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    Brand Name:Velcade
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2003-05-13 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
Intravenous Injections
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About Velcade

Velcade is a chemotherapy medicine (a medicine used to kill cancer cells) that is indicated for the treatment of patients with:

  • Multiple myeloma who have already been treated with at least one other type of chemotherapy medicine
  • Mantle cell lymphoma who have already been treated with at least one other type of chemotherapy medicine

Velcade should not be the first chemotherapy medicine that is used to treat multiple myeloma or mantle cell lymphoma.

Velcade has been shown to increase the response rate, time to disease progression, and survival for patients with myeloma who have progressed on one or more prior therapies.

Side Effects of Velcade

Some common side effects with Velcade include:

  • fatigue, tiredness, weakness
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • decreased appetite
  • constipation
  • decreased blood counts
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • anemia
  • dizziness

For more detailed information about Velcade, ask your healthcare provider.

Who Should Not Take Velcade

Do not use Velcade if you are allergic to bortezomib, boron, or mannitol.

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Recent Forum Posts on Velcade


Hi, i have myeloma the light chain variant & have been on Velcade for 5-6cyclrs 2x over the past year & 1/2. My Dr has always given it to me with a steriod drug called decadron or dexamethasone. My Dr says it helps deliver the velcade to system & kill the cancer. Both times this treatment has worked for me. This 2nd time around I was only taking injections of velcade which has dropped the neuropathy down to almost nothing. I use to feel the pain & tingling numbness for 2 days after Infusions of velcade but in 7/2011 a report was released that injections of velcade were approved & showed that the neuropathy side effects had been cut in half. If you are going to try velcade do in by injection. I do mine injection in my stomach one time a week. I take 8mg of dexamethsone orally (pills) right when I get my injection. Untold the standard treatment is a stem cell transplant. I harvested my cells a year ago but Im not fully convinced a stem cell transplant is right for me. It will either work or not. My concern is how it might make me sick & set me up for infection. My myeloma was caught early thru a routine dental xray which showed a tumor in my right lower jawbone, i was sent for a biopsy which showed plasmacytoma cells, then sent to the oncologist who ran tests & did a bone marrow biopsy. It showed 40% infiltration & i was immediatelt put on velcade dex cytoxan by infusion 2x a week. In 2 months it dropped to less than 5% infiltration& my dr now follows my myeloma by watching my kappa light chain count taken every month. It was 2,968 when 1st diagnosed at 38 yrs old on 6/16/2010. My kappa dropped to 42.2 for harvesting cells & went back up to 317 in July 2011 so my Dr put me back on infusion except velcade which is now injections but 1x weekly for 5 cycles now I'm on just the velcade & dex pills 1x weekly. My kappas are at 60 & my Dr is pushing me to do SCT but my heart started beating too fast a month ago & im told i need an ablation procedure whichmay be caused by the chemo drugs. Cytoxan is very strong too so it maybe all of the drugs. I'm a female in Alaska. There's no where here to get the transplant so I have to fly out of state & cannot return until 100 days after transplant due to high chance of infection flying back here. I wish the transplant doctors would come up here & make it possible for us to not have to leave our homes family churches & supports. Please let me know if stem cell transplant (if you know) are the right choice or if it worked. The newset studies 11/2011 show that many Dr do not feel it is necessary & the maintanence drugs are the best way to deal with myeloma. If you take velcade take it by injection & my Dr says it works best with dexamethsone. Good luck!!

Severe neuropathy from Velcade

On relapse of mantle cell lymphoma, used Velcade for 4-1/2 rounds of Day 1, 4, 8, and 11 with 10 days off between rounds. Complained of neuropathy in legs and oncologist failed to heed the warnings and proceeded. The Velcade did not work on the mantle cell and now the neuropathy in legs and feet is almost unbearable even after doubling up on pain medication. Be cautious of first signs of neuropathy and STOP immediately.

Velcade side effects

My father is being treated with Velcade and is experiencing considerable side effects. They include what has been described so far (fatigue, pain in various parts of the body (neuropathy), fever and strong anemia. Worrisome is his loss of appetite and his persistent diarrhea, which has made him very weak. Are there any additional medications that could help in reducing this? Are there any known effects on the liver, the kidney or the stomach?
Tank you.

Mantle Cell Lymphoma

(April 13, 2006) I am looking for any information about the drug Velcade for the treatment of relapsed Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I understand that it is beginning phase III but I am looking for people who were involved in the phase I and II clinical trials. How successful was the treatment? Thanks

No Subject

My first round of Velcade (8 shots over a 2-week
period, followed by 10 days witout chemo) was relatively
mild. Indifference to food, fatigue and occasional
constipation were the most notable symptoms.

Round 2 of Velcade produced the same lethargy and occasional
loss of appetite, but by far the worst problems were pains
in the legs. These were scarcely noticeable during the
day hours, when I was active, but at their worst in the
middle of the night. After 4-5 hours of good sleep came
severe pains that caused me to toss and turn, without relief,
the rest of the night. Advil helped, and I took it about
every 4 hours. Pain was a keen, burning sensation from hips
to feet, and often seemed to center in the knees. It could
be described as similar to "careless leg" syndrome -- only
much more painful.

