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Default thyrogen and reproduction

my doctor was pushing my to take thyrogen, after having a total thyrodectomy for papillary carcinoma. I opted for the "old fashioned" way and have been off synthroid for 5 1/2 weeks a bit uncomfortable but not as bad as knowing they never tested thryogen to see it could effect my ability to have children( I am 37) and I did not like the results of the clinical trials.<br><br>three days ago, Tuesday I had my radioactive iodine pill and tomorrow am at 8am am scheduled for my full body scan. I feel confident I did the right thing, by going the old way and getting good conclusive results. Thyrogen is only 4 years old and in my opinion way too young to be messing around with women of childbearing years and for the first year after cancer surgery. Wanted to know if anyone has receive the shots and now having trouble conceiving????
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