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    Brand Name:Visudyne
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2000-04-12 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
QLT Photo Therapeutics, Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
Intravenous Injections
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About Visudyne

Visudyne is used to treat certain forms of age-related macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a condition resulting in vision loss. Visudyne is a two-step treatment of injected drug plus red laser light.

Side Effects of Visudyne

  • Headache
  • Injection site reaction, such as oozing and rash
  • Vision changes, such as blurred vision, reduced visual sharpness
  • Sunburn

Who Should Not Take Visudyne

You should not be given Visudyne if you are allergic to certain pigments called porphyrins or have a medical condition called porphyria (a disorder of the metabolism that can lead to sensitivity to light).

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Recent Forum Posts on Visudyne

No Subject

After a treatment using visdyne My father-in-law experienced severe stomach pain. Is this a sid effect or something different?


Last week my father was injected with visudyne.During the injection he began having severe chest pains. 911 was called and he was rushed to the hospital. After 2 days and stress tests, he is now home and healthy.
His stress test showed no blockage. So I wonder why the reaction? He has had this treatment several times before, with no adverse reaction.


back pain

We have numerous patients in our practice that develop back pain about half way into the infusion. This resolves about the time the laser is done. It is quite severe in some people and we have been premedicating them with Vicodin 1 hour prior to the infusion. One of my physicians has heard about giving something like xylocaine with the infusion. I have not been able to find any information on this. Have any trials been done or is anyone trying anything that has been successful?


I have my first treatment about 3 weeks ago. Ever since, I have been experiencing all over body itching. Has anyone else experienced this? I am not sure if that is what caused it.


Side effects

Since the end of 2003 I am treated by M.D. for macular degeneration
For the past three treatments I dvelpopped a leukopenia (WBC 2500) and a slight degree of anemia.
I am interested to find out if these side effects could be due to Visudyne since every time that I had the treatment was followed by a significant drop of WBC.You mention as a side effect anemia and decrease of WBC.What the percentage of these findings in the people treated?Does that mean to discontinue temporarly or prmanent the RX.???
I would appreciate receiving more data about this medicine
.Thank you
Dr. Liciu Schonfeld,M.D.
Tel 1212 772 0492 Fax 1212 772 2965

No Subject

Have had one treatment,second one tomorrow.had non side effects except for everything was so bright but that left me.I stuck to what the doctor said to do.Stayed out of the sun & Florecent lighting for 48 hours.


my mother was injected by visudyna since 17 days and she didnot see clear but before the injection she was seeing clear i want to know if that un clear vision will stay forever or it from the side effect only and it will disappear? and how much time it will take to disappear?


how long will the blurred vision stay in the visudyne patient?


Would visudyne help CRVO (central retinal vein occlusion?
Thank you, Carol.


This is my second PDT with Visudyne and only the first day did I have blurred vision in the treated eye. Vision cleared later the same day but was okay the second day. hope it works to curb the drusens.(those little devils)

No Subject

May mother needs that treatement where I can buy the medicament at the lowest price. Here in Perú it cost around US$ 1500 per inyection.
Any news would be really appreciate.
José Avila


My father has developed severe myopathy (muscle deterioration and weakness) since his Visudyne treatment 3 years ago, with no clear diagnosis about whether these symptoms are related. Any one know if this is a side effect? Dr. doesn't want to consider this as a side effect...

No Subject

I have experienced varicose veins and flu like systems. Will this leave me or is this permanent.

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