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Default first attempt @ kicking celexa...

I unintentionally ran out of my celexa 6 days ago. I have been taking 20mg/day for about 5 months now, and before that I was on Lexapro for approx. a year...the dosage varied from 10-20mg/day while on that. Anyway, I'm wondering if I've gone 6 days already- cold turkey- if I should even try to stay on it. I did call in a refill this morning, because I'm worried about what sort of drastic changes might occur if I go off of it. However, my doctor did say that if you want to stop an SSRI then this is the time of year to do so as opposed to the winter months. I haven't had any side effects that weren't already there to some extent- the insomnia I've dealt with as long as I can remember and the trailing vision, weakness, dizziness (i call them the mumbly bumblies- pre panic attack jitters ) aren't unbearable. I still haven't had a panic attack since being off of the celexa which is to me a miracle, but does anyone think that the worst is over? Or should I probably start back up the meds?...WHOA long post- sorry no sleep last night...
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