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Default My Daughter had gained a lot of weight with clarinex

My daughter was diagnosed with dust mites allergy, we started clarinex over 6 months ago. She's only 8 years old then, she had gained about 14 pounds in this very short time. She looks puffier than usual. I though maybe the inhaled steroids are the reason since she started taking the inhaler too, due to asthma diagnoses. But I've asked many dotors about it and they all said that it cannot be, since this doesn't go into the blood stream. Now these are the only two medications she's taking, that leaves me to suspect the clarinex. I started reaserching and now I see that other people have gone through the same thing. Her apetite hasn't really changed much, but her waist size did, very much changed.
I am starting to worry about her now that she just turned 9 and weighs about 107 pounds.
Help anyone?
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