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    Brand Name:Zylet
    Generic:Loteprednol Etabonate, Tobramycin
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2004-12-14 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Bausch & Lomb
This drug is available in the following forms:
Opthalmic Suspensions/Drops
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About Zylet

Zylet is an eye drop medicine that is used to treat certain eye inflammation and where there is a bacterial infection of the eye or the chance of a bacterial infection in the eye. Zylet contains a corticosteroid medicine and an antibiotic medicine.

Zylet has not been approved for use in children

Precautions for Zylet

  • Call your healthcare provider right away if you have a change in vision, redness, swelling or inflammation, itching, or pain in the eye.
  • Call your healthcare provider if your signs and symptoms do not get better after 2 days of using Zylet.
  • Keep the Zylet eye dropper tip clean and do not allow it to touch anything.
  • Do not wear soft contact lenses when using Zylet because Zylet contains a preservative that is absorbed by soft contact lenses.

Side Effects of Zylet

Some common side effects with ZYLET include:

  • breakdown of the surface of the cornea in the eye
  • increased pressure in the eye
  • headache
  • burning and stinging of the eye
  • itching, swelling, and redness of the eye
  • other bacterial or fungal infections

Who Should Not Take Zylet

Do not use Zylet if you:

  • have an eye infection caused by a virus
  • have an eye infection caused by a fungus
  • have an eye infection caused by a bacteria called mycobacteria
  • Are allergic to corticosteroid medicines or to aminoglycoside antibiotics, or to any of the ingredients in Zylet
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