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panther27 11-13-2009 12:05 AM

new to this site some one help me please
Hello I am new to this site I have ocd borderline personality and bipolar sctzoeffective disorder unless thats what it is instead of the bipolar I dont know any more with these doctors. Any way I started on geodon 6 days ago this will be my 7 night I just took it with my dinner. I am really scared because of the side effects of the heart thing. I have copd and and some other health issues I am 48 and I dont want some heart attack happening. I also have to quit smoking any ways I wanted to try this because I was put on depakote for years I have been on it and I have doubled my weight is that ridululous or what sorry spelling. I had alot of anxiety the first few days with the geodon is was only on 20mlg and last night I went up to 40mlg and I slept like a baby but today my left hand is twitching not a lot just a little and once in awhile my heart feels weird not palpatating just like a heavy pounding feeling and then it goes away so I think I am defenitly quitting the smoking because my main goal is to get this weight off and then I want to get off the depakote and get on lamictal I have been doing my research so I dont know and also I feel like I have a rash all over my body and my face is red so can any one tell me whats going on or have they had these symptoms I live alone so I get scared and dont want to get rushed to the e.r. I was not sleepy at all with the 20 it was the opposite but I noticed my angry out burts are not as bad unless maybe just no one has made me angry so I havent noticed I have a terrible temper sorry so long Thanks for hearing me out.:confused:

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