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    Brand Name:Thyrogen
    Generic:Thyrotropin Alfa
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
1998-11-30 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Genzyme Corporation
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Thyrogen

Thyrogen is used as an additional diagnostic tool for detecting blood levels of thyroglobulin with or without radioiodine imaging in the follow-up of patients with certain types of thyroid cancer.

Testing with Thyrogen may be used in the following situations:

  1. In patients with an undetectable thyroglobulin on thyroid hormone suppressive therapy, to exclude the diagnosis of residual or recurrent thyroid cancer.
  2. In patients requiring blood thyroglobulin testing and radioiodine imaging who are unwilling to undergo thyroid hormone withdrawal testing and whose doctor believes that using a less sensitive test is appropriate.
  3. In patients who either do not have a sufficient thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) blood level in response to thyroid hormone withdrawal or in whom withdrawal is not advised.

Precautions for Thyrogen

  • Even when Thyrogen-stimulated thyroglobulin testing is done with radioiodine imaging, there is a meaningful risk of missing the existence of thyroid cancer or of underestimating the disease. Thyroid hormone withdrawal testing with radioiodine imaging remains the standard diagnostic test to assess the presence, location and extent of thyroid cancer.
  • Tell your doctor if you have been treated with bovine TSH in the past and if you experienced an allergic reaction to bovine TSH.
  • Thyrogen can cause a temporary but significant increase in the level of thyroid hormone in your blood. Therefore, your doctor will monitor you more closely if you have a history of heart problems and if you have thyroid tissue remaining in your body.

Side Effects of Thyrogen

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Weakness
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Recent Forum Posts on Thyrogen

Thyrogen & cost

How much does this treatment cost? I heard up to $10,000 per shot. That's friggin rediculous in my opinion. I am in the middle of getting Cobra insurance as I am no longer employed and going back to school Any stories or advice or cautions regarding getting this treatment and dealing with insurance? Thanks

Thyrogen testing

Thank goodness this week is over. I took my first thyrogen injection on Monday Sept. 14 and did okay. Took my second injection on Tuesday. Wow!! Wouldn't you know it. I had an allergic reaction to the thyrogen shot. The first they had seen at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The shot itself burned (the first one didn't), my injection site was very tender to touch and was swelled and really red clear to my elbow. My arm also felt hot and I also felt hot. My blood pressure went up to 158/89 (higher than it usually is) and I had a heck of a headache. The Dr. told me I wouldn't be able to do this type of testing anymore, back to old way of coming off my meds for 4 weeks. After this week I think I would prefer the old way. I did my scan that way 4 years ago. This is my 5 year out scan. I prefer the old way. After I took my pills yesterday the headache got worse and I felt pretty crappy. I just went to bed and slept. Good luck to those getting ready to go thru the thyrogen testing. I'm glad it's over and am hoping for the best. Kim

Help thinking my Dr. made a mistake

:confused:I had Thyrogen injections Mon and Tues and was scheduled for treatment on Wed (so I thought). My Dr.'s nurse messed up and scheduled me for a scan instead. I figured it out 30 min before my scheduled time. She scrambled and called the Dr. who was on vacation, and then they re-scheduled me for today, Friday..She told me to not stop my levoxyl that the Thyrogen would last and my TSH levels would stay up. I did not trust that because of all of her prior mistakes, so I went off of it. Well this morning Nuc. Med. called and wanted me to have my TSH level checked. It came in only at 14 (he said it would of been probablly a 10 had I stayed on my meds) they said it was not high enought to do the I131 treatment. Then my Dr. called the Radiologist and told him that you can have the treatment 72 hours after the injection and that the TSH level doesn't matter. So I did go in for the treatment and had 33 MCI, but my concearn is first, it would of been 77 hours, and was my Dr. just trying to cover himself because they screwed up and knew that this would mean me doing the LID and paying for more injections? The radiologist told me he was unaware that you could have it that many days after and he has never done it like that before. I am afraid this was all done in vain. Will I go in for my body scan and it will just look like I had no remaining cells? Will they be able to tell? Also I had TT in Oct 2008 and never had I131 I had multi focle papillary carcinoma in both lobes. My thyroidgloblin levels were .4, 6 wks post op went as far down as .1 , but over the past six months have gone up to .9...I hope someone out there can help!

