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When I started taking Micardis my MD put me on 80 Mil that also contained 12.5 HCT. I got so weak that I could not crawl out of bed. When I went back to him he put me on the straight 80 Mil without the HCT and it had worked fine up until about 3 weeks ago and then I could feel my blood pressure going up again. He now has me on an additional pill Toprol-xl 50. It has stabilized by blood pressure, but am having some additional worries. etc blurry sight, red eyes, runny eyes and a nagging cough. Dont know if the medication has anything to do with it.Oh, another thing I started having numbness in my fingers when I was on micardis by its self, but I believe the numbness is going away.<br><br>Would love to hear from anyone out there.<br><br>
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