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Default Adderall Vs Straterra

Ive been on Adderall for 3 years taking 50-60mg a day. My doctor recently put me on Straterra, however, Im on day 2 and dont feel sh1t when it comes to curing the ADD. Im an Engineering Consultant and have a major training session that I have to give on Monday this comming week and am faced with a real dilemma.<br><br>I still have enough of the old Adderall to get me through the week, however, I dont know if I should quit the Adderall and stick with the Straterra. This is a job-threatening situation and Im about to go tell my doctor to put me back on the Adderall. <br><br>I realize that Straterra is not instantanious, however, I cant sit around for 2 weeks for results. I need it now, as my job depends on it. Any suggestions on maybe combining a lower dosage of Adderall with Straterra or any other drugs to treat the ADD ?
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