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Default celexa withdrawal

After a 3-month taper to allow my body time to adjust to the lower dose before lowering again, I have finally been off Celexa for 6 days, which have been the six most uncomfortable, difficult consecutive days of my life. EVER. I have a complex psychiatric diagnosis (Major depression and PTSD) so I do will continue to take psychiatric medication. However, Celexa took away much of what makes life worth living. Sexual side-effects, in particular, have been extremely frustrating. After several years on SSRI medications, I just want to get off, you know? I have been tapering onto Remeron as I've tapered off. However, the final elimination of Celexa has been very difficult. I am experiencing electrical zaps along with severe joint and muscle pain all the way down my right arm from the shoulder to the tips of my ring and pinky finger. Last night I experienced severe panic for no particular reason at all. My head is in a haze with frequent bouts of vertigo and general malaise. I've been very argumentative and of sharp opinion this past week. Just getting through each day so I can return home to a controllable environment has been unusually difficult. From reading what non-drug company-sponsored information I can find on the Internet---taking care to avoid agenda material by groups including Scientologists, among others---it seems that I should expect to continue feeling lousy for another one to two weeks. It's a terrible situation to be in. I believe very firmly that there was not adequate warning when I started taking SSRIs as to what could be expected when I chose to discontinue. In fact, I believe it is part of the drug companies' plan to get people on medications they can never stop taking. Or am I just experiencing paranoia due to acute withdrawal? Thanks to all for your previous posts, which have at least helped me determine that I am not completely crazy and that the worst symptoms will likely soon pass.
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