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M 05-09-2008 01:48 PM

bipolar sleep problems
Hello, I have been dxd bipolar 2 years ago. Im taking lamictal 200mg. I have problems for falling asleep. I have tried hypnotics, trazodone, neurontin and nothing have worked well.<br>Im thinkin in taking lamictal with tegretol or trileptal. Has anyone tried this?. which is the best option lamic+tegretol or lamic+trileptal. Thank you.

physicsfiend 07-22-2008 11:55 PM

Lamictal and Lunestra
I am taking Lamictal along with Lunesta for my sleeping problem, although I've always been an insomniac so can't say how much the Lamictal has contributed to this. Based on my experience, I caution you to get as much info as you can before taking any sleep med and then follow your Dr's instructions EXACTLY. When I started taking Lunesta I didn't do this. The manufacturer and my Dr both advise that once someone takes it, they must go directly to bed. But I figured that as long as I was at home when I took it, I'd be OK. I would feel the sleepiness coming on and then hit the hay. Not true with Lunesta. Once I was standing at the kitchen sink after taking it and I started to feel dizzy. I nearly fell, caught myself on the counter and stood up. This happened repeatedly a few times & then I finally did fall. My legs felt like there were no bones in them and I wasn't even able to break my fall with my hands. I hit head on. As I was falling I thought "Not the teeth! Not the teeth!" and I managed to tuck my head into my chest. I hit just above my forehead and it hurt very badly for quite a while.

Was this enough for me to learn my lesson? Heck no! I'm like the dog who keeps going back after the porcupine. One night I took the Lunestra and sat down at my laptop to check my e-mail. This laptop is a hand-me down with some keys that stick. In a fit of frustration - which I believe was highly intensified by Lunesta - I managed to pop several keys off of the keyboard and then baptize the laptop with cereal (really; I apparently poured a bunch on it). Then I went to bed. When I got up in the morning and saw my laptop I freaked. I've never broken anything out of anger in my whole life, yet here was my laptop in a pile of bran flakes with several keys spread about the table. I only wish that I could remember doing it because it must've felt great - this darn laptop is still a pain in the butt. Anyhow, a guy that I work with fixed it and called me an anger underacheiver since the best that I could do was pry off some keys. He said he would've drop-kicked it (and he's not even on any drugs that I know of). He did ask me why there was so much cereal stuck under what was left of the keyboard...

Now I take Lunesta and go directly to bed. I play Suduko until the pencil falls out of my hand and go to sleep. It works well for me but I'd certainly prefer not to take it. A friend of mine takes a different slep med and has the same problem. She once woke up to find her car bumper half way torn off and a Penera's bag in her car. She has no idea what happened. She just recalls taking the sleep med & chasing it down w/ some red wine. Don't ask.

The bottom line: based on my experience, taking Lunesta with Lamictal isn't a problem. It's dismissing the potential side effects of the sleep med that can get you into trouble.

Best of luck and many Zzzzzzzs to you!

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