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    Brand Name:Zometa
    Generic:Zoledronic Acid
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2001-08-20 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
This drug is available in the following forms:
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About Zometa

Zometa is used to treat patients with high blood levels of calcium (hypercalcemia) caused by cancerous tumors. Zometa has not been studied in patients who have high blood levels of calcium caused by an overactive parathyroid gland or conditions not related to cancerous tumors.

Side Effects of Zometa

Some common side effects with Zometa include:

  • decreased kidney function
  • fever
  • flu-like symptoms consisting of fever, chills, and bone, joint or muscle pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • redness and swelling at the injection site
  • itching
  • chest pain
  • eye inflammation
  • low blood levels of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium

Who Should Not Take Zometa

Do not use Zometa if you are allergic to bisphosphonates or to any of the ingredients in Zometa.

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Recent Forum Posts on Zometa

Having flu syndrome reaction

My name is Jeanine. I have a question for any pharmacists out there. I received my first IV infusion of zometra 6-8 weeks ago. I have had 3 episodes of flu like syndrome 3 times since then. Each episode lasts of about 3 days. Can Zometra cause this repeated episodes of this problem after only one treatment? I am taking a once yearly treatment for osteoporosis. Will this side effect subside or how long could these episodes continue to recur? Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Zometa infusion

My Physision recommented the IV infusion of Zometa for osteoperoses.This is seposed to be good for a year. Would like to find out more about this.

side effects after years of use,suggested for my lifetime.

Taking zometa for the rest of my life concerns me. If I don't take it, that concerns me also.

I have metastatic breast cancer

I've been on zometa for over a year now and just recently I've started to experience things like chest pain, kidney pain, nausea, tijuana two step and I am always battling fatigue.

I also sometimes have problems with pitting edema. I am not sure what to do as my oncologist doesn't seem to hear my concerns. I love my oncologist, but sometimes I become frustrated because he seems too busy. He's much better than another oncologist I had and I don't want to give him up.

Zometa & Osteoporosis

I am told that Zometa taken once a year in an infusion (IV) can treat Osteoporosis. On the Internet, I only find Zometa as it is related to bone cancer. Does anyone know anything about Zometa and Osteoporosis or would anyone like to share their experience or knowledge?

Thank you.

zometa side effects

I have had 3 infusions for bone problems. They were about four weeks apart and the 3d was about ten days ago. I have had lymphoma for several
years and have had fracture in spine and several other fractures. I didn't have much problem with the first two infusions but the third was extreme -I had almost a week of agonizing bone pain. I get the zometa at the same time that I get rituxan for the lymphoma. I"m feeling somewhat
better now. Would like to hear from others also - I'd like some idea of what to expect. Thanks for bringing the subject
up, Ursula. Ann

Effect on kidneys

I have had four injections of Zometa because I have prostate cancer that has metastasised to the bones in my pelvic area. The involvement is not extensive at this time. I have affected lymph nodes in my right side that have caused my right kidney to stop functioning. How risky is it for me to continue Zometa injections with only one functioning kidney?

Jaw disorder?

I have received 2 doses of Zometa for early stage Multiple Myeloma.
However, after reading of cases of osteonecrosis of the jaw on the internet, I am reluctant to receive any more Zometa. Can this side effect occur in someone like me who has only received 2 treatments?

No Subject

Have taken one treatment of zometa in IV on April 14th, 2005.
Started having severe back pain within two days of treatment.
Am still having severe back pain.
So severe in fact that I am taking sometimes 2 vicadin every 4 hours.
Am due for another treatment on May 14th. Not sure I can take much
more of the pain that goes with it, if in fact the zometa is what is
causing the pain.