The nightime pains described started to ease off after two
weeks, during which time I felt frustrated and unable to be
comfortable in any position. On one occasion I got out of
bed and slept the remainder of the night in a cushy chair.

Velcade and RLS

I have just finished my third cycle of Velcade treating multiple myeloma, Lambda Light Chain. I had a remarkable clinical response after the first cycle but now the cancer is progressing again. The worst side effect for me is exaserbation of Restless Legs Syndrome which I have had a serious case for years. I take Mirapex to control it, but even at high dosage I am having severe episodes. Does anyone have this problem? Also, I am thinking of adding low dose oral cytoxin to the Velcade to increase the efficacy. Has anyone done that?


I'm on my 3 round of 4 treatments so far its looking good for me,,,i would encourage anyone that has MM to take Velcade I've had no serious side effects,,hoping for a few years without any kind of chemo

peripheral neuropathy

My Grandpa started Velcade about 2 months ago and the treatment is going extremely well in the respect of side affects, except for that of peripheral neuropathy. On the night 24 hours after a Velcade treatment(which my grandpa states is 2.5mg/ml, not the stated 3.5mg) my grandpa has severe pain from mid-thigh to his ankles which recedes after about two hours from waking. My question is if this pain could be aggravated by a decrease in circulation of the blood as would occur after sleeping for two hours. And if so could this pain be combated with compresion stalkings.


my husband Larry has multiple myeloma and plasma cell lukemia.he ,has had chemo, plus a stem cell transplant in London,Ont .we are going on 3 years of treatment .he relapsed a year after stem cell transplant ,he had 5 cycles of Velcade ,went in remission after 2 cycles ,had to stop after 5 cycles has neuropthy in his legs still has it after 5weeks off the Velcade takes advil 600 mg and gabapentin .does anyone have a drug that will help with the neuropathy i'd appreciate it ,,,velcade does put you in remission it is the side effects that can be bad ,,thanks Diane

No Subject

My father just began Velcade yesterday for treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma, he is in a clinical trial. We are hopeful that it will be helpful for him. Currently, he is very weak, has lost his appetite and has diarrhea. We had understood that this drug did not have severe side effects, so do not know if his symptoms are from the disease or the treatment. Can anyone relate?




My name is Julie. I live in canada and I am 43 years old . I have Multiple Myaloma . I have had chemo and radiation and a transplant . Now I have plasma cells growing in soft tissue on the left side of my body and I would love a chance to be able to take velcade.I have tried Thalidamide and it makes the end of my fingers and toes numb . It scares me to think that it has caused nerve damage.Mind you drugs affect people differently.I am hoping this drug become available in Canada.

Thanks for reading

Availablity of Velcade

My dad is suffering from Multiple Myeloma and now he is recomended Velcade for Chemotherepy, Velcade is not available here in India can any one help us to get the medicine. or give us the contact no's of the company who supplies Velcade. We shall be thankfull .


do you lose your hair using velcade?

my dad

is diagnosed with waldenstom's macroglobulinemia & is part of a clinical trial in saskatoon sask canada & has had 2 treatments as recommended by his doctor....i understand this drug has been trialed in the us for 2 yrs now but is not yet accepted in canada....i'm concerned as i can't find any recent info on the internet regarding velcade's success or even the expected survival rate of wm....where can i go for more info?

No Subject

I am an employee with the Cabinet for Families and Children. I have a client that is currently taking the drug Velcade. Her medical assistance has been discontinued and she has no way of getting the treatment. I have contacted several agencies trying to get this lady help. Do you have any suggestions.
Thank you
Deborah McIntosh
Family Support Spec III
Owsley County
PO Box 308
Booneville, KY 41314
606 593 5133

No Subject

My husband died from multiple myeloma Aug. 2003. He had had a stem cell transplant and had 16 real good months and then his myeloma returned with a vengence. We were searching for a treatment for him when we were notified of velcade. He was able to receive only 2 or 3 trearments when his kidneys failed. He was starting kidney dialysis and he developed a staf. infection from a faulty proceedure and about a week later he decided he was too ill to continue his fight with myeloma and several days later he died. He fought a courageous battle. He was diagnosed with myeloma in 1989.


My mom was treated with velcade for non hodgkins lymphoma. She has experienced severe side effects with neuropathy in her legs. Yes the pain has eased but still struggles with it along with restless leg and arm syndrom. This is 15 months after last treatment. She was diagnosed in 1999 with Pulmonary Fibrosis and had breathing problems during the whole time she was treated with Velcade. She has since in 9 months steadily gone down hill with IPF. Could this be caused from Velcade treatments? Has anyone else experienced breathing problems or difficulty while on these treatments?

No Subject

My Mom has just finished her first course of Velcade for Waldenstrom's. Does anyone know how long it takes to tell if it has worked?

No Subject

Does anyone know the cost of this drug? How do you get it, from the lab or in the regular pharmacy? The doctor said that my mam will need it but her insurance does not cover it. I would really apreciate any advice.

Thanks a lot!

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