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talkinglion 02-03-2010 04:32 PM

Avelox - wasted money - wasted days
4:17 PM
I have had a bad cough for the past six weeks - went to the doctor and was prescibed an antibiotic which I took for 7 days and the cough got no better. Went to him again 2 days ago and he prescribed Avelox 400 mg " just in case there was infection omewhere that was missed by oher antibiotic." I felt horrible within a couple of hours and had to go to bed. I slept an hour and the rest of that night was awful - I felt very nervous and dizzy. My legs were restless and I felt awful. I had bad diarhea the next day and had a hard time working. Took another pill last night and could not sleep. I woke up feeling dizzy and weak today and decided to see if other people have felt like this (online). Other people have! I just called doctor office to leave the message that I won't be taking more of this. ( doubt he will respond.) It is very expensive and I hate to waste my money - but I don't want to waste my life either. Why would a doctor prescribe such a miserable drug unless your life was threatened if you did not take it? The pages of warnngs supplied when I picked up the prescription were scarey - but I trusted the doctor's wisdom - duh me. I guess I have killed all my "good bacteria" now and I still have my cough. He also gave me a prescription for Omeprazole "just in case " the cough is caused by acid reflux. Too much "just in cases" to suit me. I had better get back to prayer and faith in God - faith in the doctor is not helping much with any ailments I have.

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