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    Brand Name:Zyvox
This drug was approved by the FDA in one form or another on:
2000-04-18 ,
This drug is made in one form or another by the following companies:
Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc.
This drug is available in the following forms:
Tablets, Oral Suspensions, and Injectables
View the actual FDA approved label for this drug at the following links:

About Zyvox

Zyvox is an antibiotic used to treat adults with certain bacterial infections. Zyvox does not work for viral infections (for example, the common cold).

Precautions for Zyvox

  • Phenylketonuric patients should not take Zyvox oral suspension because it contains phenylalanine (a part of aspartame). The other Zyvox formulations do not contain phenylalanine.
  • People taking Zyvox should avoid foods and beverages high in tyramine content. Health care professional can provide a list of foods and beverages containing tyramine.

Side Effects of Zyvox

The side effects of Zyvox are generally mild, but serious side effects including decreased number of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells (myelosuppression) have been reported in people receiving Zyvox since it became available.

Other side effects may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Nausea
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CAMRSA surviving

I've just been released from the hospital. I had the CAMRSA bacteria which caused pneumonia. I was first treated with levaquin IV antibiotics which didn't touch my fever. After 3 days I was then started on the Zyvox and it broke my fever. I was in the hospital for 10 days. I am now on the 600 mg Zyvox at home for 2 wks. Still no fever. I'm just extremely fatigued and having problems getting my lung back up to normal. Although, I had lots of prayers going up for me I know this Zyvox really has made a difference with me. Thanks:)

mrsa staph infection

I would like to know if Zyvox is used for the MRSA staph infection? Would it combat the infection better than vancomycin?


i developed osteomyelitis due to a simple knee surgery . now nine surgerys
and two attempts at IV antibiotics ( rocephine and vancyomicin ) later , my doctors have placed me on zyvox 600mgs. my side effects have been , chronic fatigue with occassional insomnia , loss of appetite and my back and shoulders have broken out severely with pimples . i am not sure as to the affect the antibiotic is having on my infection , which i have now had for over a year and half . i see my doctor this week and hopefully will be scheduling my last surgery to put back the total knee replacement i had to have done last february , but removed in may due to the infection being reactivated . good luck to all who share this common problem .


I was diagnosed with Acute Osteomyelitis Involving the Pelvic Region and Thigh. I was put on the IV zyvox twice a day for six days in the hospital and continued at home with the oral 600mg tablets twice a day. The infection responded immediately to the treatment. The pain was gone within 4 days. I have had problems with diarreah,nauesa and dizziness. I see the doctor today and hopefully can get some relief from the effects. I have only been on the medicine for 10 days.

weight gain

I had bowel resection surgery and developed an infection in theincision. The incision needed to be reopened and I was inthehi=ospital for another 2 weeks. Was sent home with slight fever and gaping wound. Visiting nurses came to dfo the packing and gradually the wound healed-except for three openings which would not heal for 10 months. I was given vancomycin IV in the hospital and I think I was allegeric to it as even a pic line became kinked within 24 hours and my arm swelled then they removed the pic line.

I went to the wound centers for 5 months every week and finally the DR. did a culture in the wounds and found I had severe MRSA infection. He prescibid zyvox which work wonderfully no nausea etc. I tooka 5 week course of zyvox. The only side effect I seem to have is the fact that I gained a great deal of weight right after I completed the medication. I was wondering if this was a side effect. I had lost almost 40 lbs in the hospital and for months after continued to lose weight.

I am struggling right now with the weight gain as the weight doesn't seem to want to go away-can anyone give me some help about this?>


My husband was hospitaized for 63 days. Diagnosis, was kidney infection
from that encountered ecoli in blood stream, after 6 weeks he still was not well, was told he has suspision of MRSA. Which I think you either
have it or not. Test done on heart, I was told he had Endocarditis .
After that he was treated 6 more weeks in hospital with vancomycin and
daptpmycin. I have been fight hospital for just straight answers. I had
fight long 2 week battle to keep him in hospital for the IV medications
every 6 hours. Hospital wanted me to give him IV meds at home. ( no way
with the history of infections and bacteria in his system.) Left hospital
with colon problem, that now doctors refuse surgery due to the problems
with last 4 nmonths of Infections and bacteria. Has anyone had these
problems that could offer suggestions or help.


In June, 2002 I had an attempted Fem-Pop bypass which was not successful due to arterial calcification. Due to arterial deficiency which goes along with it, the lowest incision would not heal and became infected with MRSA. The infection eventually progressed to the underlying bone. Everything was tried including 3 months of Vancomycin IV starting in October, 2003. Finally Zyvox was tried in February, 2003 for 6 weeks. The MRSA has not returned since then. Additionally, the wound finally started healing without constant infection interfering with the process. It has been a slow process but with the help of HBO therapy as well, they expect the wound to finish healing within the next 30 days. I too had anemia from the Zyvox, red, white and platelets all were very low. I had to spend 5 days in the hospital to get the blood counts back up where they belonged but I don't mind in the least. The doctors were at the point of suggesting amputation for fear the MRSA would spread further and kill me.