Where can I buy Thyrogen?

Hi. Im from California, can you tell me where I can buy this THYROGEN injection? My grandma is from the Philippines and was told by her doctor that recombinant TSH (which is THYROGEN) will help her with her condition. Thank you for your time. God bless. -Leah


I am 37yrs old going for THYROGEN injection on wednesday 26th nov .
not sure how long after injection you have the body scan . I live
australia and the thyrogen is $2000 non claimable on your medical cover
and do you know of any side affects thanks cindy

Thyrogen experience

I am about ready to take the thyrogen next week, and have to say that it does sound better than going off your thyroid medication. I had that experience in March of 2003 and being a single parent and working a full time job was very difficult to get through. For a year now life has been a bit different learning how to deal and understand Thyroid Cancer.
I have read some questions left above and funny sounds so framiliar.
I wish all the best in there experiences and hope all goes well for myself through taking the Thyrogen--What can it hurt if it finds what is needed to get better.


I am 2 years away from my surgery and I-131 radiation.I just had my Thyrogen shot today for my second scan. I get my 2nd shot tomorrow. This is my second time going thru the uptake and scan. I had such a hard hormone withdrawal before my surgery that I opted to take the suggestion of my endocrinologist and go "the easier softer way". Right. Like any of this is easy or soft.

I feel a little weakness but overall I feel a whole lot better than being "hypo"

Please pray for me. I don't want to be sick again.

thyrogen and reproduction

my doctor was pushing my to take thyrogen, after having a total thyrodectomy for papillary carcinoma. I opted for the "old fashioned" way and have been off synthroid for 5 1/2 weeks a bit uncomfortable but not as bad as knowing they never tested thryogen to see it could effect my ability to have children( I am 37) and I did not like the results of the clinical trials.

three days ago, Tuesday I had my radioactive iodine pill and tomorrow am at 8am am scheduled for my full body scan. I feel confident I did the right thing, by going the old way and getting good conclusive results. Thyrogen is only 4 years old and in my opinion way too young to be messing around with women of childbearing years and for the first year after cancer surgery. Wanted to know if anyone has receive the shots and now having trouble conceiving????


This will be my third time taking Thyrogen, The last time I took these injections I found out I was pregnant(then age 34)after the first one was given. So far no signs of harm to my 3 year old, thank God. Why do they do the pregnancy test after instead of before the first injection? I just went again yesterday and today for my Thyrogen injections, I became very tired, weak, nauseas, after my first one. I asked the nurse today any side effects? She said "nope you should have eaten first". Today I have full blown diarrhea, nausea, weakness after the second one. And I know this may sound dumb, but if recurring cancer may not be detected with the use of Thyrogen, how will you know? Blood count? Or do you just suffer with it until the next scan, and hope it is accurate?I was also told by my Endo. several times there were no side affects. I go take my radiation tomorrow, which usually makes me slightly nauseas, hope I make it for the scan stomach-wise, and to the take the radiation tomorrow as well. And by the way, I will not be getting pregnant again to take any chances on the Thyrogen, or with the risks. I was also made to feel like a dredge of society for accidentally becoming pregnant by my Endo. I was lucky to have 4 children with hypothyroid, and then carcinoma anyhow. I feel fortunate

buy Thyrogen

Please, can you infom me haw can I buy Thyrogen?
I am from Argentina, my social security do not buy it for me, and my doctor prescribe me.
I will apreciate eny information
Thanks a lot
Patricia Romero


I was just wondering, about the shot the doctor has told me that my body won't asorb my synthroid, an so now she has recommended I see a specialist to be put on the shots. Please Let me know something

Throgen Injection and Synthroid

I have a question I just had a radioactive iodine tracer and Whole body scan using throgen injection. I was off my synthroid for almost 7 weeks. I started to get very weak. My blood pressure dropped and I could hardly function. I was told three days later about the results of my scan not a trace of cancer. First of all I do not have a thyroid and had tall cell varient of papillary carconomia in the nect structure.

