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    Brand Name:Zetia
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2002-10-25 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
MSP Singapore Company, LLC.
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Zetia

Zetia is a medicine used to lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood. It is used for patients who cannot control their cholesterol levels by diet alone. It can be used by itself or with certain other medicines to treat high cholesterol.

You should stay on a cholesterol-lowering diet while taking this medicine. Zetia works by reducing the amount of cholesterol your body absorbs. Zetia does not help you lose weight.

Side Effects of Zetia

Side effects include:

  • stomach pain
  • tiredness
  • muscle problems. Very rarely, patients have experienced severe muscle problems while taking Zetia, usually when Zetia was added to a statin drug. If you experience unexplained muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness while taking Zetia, contact your doctor immediately. You need to do this promptly, because on rare occasions, these muscle problems can be serious, with muscle breakdown resulting in kidney damage.
  • allergic reactions, including swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat that may cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing, rash and hives.
  • joint pain

Who Should Not Take Zetia

Do not take Zetia if you are allergic to ezetimibe, the active ingredient in Zetia, or to any of the inactive ingredients in Zetia.

Do not take Zetia with other cholesterol-lowering medicines called statins if you have active liver disease.

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Recent Forum Posts on Zetia

Stopped Zetia

I have takenZetia for 5 years with no side effects. About 2 weeks ago my PCP told me he had gone to a conference with some very high respected cardiologists and found out that Zetia does not have the effect on the heart and cholestera that many MD'S originally thought. My Dr. Took me off of Zetia last week, in the last 2 days my lower legs are killing me and feel very weak. Has anyone else stopped this medication and had these side effects? My Dr. Also told me to take 4 fish oil capsules daily.

dry mouth

been on zetia for 6 months find my mouth is so dry all the time,has anyone else had this

nausea/general malise

I was on Zetia along with Zocor for about 3 mo. and experienced flu like symtoms. Had elevated liver enzimes and was taken off both until I returned to normal. Am now taking Zetia only for about 3 weeks and am experiencing just the past 3 days a general sick feeling. Nausea, and no apetite. Not quite the same as before....has anyone experienced nausea. I also have a small amount of leg cramps, usually upon waking.

No Subject

I have been on lipitor for 4 years and wans't getting great resuluts in lowering my cholesterol. I was put on zetia in May and my cholesterol is down to 144. However, the amount of muscle and bone pain that I have experienced over the past 6 weeks isn't worth staying on these drugs. I thought I was dying. I had no energy and was in excrciating pain every day. I went to a neurologist and a rheumatologist and all they wanted to do was give me more drugs. I quit taking lipitor and zetia 10 days ago and feel 90% better. Hopefully, I won't have any long term side effects that the doctors fail to tell consumers about when prescribing all theses wonder drugs to us. I will find a cholesterol lowering agent on my own.

Shoulder pain/irregular heartbeat

I have been on Zetia for about 6 months now. I had to discontinue Lipitor because of muscle soreness, muscle loss, and loss of strength. 2 months ago, I came up with a fairly bad irregular heartbeat (PVC). Since May, I have had terrible pain in my right shoulder. I thought it was bursitis, but after reading these comments, I wonder. The pain is horrible. I would like to know if anyone else has developed an irregular heartbeat since taking Zetia ... or Lipitor, for that matter. Last year, though I had muscle soreness, etc., I felt the best I had since I was a teenager. Now, I feel the worst. My hair is thinning, too. And my skin seems to be losing elasticity VERY quickly. I know all these are signs of age -- just turned 38 -- but all at once and as quickly as this? I'm suspicious of the Zetia. Anyone relate?


I left a message here on 8/14 when I had just stopped the Zetia. I have about 70% less pain now than I was experiencing while taking it. I was on the Zetia since May and hadn't gotten side effects till July. It started with back pains and then I had shoulder pains (when I laid on my sides to sleep) that were so bad I felt like I dislocated my shoulder!! The pains would decrease once I got up and moved around. Then the pains moved down to my waist, and abdomen and were there throughout the night- making it difficult to sleep (even w/pain medication). My abdomen seemed so sore EVERY morning that I could barely pull myself out of bed to get up. I started physical therapy which felt good but the pains never stopped through the night until I stopped Zetia. I still have some deep, sore achyness but its so much better than when I was on the pills. They say about 4% will have reactions to the drug - I guess I am one of the 4%!! All I know is I had NEVER experienced pain like that before. Debbie


I started taking Zetia in May. For the past month I have had really severe pains across my back and especially my lower back. It feels so sore when I wake up. It seems to be most painful thru the night, even though I take the pill in the morning. Waking up I feel like I am bruised as my back is just so sore.I went to the doctor and no-one seems to feel that Zetia is the cause of my pain. Xrays of my back show I have scoliosis from neck to mid back...but I NEVER had this kind of pain for 51+ yrs.
They started me on physical therapy but now reading websites, I am DEFINATELY beginning to feel it may be from Zetia. Has anyone stopped the pill and had their pain stop as a result??? I have been off it for 2 days so its too early to tell. Thanks, Debbie

zetia, zocor and nightmares

Aboout 1 month ago, My endo switched me from lipitor 20mg to zocor 40mg and combined zetia 10 mg with it. Almost immeadiately, I began to have violent frightening dreams and or nightmares EVERY night! Can the med be causing this? Has anyone else had this type of side effect?

