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Mom 05-12-2008 06:57 PM

No Subject
My son had depression, OCD, and anxiety disorder. He had racing thoughts so bad he could hardly attend school. Up to seven severe panic attacks a day and very bad depression. He missed one hundred and one days of school in his junior year. Nothing helped. He was put on Celexa finally at the age of seventeen after suffering this way for a year. Celexa did wonders for him!! He is able to function in his daily life. He graduated with honors from high school and is now in Asia teaching English before going on to University. Celexa gave him his life back and while he still has the occasional panic attack in new situations it's nothing like things were before. He's had very minimal side effects of some sleeplessness and minor headaches at times. For people who have such severe problems drugs like this one can really change lives for the better!!

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