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Dave Walters
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Default Zetia stopped working?

Prior to Zetia I was on 80 mg Lipitor. Typical lipid profile was Chol 220, ldl 140, hdl 38. 4/23/03 added 10 mg Zetia and in 8 wks my profile numbers went to Chol 172, ldl 100, hdl 62. Wonderful!! Blood workup in 12/03 showed this figures remained the same. 8/19/04 lipid profile done and total reversal. Still on 80 mg of Lipitor and now chol 285, ldl 185, hdl 48. Dr. thought test was flawed and redid it three days later. Yes, it was correct. We waited 6 wks and redid the blood test. Chol 250, ldl 179, hdl 40. Diet, exercise and all medications remain costant. Very upsetting! Any simular experiences??
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