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Hamdi Latif
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Micardis (80 mg. and 12 1/2 milligrma of HCT)was prescribed to me three weeks ago (in the last week of June 2003). On July 15th, I was in a car accident after I "blacked out" at the wheel for about half a minute. I was then taken to the hospital for observation, bruises, contusions, adhesions, chest pain and bruised ribs. I took me up to six weeks to recover from this accident. <br><br>During the same time, I was also taking a beta blocker- Meoprolol (Lopressor) which I have been for the last five years with no side effects. <br><br>I stopped using the Micardis since the accident on July 15th and am therefore still experiencing high blood pressure. <br><br>Any comments would be appreciated.
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