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Stud 09-27-2003 05:00 AM

I just spoke with my dad who also quit taking his Celexa. He is complaining of dizziness/vertigo. I told him it is probably from withdrawal of stopping his Celexa. I had similar difficulty trying to stop Paxil. So far All I have done is to get off Paxil and onto Celexa. Now I am wanting to get off Celexa so I can feel normal again. If withdrawal is as bad as when I was trying to get off Paxil I think I will do better just realizing what the problem is. These drugs are dangerous. They do help some. I would suggest you consult your doctor (phsychiatrist)after doing your own research. They may suggest you wheen yourself off instead of going cold turkey. Others have stated thet Benadryl can help with the withdrawals, but check that out with your doctor.<br><br>Sexless

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