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    Brand Name:Xopenex
    Generic:Levalbuterol Hydrochloride
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
1999-03-25 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Sepracor Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
Inhalation Solution
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About Xopenex

Xopenex is used to treat or prevent narrowing of the airways (bronchospasm) in patients 6 years of age and older with reversible obstructive airway disease, e.g., asthma.

Precautions for Xopenex

If you currently have, or have had a history of the following conditions, your health care provider will evaluate you to decide if Xopenex is right for you:

  • heart disease, (e.g., reduced heart circulation, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat)
  • seizures
  • high levels of thyroid hormone
  • diabetes
  • reactions to medications similar to Xopenex

Side Effects of Xopenex

Side effects of Xopenex may depend on the dose. Xopenex may result in a temporary increase in heart rate, tremors, or nervousness.

Who Should Not Take Xopenex

You should not take Xopenex if you have had any type of reaction to medicines containing levalbuterol or albuterol.

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Recent Forum Posts on Xopenex

newborn/infant 3 month old xopenex

newborn/infant 3month old xopenex My 3 month old was prescribed xopenex. I'm waiting 8-10 hours between treatments and maybe only half the vial. I am holding the nebulizer mouthpiece about 2-3 inches away fom his mouth and nose. It is making him squirmy, suppressing his hunger and he is not sleeping well. 1-Are there alternative treatments that don't affect his appetite at least? 2-Does anyone know if diluting the xopenex with water is ok? 3-Is this drug for relief only or will it actually accelerate his well being?

Really Concerned

my son was diagnosed with bronchitis when he was 3 months old. his doctor prescribed albuterol. after about a month the doctor said that he was too young to be diagnosed with asthma and that hopefully he will outgrow it. she then prescribed him to take pulmicort and xopenex. he has to take the pulmicort twice a day and xopenex every 4-6 hours. he has been taking the pulmicort and xopenex since around october of last year....and he still does not sound or feel any better. he has also been on oral steroids and z-cof. i really like the doctor but could this maybe be too much medicine for my baby boy? and if he is taking all of this medication why isnt helping?:confused:

Xopenex and Pulmicort

My daughter is 6 years old and has Asthma and is on a daily regimen of Advir. However, a recent flair up caused us to treat with Xopenex and Pulmicort. We were once told that we should not mix, but rather use one then the other using the nebulizer. Which one should we use first? Pulmicort is a steroid type drug and Xopenex opens the airways...shouldn't we then use Xopenex first. My wife and I have differing opinions.


can this cause significant tachycardia into the 140's?
I have pateint very conerned that something cardiac may occuring.

Xopenex & Pulmicort Respules

I have been perscribed Pulmicort Respules and Xopenex for my asthma. It works very well but I don't have insurance and am can not afford $150.00 per week for this medication. What do I do? I can't afford the medicine and can't breath without it.

infant 5 mos

Does anyone know if this drug is safe for infants?? My son just started this medicine due to bronchial pneumonia. From what I am seeing it has been helping him get better and his breathing has become a lot more clearer, but I am concerned because I read that it causes you heart rate to speed up. This is very scary to me and I don't know if him being on this medicine is really necessary. He is so young, I am not sure about it. Is there anyone who would have more info about this or an opinion??


worried mom


Question (re-phrased!)

My previous question was not correct. I intended to ask about possible solid precipitate raining-out in the nebulizer when Xopenex is mixed with a corticosteroid...NOT with Albuterol.
Thanks again!


Has anyone experienced any level of solid precipitate in the hand-held nebulizer when Xopenex is mixed with or added to Albuterol or other bronchodilator?
Thank You!

yeast infection

Can Xopenex cause vaginal yeast infection. ????

No Subject

We are wondering if anyone has experienced an increase in hyperactivity and aggressivenss, or uncontrolled behavior when his/her child has taken xopenex. Perhaps these behaviors are related to our child being sick at the time. Would love a response. Also xopenex is not FDA approved for children under 12 but our child is 6 and it has been prescribed to him. I know other children this age must be using the same drug. Please respond.


I want to know If my mother will be able to take this medication with all the other medication she is taking because, of the emphyma. Sincerely Danae DeRiggi.

