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jab862 11-20-2009 01:13 AM

Azilect and tyramine
This is my first post and I have a bunch of questions. A little background. I was recently diagnosed with early stages of Parkinson's and my Dr put me on Amantadine 100mg and one week later wants me to start taking Azilect 1mg also.
I picked up my prescription of Azilect 1mg today.
Should I take it with or without food, and what benefit should it give me? How careful do I have to be about foods containing tyramine? It seems there are so many foods:

Teriyaki or soy sauce in what amounts
Beer or whisky
Bouillon and other soup cubes, canned soups
Many fruits (but not all) contain tyramine, including bananas, figs, grapes, oranges, pineapples and plums

Many things have some tyramine and a few have a lot in them. Do I have to stay away from all of them?
I know my Dr. should answer these but he hasn't so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff

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