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Trying to Stay Awake
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Default celexa and tiredness

i am 28 and have been taking celexa for 4 years. the drug kind of dampens my emotions, so that if i start to feel depressed, i usually recoup fairly quickly. the problem is that celexa works on my depression by replacing my emotional pain with a sense of sleepiness. at 40 mg i am so drowsy that i usually hit the pillow every day after work at about 4pm and stay zonked for 2-3 hours. i have no trouble sleeping at night, despite these daily snoozes. it took me 4 years to realise that the drowsiness was actually having adverse effects. i won't mention the sexual side effects and weight gain from being on celexa. those effects are well-known, but i find that the drowsiness is the worst effect of all. i may not cry uncontrollably and get irritable and overwhelmed like i used to when i was depressed, but i feel like there is no difference between "sleeping off" the depression, and other forms of escapism, like drinking. sleeping is slightly less self-sabotaging, but it still robs me of my memory, concentration, and ability to do the things i want to do, see my friends, and even function properly at work. it's very hard to be attached to these pills, not being able to get off them without feeling depressed, but not being able to tolerate the side effects either. <br><br><br>
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