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kat 09-30-2007 02:53 PM

No Subject
I began taking Effexor sometime ago, in a blind study for treatment of Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with this very painful ailment in 1991 or so. I had always suffered with a shoulder pain, which often felt like a burn, that radiated up to the neck and down my right arm. I did injections in the lower shoulder area and the neck with temporary relief. This pain would begin like a migrane. I felt the burn and before I could get somewhere and begin some type of preventive measure, I could not use the arm or even get it in a comfortable position. This was very inconvenient, particularly when driving. <br>In the blind study, I knew within a week that I had been given one of the high dosages. I never knew that there could be such relief. The study was halted after about a year or so, the withdrawls unbearable, and I was put on a traditional dosage of Effexor. Although I baby stepped the increments I stopped the dosage amount at 300 mg., the relief was slower to take effect. I now can say that the break through pain is almost non existant and for me that is wonderful. I can function without worry and the rest of my body has adjusted as well. I still have some stiffness but I think I can safely say I probably over do on many days and that is why I will continue to take this medication. It is because of the ability to do normal things that the side effects are of no concern.

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