Hurray for Zyvox!!!!


After exhausting most antibiotics for use in presurgical procedures due to allergic reactions, Zyvox was the antibiotic given prior to a colonscopy procedure. I was given one 600mg tablet, one hour prior to the precedure and had no reaction to the drug. I am very pleased to find this new antibiotic for this and future use. I have had four mitral valve surgeries and subacute bacterial endocarditis.

No Subject

Please help me with a list of foods that I can and cannot eat while taking this drug.

No Subject

I have taken Zyvox for several weeks now. No adverse reaction. I had back surgery (3) times.They finally discovered the type of bacteria had ans perscribe Vancomicin. I was very aleregic to this. So far Zyvox has serve me well.


My mother who is 88 and had her spleen removed last year was hospitalized last week due to irregular heart rate and high blood pressure. The IV caused her arm to come red and sore. The infectious diseas/wound specialit examined her and felt hardness and a cord going up the arm. Although he really felt that there was no infection, she had two 600 mg rounds of zyvox. After the first round, she was nauseated and vomiting...this eased and after 12 hours she was given another dose. We left the hospital with Mother vomiting and having stomach cramps. The next day her primary physician prescribed an anti naseoua drug which helped some, but she was so very weak and still having some cramps, so two days after leaving the hospital, she was put back in due to high blood pressure and irregular heart beat and terrible weakness. It turns out the culture was negative and there was no infection to begin with. Does anyone know if you can become anemic after only two doses, how would it affect someone with no spleen? My mother is an unuaually active person under normal circumstances. S.P.

find out about medicine

I have had 5 surgeries and cann't get red of the staff infection, last surgery they open it up and left it open, have a rn daily to change the dressing and been on all kind of medicine, and allergic to pcn. I was hoping to see what the different in the medicine is. I hope this is the solution to the problem. Been dealing with the ifection since July, 2002.

zyvox and paxil

I have taken Zyvox for about 6 days. It seems like my stomach is raw similar to when I had an ulcer years ago. I have always had a spot or two of psorisis Or roacea. Usually a bit of cotisone creme has gotton rid of it but since vyox it seems to be spreading. I am also taking Paxil and my physician did not catch it. Thank you for your list of meds not to take with Zyvox.

Cost of zyvox

has anyone had problems with their insurance not paying for the zyvox? My dad contracted MRSA, was treated in the hospital with Vanocymcyin and given a prescription for Zyvox, which his insurance - Blue Cross- is refusing to pay???? Help!

zyvox side effects

I was diagnosed with MRSA after i had 5 large marble sized lumps d under my left arm. After they swelled up they caused pain all the way into my back and I couldn't put my arm down. I went to my doctor and he drained them which was EXTREMLY painful even after he numbed the area with 2 different medications. It was on a nerve which is why it hurt so much and I had to have the nurse help hold me down. It was the second time it had happend. They put me on Zyvox to help clear it up and thankfully it did. I'm also my thankful my insurance covered it as well. My 20 pill supply cost $1300. I did have side effects of bad taste and fatigue. I went to work and slept alot. But to have those lumps gone was a blessing. My nurse also suggested that I eat alot of yougurt with acidophilus in it to keep my body balance against yeast infections and diarrhea. I did have one horrible side effect of hair loss. I have to admit I FREAKED out! It would come out in clumps in the shower. I wore my hair up so i would't play with it or accidently pull out any more then was supposed to come out. The hair loss didn't happen untill almost 3 weeks after I fnished the medication. Don't worry about some of the side effects they go away!!!


I have had recurring boils for 16 months finally on zyvox for 4 weeks now and have experienced many many many pimples on my back shoulders and face, I have never had acne in my life and am 38 years old. I was wonderingif this was a side effect. My Dr says no.


I was on several antibiotics for a chest infection complicated by asthma. Nothing seemed to work and finally I was rushed to the hospital. I was placed on IV Zyvox and slowly over 8 days I got better. The diarhea began about the sixth day. It was very bad and could not leave the area near the bathroom. This didn't end for many days-maybe 10. It did cure the chest infection and I felt it continue to work even after I left the hospital.


I was hospitalized for acute necrotic pancreatitus brought on by a wayward gall bladder--along with my 4+ month stay came 3 surgeries, numerous fluid bi-opsies, pseudo cysts, drain tubes, J-tubes, etc,.,,,,,and of course lots of medications. During the 2nd sugery, someone in the OR prsented me with VRE (Vancomyicin Resistant Entocci) and MRSA-both staph bacterial infections. I used the following: Cipro (1000mg doses) Vacomyicin IV 2xd,(for the MRSA I suppose), Zyvox 1200mg, Tequin and Levequin (1000mg) eventually the infections went into dormancy and I am doing ok for now. SO, if anyone has issues with the meds- makes sure you follow up with getting the right combo's that work for you- otherwise, we're just spending hard cash on serious drugs for no reasons...Ciao to all

No Subject

took zyvox for 3 days on two different occassions and started experienceing muscle tightness and legs jerking andyboy else had this problem?

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