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New user 12-02-2005 06:00 AM

No Subject
My husband has suffered from lower and mid back pain for a few years now. He has never taken anything more than just tylenol, and motrin for pain releif. Recently the pain started bothering him more than usual so we decided it was time that he went to the doc's to see if there was something more that could be done. After examining him he said it simply looked like a pulled muscle kind of problem and told him to try some samples of Bextra for a week to see if it helped at all. No info was given to us about possible side effects. I wanted to learn more about this drug since I had never heard about anyone else taking it. The internet has alot of information and truthfully some of it was a bit alarming to say the least. The first night he took it, he took only 10 mg. Woke up feeling fine. Last night he took 20mg as the Doc had recommended. In the middle of the night he woke up saying he felt like his heart was racing and he couldn't sleep. My husband has never had any symptom of heart racing before so I definitely think it is due to the Bextra. I'm worried about him continuing to take this especially after reading the comments from other users. He also has a history of stomach ulcers and gastritis and that definitely worries me since I've read that it can cause sudden bleeding ulcers. Yikes! I'm certainly on the fence about this med.

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