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Default Celexa is killing me!

Ok here is my story....<br><br>I was a young Mommy with two babies 18 months apart. I had never had <br>never felt so stressed and overwhelmed. I talked to my Doctor about what<br>I was going through and he suggested I start taking a daily medication that<br>would do wonders for my life! It would take "the edge off" and help me stay relaxed and ease the worries of everyday living. WOW... a pill is <br>going to help me be a happier calmer MOM!!! <br><br>Well 8 years later....<br><br>I have gained 70 pounds..See I have tried to go off this wonder drug 3 times and have had to start right back up only to have the weight gain again... sexy huh??? <br><br>The first time I tried to come off Celexa I had the worst withdrawl!! I was soooo dizzy, I stayed locked up in my bedroom for 4 days...great Mommy huh??? I could not form a thought, I felt like I was walking in a fog. When I called the Doctor to explain to him what was going on with me..I could not get the thought out..great feeling huh???<br><br>The second time I went off, I lasted 1 month.. Then the panic attacks hit!! WOW I have never had a panic attack in my life! This is new great experience. At the first panic attack I just tried to relax and BREATH!! The second panic attack that week I called the Doc.. The third ..I popped the pill. After the world stoped spining at 10000000 miles per hour I vowed to NEVER go off the meds again. Oh and then I started to gain weight <br>all over agian when I restarted the prescription.. which led me to having to add wellbutrin to my daily pill popping... the wellbutrin counter acts the weight gain.. so now I am not GAINING weight....but I can not LOSE the weight either!! Yea,,,now I can be mentally stable as well as have my ass stay at a stable HUGHNESS!!!<br><br>So the THIRD time I tried to go off.... OMG..Talk about a fun Mommy!!! I was in a daze..I made it 5 weeks.. I battled the vertigo that made me sick to my stomach, painful achy joints, headaches, MOOD SWINGS..WEEEE, shakes, and there went my childhood dreams of never having to suffer DETOX!!!!!!!!!<br>I hear people talk about overcoming herion, crack etc....and while I admire there courgae and applaude their strength a part of me thinks... Yeah??? try coming off celexa!! <br><br>Well five weeks into my "recovery".. I can not take another minute! <br><br>Let me set the scene..<br><br>Here we are the kids and myself coming back from a family vacation in TN. The kids are giggling in the car and there is Mommy with a blank emotionless stare. That was the extent of the trip for Mommy.. BLANK.. NO EMOTION and no desire to speak, smile, laugh...which is CRAZY for me. I am such a ball of fun.. I am always the one with the most energy and the one that will get down and act like a crazy kid myself on trips. Then the PANIC attack hits like a fricking brick wall...I call my Doctor at 9:00pm on a Sunday and I am frantic,,can I take the pill??? Can I take it right now????<br><br>So Here I am... medicated for the rest of my life just to "take the edge off"<br><br>I started taking it for that little nudge to get through those first few months of being a new Mommy and suffering from MILD Post OMG I had a KID.... Now I am a slave to this little white pill that controlls my life. I can not lose the weight.. I am the ONLY person I know of that never lost even an OUNCE on the Atkins diet! I suffer from the most horrific panic attacks if I try and ween off,,which panic attacks were NEVER an issue before the drug. I have vertigo so bad that I can not turn my head without my whole world spinning! I itch alll over.. I have hot flashes that makes me look into moving to a cold climate, I get hives for NO reason, the sun causes me to break out in small weird bumps that itch like mad... I can not function as a normal human being without this medicine!<br><br>I feel victimized and LIED to. I feel that If I had known what this was going to do to my life that I WOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN THIS to begin with.<br>I am overweight, hot, itchy, hived up and I have NO sex drive.. but hey ....I AM STABLE!!!!
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