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Default Lantas low

I have been using Lantas about a year now, I take 88 units early AM each day as that coincides with my lifestyle (early to bed, early to rise... you know the rest!)
Anyhow I was on various oral meds previously and none controlled my numbers like Lantas does so in that regard it has worked out very well.
The downside is every so often, about once a month, when I inject in my fat gut area I will immediately get nauseated and I know what's coming which is within an hour my number nosedives to very low, usually around 30 - 40 but one time when driving I was lucky to get into Mickey Dee's for some sweetened iced tea to get the numbers back up, the dude waiting on me at 7am probably thought I was under the influence since I was close to out of it.
Although my doc originally told me he hadn't heard of this type of issue with Lantas with research I have done I am convinced that on those occasions I miss the big target fatness and hit some sort of blood vessel or whatever and the lantas starts doin' all it's thing pronto rather then over time.
One thing that does help is typically when I'm missing my fat target it will have a little pain when I insert needle whereas when I hit the fatness it don't hurt so if I feel that hurt I back it out and choose from some of the other acre of fat that is my stomach!!

All in all I am a big Lantas fan but these times when I get that nausea I know what is coming down the pike and it ain't fun - but at least it gives me an excuse to whack down a snickers or Hershey bar when that happens, YES!!!

Well that's my issue and story, peace everyone.
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