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Default zoloft - no no!!!

<br>I'm pleased other people found this drug to be "great'' for them!!<br><br>good for you - i have tried a few antidepressant's over the years<br><br>and i must say , zoloft was the main one that gave me an upset stomach, no real relief from any symptoms, it actually produced more anxiety , then i have ever had prior, it gave me tremors, made my head feel more like cotton wool.....etc etc<br><br>today , i have found the right one after many years, only drawback puts weight on like no ones business and unfortunatly causes me problems, with sex, ie mainly climaxing - buy hey<br>i'd rather be feeling good inside most of the day and be able to cope........with most things in LIFE- so what if i never feel that i have just had the best /release, love and closeness of my life!!! (thru sex) <br>sniff sniff!! - i never had a problem there before! medication<br><br>sorry guys zoloft wasn't for me but good luck to you all<br><br>best regards to all<br><br>pete <br><br>
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