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    Brand Name:NovoLog
    Generic:Insulin Aspart [recombitant DNA origin]
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2000-06-07 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About NovoLog

NovoLog in used to treat patients 6 years of age and older with diabetes to control high blood sugar. Because NovoLog acts faster and has a shorter duration of action than regular human insulin, NovoLog should normally be used in combination with an intermediate or long-acting insulin.

Precautions for NovoLog

Because of NovoLog’s faster onset of action changes in blood levels of potassium may occur. Not everyone can tolerate rapid changes or low potassium. Patients with certain medical conditions may have more difficulty with the rapid blood sugar lowering effect of NovoLog. Depending on your medical condition, your doctor will decide if NovoLog is right for you.

There is a risk of your blood sugar becoming too low when taking diabetes medicines. Strenuous physical activity, drinking alcoholic beverages, or not eating enough can increase this possibility when taking NovoLog. Talk to your healthcare provider.

Insulin antibodies may develop during treatment with all insulin, but may be greater with NovoLog.

Side Effects of NovoLog

  • Low blood sugar
  • Injection site reactions such as redness, pain, itching, hives, and swelling
  • Changes in fat tissue at site of injection such as thickened or hard skin

Who Should Not Take NovoLog

Do not use NovoLog if you are experiencing an episode of low blood sugar.

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Recent Forum Posts on NovoLog

Novolog doesn't seem to be working

I am a type 1 diabetic and have been now for 16 yrs I'm 28 and in the past few wks have noticed my novolog doesn't seem to work, even new bottles. I take my lantus in the morning and usually would take 30 units of novolog over the course of the whole day so like 5 to 7 each time I would eat. Now I find myself taking 15 to 20 units at a time in the morning not eating and still having high blood sugars at the next meal time. Last night is a good example I check my blood sugar after drinking and eating, I'm on vacation right now in siesta key fl, and my blood sugar was over 400, I took a total of 30 units of a new novolog flex pin bc I was going to eat 4 hrs later my blood sugar only dropped 100 points so the I took 10 more units and I wake up this morning and my blood sugar was the same as last night and this is with the 50 units of lantus I'm taking up from the 42 I was told to take by my doctor bc I'm trying to help myself and nothing is working please help me! My step father is also a type 1 diabetic for 30+ yrs and has never heard of anything like this


My father is a Type one diabetic. This is fairly new to him(6MO). He is experiencing depression even suicidal thoughts. Has any one else had this problem. Could it be the medicine or diabetes?


Ihave been on novalog for a month i have already gained 15 pounds. The good thing is that my blood sugars are better than they have ever been since becoming a diabetic. I just worry about the weight gain and what the effwect does to my overall health.

Weight Gain

I have been on Novalog 70/30 mix for approximately 3 months. I take the Symalin injection, as well as Gluocphage (1000 mg 2 x day) along with Novalog. I have gained 15 pounds in 3 months. Symalin is supposed to help control your appetite. I think the Novalog is making me gain weight. Could this be the case?


Type 1 for 37 years. I was switched from a mix of Humulin R and Humulin N to NoVo and Lantus about 2 years ago during a period of control difficulty, much I believed was caused by severe stress. I was also on Lipitor. Within several months, my control worsened. After dinner and my NoVo injection, I would become ravinously hungry while still being full. I felt tired, had joint pain in the ankles, knees, fingers as well as tingling or numbness around my ankles. I thought some of this was age (I'm 43) and was under terriffic stress. I became sick more often and managed to gain 20 lbs. (just what I needed). It seemed sometimes the NoVo just didn't work or worked slow causing low BG reactions at odd times (like at dawn). I have since decreased my NoVo use returning to Humilin R using the Novo when BG is high or in small amounts after lunch or snacks. I am for now off the Lipitor but still have the joint pain and get tired and sick faster than usual. My severe stress issues have also been abated. Again I thought it was age until reading comments posted here. I'm done, back to Hum R for me! If the Doc don't like it I'll find one that does.