I took zometa for the first time today at 1:30 PM
at 4:30 PM all of a sudden I got really sick. Flue
like, dizzy, nausea, etc. It is 5:00 PM and I am still


I have prostate cancer. After taking lupron injections for 7 years the doctor suggested I start on Zometa and I refused. I am 82 years old. Is there anyone out there that has been taking luprone injections for this long and not taking zometa for the bones?

low back pain

I have been receiving monthly treatment of Zometa for over one year now. For six months, it was with taxol and Gemzar. Now, I am just taking Femara. However, recently, I have noticed that about four to five days after treatment I have been having low back pain that lasts about seven day. I have been treating it with ibuprofin 6-8 hundred milligrams every three to four hrs. This lasts about 7-10 days and then subsides so that I will be able to reduce the ibuprofin and then stop taking it. Is this a common side effect? Should I ask my oncologist about reducing the dosage? Thanks for your input.

Beverly Walker

zometa side effect

I have been on zometa for about almost 1 year AND i am begining to see some side effect to my eye sight my eye doctor told me that the muscle in my eye is not moving could this be the zometa i also take femara . has anybody exprenced any of this please let me know ok thank you audrey

Feeling Great!

My mom (84) has breast cancer that has spread to her bones. After one dose of Zometa she said she hasn't felt this great in years! Maybe it's psychological, but we'll take it!

Everything but the kitchen sink!

I had my first (and last!) yearly infusion of Zometa on 5/22/07. Woke the next morning with pain throughout my body. After several days of this, I went to my my doctor, who prescribed Percocet and 800 mg doses of ibuprofen and regaled me with tales of her own several-years-earlier very bad reaction to Zometa .

By 5/26, I had constant charley horses in my legs--was prescribed an antispasmodic, which helped immensely.

By 5/28, had pain in left eye, which soon spread to become a trying and persistent headache. Both eyes became inflamed, and I looked like I had tumors overhanging them (actually fluid-filled sacs). Developed double vision. Saw my ophthalmologist, who prescribed Patanol.

Suffered mild depression (not sure if that was a side effect or an emotional response to all my physical symptoms) and loss of appetite.

Am finally feeling reasonably normal (the double vision began to clear about a week ago), and am 10 pounds lighter, which I didn't need.

Will have to decide what to do for my arimidex-incurred osteoporosis next May. Scary. Don't want anything in the Zometa family for obvious reasons, and want to avoid anything with a long half-life, like Fossomax (10 years!), as it would be just my luck to tempt the ONJ thing to come my way!

To be fair, my extreme reaction to Zometa was apparently quite rare. Both my infusion folks and my oncologist say they routinely give Zometa with no ill effects.

Bone pain

I have had two monthly treatments of Zometa. I experienced flu symptoms, breathlessness and coughing which eventually subsided but the most lasting symptom seems to be severe pain, inflammation and swelling in one ankle.


my husband has had one dose of zometa for early stage multiple myeloma and has experienced fever up to 102 for two days, chills, decreased appitite, weakness and general malaise. the dr. said that these were unusual side effects. he has been sick since he recieved this medication and this is the only med. that he had recieved. he does'nt plan on taking it again.

Zometa side effects

My mother has just received Zometa IV 4 mg whilst in hospital for osteoporosis. Just prior to this infusion my mother had been unwell however had certainly improved and was to have zometa and then be discharged. Unfortunately my mother has become extremely ill, fatigue (extreme), increased sweating confusion and GI upsets. Additionally there has been considerable fluid retention not only in her feet but progressing up to her groin (lasix was given to reduce the fluid). It has been a week since the infusion and she has not significantly improved. Although my mother appears to be hypersensitive to this medication I seriously am concerned about the negative effects of this drug. Her overall health has deteriorated and I only hope that as the days progress that there will be some improvement as in her case which is not always the case the negatives have certainly out weighed any positives.

No Subject

How long do the side effects of Zometa last after taking it?

Zometa side effect

Why are my hands and feet, wrists and ankles stiffening and tunnels for my tendons to these areas plugging up? Two years ago I used Zometa, too. Same side effects. But, my new oncologist did not see these symptoms as a side effect, and put me on it anyway. I can't even move my right thumb.....

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