seemed to be a miracle indeed. Daddy's wobbly but he is 91 and looing forward to 92 and older. Thank you for this added time with Dad.

side effects

Can prolonged use of Natrecor treatments (three times weekly for the past year) do further damage to already-weak kidneys???


My father was admitted to Ormond Hospital on Monday with
a BP65/20 and a BUN of 129 he was dying!! He dreaded the
thought of dialysis and was giving up hope for a quality of life.
He is only 70 yrs. old. His kidney Doctor suggested Natrecor and
he has had 2 doses.....while in intensive care.....his bun in just
3 days has gone from 129 to 72. His creatine 4.9 to 2.7. He is no
longer requires dialysis or instensive father looks better
then he has in the last 5 years. From the bottom of my heart....
thank you....maybe my dad will now have some quality of life.
This drug is a miracle!!!! How can I buy stock.
Cathy Helfrich
869 Pineapple Rd.
South Daytona, Fl. 32119
( a loving daughter) PS> whoever came up with this deepest
thank have prolonged my dad's life and quality of life.


Fantastic response to Natrecor; decreased pcwp from 35 to 23;greatly improved diuresis. I understand it must not be infused in heparin coated catheters (Swan)

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