Xopenex and Pulmicort

My 4 year old son has been using a combination of these medications for the last year or so. I noted in most of the literature I've been reading that the youngest age of use is 6. Should I have some concerns? Are there any side effects from prolonged use. He uses Pulmicort daily (and during the spring/summer he also uses Singulair)

Xopenex and weight

Has anyone had a weight gain since they have been on xopenex?I'm not sure if this is the med doing it or something else?

3 year old

What do you think of a 3 year old taking Xopenex, and pulmicort and flonaise and Zyrtec? My step daughter has supposedly been prescribed all of this medication for allergies and asthma. She is so overmedicated all the time and her home is filthy. What do you think all of these medicines can be doing to her at the age of 3. Should I be concerned?
Help! Please respond.

No Subject

Does anyone else have an infant 1 mont old that has been prescribed Xopenex?

Black Tongue

The doctor prescribed Xopenex and Pulmicort to be used in a nebulizer for my 7 month old grandson. They use the Xopenex during the day and for the evening treatment, she told them to combine the Pulmicort with Xopenex. I have several concerns: 1. The instructions say for 6 yrs & older. 2. The Pulmicort says "Do not combine with any other medications". 3. Since being on this, my grandson has developed a black tongue - only towards the back of his throat. The doctor said in 25 years she has never seen this. Has anyone else? She did a culture, at our insistence, and said it is not a fungus, but did not have any other explanation for what it is.

Asthma med use

My son is 3 and started with asthma at 4 months old due to RSV. Needless to say I have a lot of trial and error with different meds. The albuterol does not agree with him, it made him go into a hyper-almost seizure-like state. The singulair made him extremely aggresive, and after a while started to do the same thing. (Although it worked for preventing wheezing, of course we stopped it)
So what we use... The Xopenex works well enough but still makes him aggressive and hyper but can take it. It definately takes away his appetite. He refuses to eat barely anything and is so difficutlt. Normally an easy going kid. The flovent we just started using with a chamber instead of pulmicort with a nebulizer, I think is also too strong becuase it is also making him aggresive. I think I will go back to using the pulmicort, but this seemed to possibly cause sinus trouble last year.
I know how frustrating this is. It's absolutely gut wrenching to see your baby, or little one laying there at night trying to breathe and his stomach sucking in with all those noises. One thing I highly recommend is to purcahse a stethoscope and learn how to use it!!! The wheezing sounds like a whistle or creaking whenever the breath comes out. It should sound like air flow in and out. Just like your breath. If you dont hear air coming out, that could mean pnuemonia. But you have to listen carefully, dont confuse stomach sounds with chest sounds. Ask your pediatrician to show you and it could save a lot of dr. visits! God Bless you and your little ones. Best of luck!

pulmicort use for 9 year old girl

BTW, my sons asthma specialist who is highly respected in his field from CHildren's hospitol of pgh. tells me I can start the pulmicort whenever someone else is sick in the house or my son starts with a cold. HE HAS VIRAL ASTHMA NOT ALLERGIES> Also, he has not had an attack all summer, but has had two this fall wich were handled this way. If your daughter has allergies it may be different for her. If it is not allergy season, I would personally take her off the pulmicort. If she gets a flare up or cold, quickly put her back on temporarily till better.Even though it does take at least 24 hrs to get into the system, and 1-2 weeks to work at full strenght, she isnt wheezing all the time. If she does start wheezing use the albuterol or Xopenex to control it every 4-6 hrs, decreasing use as gets better. This prevents using the oral steroid,of course only if the attack is not too severe. Be cautious of overuse of Xopenex, it can be detrimental to the heart. He told me it was safe to use it for the week (4-5x's the first day or two every 4 hrs., 4-3 times the second or third day, and then 1-2 times last couple days, es. before bed and upon rising.) adjust to less as needed. If this does not work with her, then she needs to be on the pulmicort all the time, until maybe she has a growth spurt then you can try again.

No Subject

I have been perscribed pulmicort and xopenex for my 9yr old girl. She dosent have attacks too often. Do you think I can leave off the pulmicort? I am not too keen on unnecesary meds. Colleen

Xopenex in Infants

Our pediatrician just prescried Xopenex for our one-year old son. He does not have asthama, but rather bronchitis. I was looking through the literature, and seem to find that the FDA has only sanctioned the use of this drug n children over 6 years old. Can anyone comment on the legality/ethics/common medical practice of something like this?

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