Systemic Allergy

Hello! A few years ago, I was on Lantus (for a very short time)...when I injected it my skin would feel like it was burning...I was switched to Humalog (in the pump) and seemed to be doing okay...then, a doctor switched me to Novolog...after this, my lymph nodes swelled, my body became covered with red itchy rashes, and I felt tired all of the time...also I had some joint pain....the itching was the worst...I called my doctor and had him instantly switch me back to Humalog...however, I fear that I have developed an allergy to this as well...I have read that this is called a "systemic allergy" and that I may need to go into the hospital and be "desensitized" or gradually taken off this insulin and gradually put on another that I am not allergic to. It has been say the least...I have been fighting this for approximately 2 years...this itching is driving me insane and I feel horrible...Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. In the 2 years this has been going on, I have been checked for lymphomas, skin conditions, depression, allergies to cats, and I have been to every doctor you can think of (allergist, endocrinologist, encologist, dermatologist, etc.)...I am going to attempt to find a doctor who specializes in systemic allergies to insulin or related items. I would encourage all of you to ask your doctors about this and make your insulin manufacturer(s) aware of this. Systemic allergies can be FATAL...they attack the skin (the largest organ) and then internal organs, as well...I fear I will itch myself to DEATH.

novolog side effects

hi i was diagnosed diabetic (assuming type 2 at this point) back in october of this year, 2005. i was started on lantus and metformin. the metformin gave me severe diarreah and stomach ache, very very gaseous. I told dr. I would not continue on metformin. I thought that the lantus would just be needing upped. they advised me to up it a little, and see when incremental doses (only at nite) would bring the glocse level down. Good. Then next visit, dr. suggested to use novolog at meals. I think it is great to be able to do the insulin as needed. I am not into a specific meal routine as yet and somewhat eat when I feel like it or when I can so I like the flexibility. BUT, I have been having pinching like pains around top of stomach, right side, near lymphe nodes in the groin area, and knee pain, and I can't figure out what is causing this, I have decreased using Novolog last couple of days and seemed better but today, after dinner dose, now noticing the uncomfortable aches and pinching again. I am now suspecting novolog and after reading the previous postings, 12/3/2005 ones, people mentioning like pain lymphn node, knee, etc. I have that and stomach and intestinal pinching pains too. I cant believe that every where I check side effects, all I keep reading is about hives or low blood sugar. Every site, well I guess mostly the ones that come up are pharmaceutical or manufacturer ones that only list like 2 or 3 side effects. This is unbelieveble since now i see a few more posts about pain as well. Any one else commenting that anyone knows about? I just cant believe this because sooo many people must be using this stuff??? Sorry so long but I have been on researching side effects of insulin for about a month now almost every waking minute because I am feeling so bad.

Side Effects of NovoLog

I began taking NovoLog about a month ago. I also take Glipizide and Glucophage as well as some meds for hypertention. However, after starting NovoLog,I experienced more problems with arthritis in my knees, ankles and hip joints than prior to NovoLog. Is there any other feedback of similar side effects or is it just my age(67) catching up?
Other than than issue I have had no other apparent side effects from NovoLog.


Novolog allergies

In October I went into DKA. The Dr.s put me on injection. I take 40 units of Lantus in the evening and throughout the day I control my sugars with Novolog. Since February I have developed leg pains and tingling of the skin around my waist. I have had a MRI and been to a nerve Dr. Nobody knows what it is. I need help!!! They have taken me off Lipotor to see if that is the problem. I think it has someting to do with the Novolog. I would appreciate anybody to responce if they have had this kind of sysptom since the Doctors have no idea. Thanks

Hives, Extreme Itching

I am currently using Humalog in an insulin pump and have been for a number of years.
For the past 5 months, I have developed a feverish, red rash that causes extreme itching over all of my body, except neck, face and soles of feet. I am wondering if my Humalog is causing this? I was going to ask my doctor to switch me to Novolog to use in my insulin pump but now I am not sure what to do after reading about other readers having the same problem with Novolog. Does Novolog and Humalog have the same basic ingredients? Please somebody respond. I am desperate for help to get to the bottom of this as my doctors can't seem to find anything to help me. Thank you.


My ftaher is taking lantus and novolog
he just moved in with me last month
and was taking both in the morning
he took 50 units of lantus and 10 of novolog
now he tells me he suppose to take 50 lantus in am and 10 og novolog at night
I need help here
he just got out of hospital after 2 weeks of being there
and I can not get hold of doctor about this change
it is not written on his discharge papers
the pharmacist told me he should not be taking the novolog at bedtime
please can someone help me here

Residue in Pump Syringe

Lately I have been experiencing problems with blood sugar levels. Some of my bottles of Novolog insulin do not seem as effective as others. I am presently into the second bottle of my monthly prescription, and there's residue building where the tubing is hooked to the syringe. My blood sugar levels are running high. Some bottles appear soapy and form lots of bubbles. Lately I seem to be experiencing more and more problems with the insulin. Is anyone else?