I started my synthroid back and the third day I have symptons of dizzness and dis oriented. Is that from going back on the synthroid or is that side affects from the thyrogen? I really had a rough time. I don't remember having this much trouble when I had the first treatment other than being a little tired. Why so much trouble now. I just need to know why I am feeling so miserable

thyrodine injections

tomorrow, monday, june 20, will be my first thyrogen injection. i'm a
little nervous since this is my first time. Hopefully, it wont be as bad as going into withdrawals for several weeks. That feeling is hell!!
Wish me luck tomorrow morning - everything is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. everyday this week - shot monday at 10:00; shot tuesday at 10:00;RAI pill at 10:00 wednesday - thursday they say i'm off but i have to give myself
some kind of laxative on that day - Friday WBS at 10:00 and Thyroglobulin testing done at quest. This will be a week from hell!! Has anyone gone through this and had any symptoms? please let me know.

No Subject

I had a total thyroidectomy two years ago and have had several occcasions where I've been taken off synthroid to go "hypo". Now, I'm preparing for another whole body scan as well as I131 treatment and I refuse to be taken off synthroid again! It's horrible, horrible, horrible. I am taking the thyrogen shots this time and will never allow myself to go without my meds. The cancer was the easy part; being hypo for two months was a nonstop nightmare.


I have read alot of the posts and I too had the shot on Monday and Tuesday; swallowed the pill on Wednesday. I was told by my endo that Thursday and Friday would be full scans and to go for bloodwork immediately following the scan on Friday. Why 2 scans before even knowing if there was a problem? Is two scans normal?

On Thursday, unlike most of the posts, I had a full body scan and it showed white markings and when I asked the girl is that cancer?..She replied well, it may be "uptake" since the markings were in the intestines and we will see what tomorrow's scan shows and all this may be gone.

Ok, today, Friday this scan was exactly the same and even had some white areas towards the top of the screen. I asked about those and she said, oh it's normal to see that in the sinus area. I asked what about the intestines lookin gthe same and she said...your doctor will explain next week.

GRRRRR....any ideas or help is greatly appreciated here...

stop synthroid

I am on the low iodine diet. I am expecting to start thyrogen on April 28. When do I stop taking my synthroid. I thought I still had to stop for just a bit. Thanks!

Thyrogen - Delivery Time?

My wife is due for her first annual radiodine scan after a complete thyroidectomy for a papilary carcinoma. Her doctor wants to use a Thyrogen based treatment schedule. We've reviewed the drug and it's side effects and they seem lees than not being on Synthroid. What we are concerned with is that her doctor told us that he would schedule her for the Thyrogen shots after the drug arrived, which could "take a while". My wife has enough anxiety already from the Synthroid so we'd like to know how long did it take your doctor to schedule your Thyrogen shots? We've been waiting two weeks already to hear back from her doctor.

Thyrogen Shots

I just had my second injection this morning and have some nausea. I did it the old way once and it was extremely difficult; terrible is actually a better word for it. I'm grateful for thyrogen, any physical symptoms I experiance will not last long. I hope all of you have as little discomfort as possible during your scanning procedure. Hang in there.

Thyrogen injections

I'm embarking on my sixth annual whole-body scan for papillary carcinoma this week; thankfully, they've all been clear. I've gone the thyrogen-injection route, never have gone off my Synthroid, and am very pleased. I usually experience a little nausea throughout the week, but it's not teribly severe and it has to be better than becoming hypothyroid!

Thyrogen scan

This is the 2nd time I have undergone the Thyrogen injections and scan. First in 12/05 and currently in 12/06.

I had thyroid cancer in 12/04 and they removed my thyroid, it took them 5 months to get my TSH back to normal levels so I could go back to work, I cannot even imagine going off of my Synthroid, if I miss one day it takes me 2 to catch back up and feel better!

I have had absolutely NO side effects from the Thyrogen injections. I think it is the best thing they ever invented. I can work and still do the injections, so much better than the alternative!!

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