Zetia and Sex function

I hawe been taking zetia with Lopid 600 mg plus exercise and diet for 6 months and Zetia seemed to be doing very well. I did the blood test every 3 months and the results coming with total cholesterol at 180, HDL 55, LDL 110, Triglycerine 160 and improving. I did feel no apparent side effects. However, for the past month I now have starting to affected my sex function and I felt that it may have been caused by the Zetia. Anyone experienced similar side effects? thanks

Zetia side effects

I have been taking Zetia for about 6 weeks. I started getting muscle type pain across my lower back 2 weeks ago. I stopped the Zetia as of yesterday to see if the pain goes away. If it does, I will start the Zetia again to see if the pain returns.
Anyone else have a similar problem?

Children & Zetia

My 9 year old has been on Zetia for about three months. She has had no side effects that I have observed. She is due for blood work and we will find out if Zetia has lowered her LDL. I will post the results.

Zetia rx for child

Apparently Zetia is the only cholesterol lowering drug approved for use in childen. My 9 year old has very high LDL that has not responded to diet & exercise. I will start her on 10mg Zetia daily and watch for side effects. I will post again after 6 weeks to inform everyone of any side effects in children and whether it's working to lower her cholesterol.


I started zetia about 10-12 days ago along with pravachol. I have had leg cramps, toe cramps and pain across my back (shoulder area and lower back).
My biggest concern has been my sugar levels. Type 2 Diabetes....My numbers have skyrocketed since I started these meds. Doctors says it shouldn't happen. I am stopping both of them tonight and will start checking to see if the numbers go down. They have been 250-300 with each test...Way too high.....only change has been the meds.
Anyone else have any problems with sugar numbers??


I have been on zetia for almost 4 months now,I have strong lower back pains neck and shoulders,and from my leggs up into my waste and stomach now,this is something I never had,I was tested and now my doctor is telling me that my kidneys are sluggish,another problem I never had.My last test everything was good,this drug has also affected my sex life,and just in the past couple weeks I have been experiencing pain in my Testicle and scrotum,I find now I have a lump the size of a golf ball there on one side,returning to the doctor tom. morning.I'm hoping for the best this has all become scary since I haven't had any problems until I started these pills.


hair loss,puffy face

I too am having hair loss but Zetia really works. My Dr. cut my Lipitor from 40 to 20 mg.
My distress is my puffy,swollen face. Almost moon like. I am on Toprol,Diovan HCT and aspirin also.
I don't have the courage to just discontinue medication but I will be bald soon if this keeps up and I hate the puffy face. Which is worse, side effects or elevated cholesterol and high B/P !!!

Zetia and Hair loss

I started started taking Zetia about 6 months ago. I had a perm and then my hair started falling out.I have aches and pains scalp itching,sore muscles,can't sleetp. i quit taking it for a month and started taking it ahain and everything stated agai. goodbye Zetia I don't think it was the perm but Zetia. Thank YOU


Does anyone write about the positive effects of Zetia or any other medication. Every drug has side effects and the benefit vs. risk has to be considered. If the side effects are intolerable then don't take the medication. Heart attacks are a quick alternative way to go but, I have noticed in the Emergency Department that I run, there are many worse problems related to the plaque ruptures that I see like: loss of limbs, strokes that are survived but disfigure and disable you for the rest of your life, blindness, etc. So, when you quit a med after three days because your tummy hurts, you might ask your physician or pharmasist if these are transient or you are one of the low percentage of people that should discontinue the medication. Just an observation from a new zetia patient. I will try it for a while and see what happens. If it sucks I will post my note...lol.


Have been taking Zetia for 3 mo's. I have not had any of the above mentioned side affects that I am aware of. My total cholesterol has come down 29 pts. triglycerides only 6 pts. I also take 6 Welchol when I remember. Don't know whether that is doing any good or not, or even if I should be taking them also. Am hoping when I have blood work done again in 3 mo's the numbers will be better. I am wondering why m HDL came down.


I took Zetia for about 14 mo. for elevated HDL/LDL. I started trainging for a Marathon in the Fall when I noticed very dark urin. I called the Dr. and She ordered a blook test. My test showed my CK levels to be 38,000 normal 100-200. I spent two days in the hospital. I had rhabdomyolysis or muscle myothpy. (break down of muscle tissue). After 9 mo of blood test a muscle biospy, and many Dr visits, I am unable to ever run again and have week arms. This drug has done something to my muscles that is not reversable. My Dr. is in the process of trying to get me an apt at the Mayo Clinic.

Allergic reaction to Zetia

Two weeks after I started Zetia I developed mouth ulcers and after six weeks developed an acute allergic rash, painful and itchy, from my neck to pelvis. My cholesterol numbers dropped dramatically, but I had to stop the drug. Has any experienced a similar reaction?

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