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Default getting off celexa

I too have gone off celexa cold turkey 20 days ago. It has been quit a trip to say the least. The first two days I experienced stomach aches and dizzyness. The next five days I experienced electrical shocks going from my left temple to the middle of my forehead. The next four days I experienced cluster shocks in the back of my head. The next four days I experienced high blood pressure and headaches.<br><br>Today I am experiencing dizzyness and a headach on the left side of my head while at work. I am glad that I do not have much work today, for I am having a difficult time concentratinga and I feel really tired and dizzy. I have also felt panicky and have thought about calling a doctor, but I have done this before and all they do is put you back on celexa or something else. I well stick with the plan of going off of celexa. It has been 20 days now.<br><br>Does anyone know how many days that it will take me to completly get off of celexa. I was taking the medicine for the past 5 years with 20 mg per cay?<br><br>thanks<br><br>Peace<br>
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