No Subject

my mother was taking Lantus, 20mg once a day at night and one day recently she was hospitalized for low blood sugar and then the doctor had her start taking Novolog 3 times a day 5mg and then 16mg at night of lantus and even though her skin was breaking out with rashes overall her health seemed to be getting better with the novolog but then she went to a follow up medical appointment with a different doctor who told her that she no longer needed to take the novolog and now she recently ended up back in the hospital. Something is wrong, it's like my mother is seriously not taking her medications properly and i am very concerned. can somebody email me back with some advice i would really appreciate it, thank you and take care

No Subject

since i have been taking novolog i have had an increase in apetite and iam wondering if that is a side effect or something else and how to deal with it to decrease my apetite thank you if u can answer this ? amber


I also have developed hives in the extremities of my body. The Novolog is the only thing that has changed in my life when I started devloping the hives. Hives appear around my hands, especially, arms, neck and back about 15-20 minutes after having given myself the injection and my feet and hands swell and are extremely warm.

novalog, prickly itch -hot

My daughter (13) has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. she has been put on Novalog with every meal or snack over 5 carbs and lantus before bed. About 15 to 20 minutes after a Novalog injection she visibly flushes and starts to itch all over and gets very hot. It seems to be gettting worse. I have started giving her a zyrtec in the morning before giving her, her shot but by late afternoon she is beginning to complain of the itchy prickly feeling again. I have given her benadryl with her dinner shot which seems to help but when I go in to take her 2am glucose reading she is complaining agian of that itchy prickly hot feeling.

I've been in contact with our doctors but no one seems to have heard of this happening. Does anyone have any ideas.


I was diagnosed with Type 1 almost 5 years ago. When I was first diagnosed I began experiencing hives daily that covered my entire body. I was put on Zyrtec to control the hives (this worked better than words can say). Taking Zyrtec daily has helped me control hives. In May 2007 I began seeing an allergist who recommended I begin allergy shots. Currently I receive shots once or twice a week and am expected to complete this therapy in 5 years. Since I began taking allergy shots I have experienced hives once. I now take Zyrtec much less frequently than daily.

To manage my diabetes I have used several insulins over the past 5 years. First I used Humalog 75/25 with regular insulin. Next I used Lantus with Humalog and 2 years ago I started on the Medtronic Pump. My doctor recommended that I use Novalog with my pump so I switched again.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PUMP! I never thought my sugar levels could be as fantastic as they are or I could feel as excellent as I feel. I no longer experience highs or lows constantly. I feel healthy again.

When I'm not pumping (I can choose to take out my pump whenever I want) I use Lantus and Novalog. My blood sugar levels are still good, but I still like my pump better.

These are just my experiences and I hope they are helpful to anyone in need. Asking as many questions as possible, being willing to see as many doctors as necessary, and being open to the therapy suggested by my doctors (who have only ever had my best interest at heart) has truly helped me live better.

No Subject

I have been in the hospital 3 times in the last month covered with hives. They gave me benedryl in my iv and the rash would go away. I have been taking lantus for 6 months and then the doctor added novolog a month ago and the rash started. I have stopped taking novolog nad take 30 units of lantus before bed. Now I am still getting a rash and and I take a benedryl tablet and the rash goes away. I am seeing a endocrinologist in 2 months. I hope he can help. Also I tried humalog during the day before meals and that didn't work either. This is crazy. I hope I can wait 2 months for some help.

tired, sleepy, on insulin

I am type 2, on Lantus and Novolog. I need advice on how I feel after eating. I take my insulin before eating, and within an hour, I begin to feel tired, sleepy and unable to concentrate. It is almost like I have taken a sleeping pill and have to strugle to stay awake. I have been searching the internet, and have not found any postings regarding this problem. I know I am using enough insulin with my meals. I am very careful with the amount of insulin I use, If I use more insulin my blood sugar can drop into the 40's without me being aware of the drop.

Anyone out there feel like I do after eating? Any advice for me.

Novolog and Lantus

I have been on both for about 5 months. Being a diabetic for 36 years I previously used Regular and NPH. But of course the A1C's were not that great. So now I am on Novolog and Lantus. They are fine unless you eat pasta or rice dishes. Novolog doesn't seem to handle them too well. I can eat dinner at around 7:00 and then check my blood sugar before bed and the blood sugar may be around 140 to 160. I then take my 32 units of Lantus and go to bed. But when I wake up in the morning my blood sugar is around 250. Some would say that I shouldn't be eating pasta or rice, but they can forget that. There has got to be a better insulin that can handle this!

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