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Default long term aciphex

After 2 or 3 years of using Pepcid via prescription, my doc switched me to Aciphex as the Pepcid was no longer very effective. Have been taking the Aciphex now maybe 6 years or so on a daily basis and it works really well. To get this much relief day and nite from heartburn is like a miracle.<br><br>I do have some headache and IBS issues, but we can not determine if these are caused by Aciphex. 2 yrs ago I quit taking Aciphex on my own, as an experiment, just to see if the constant dull headache would go away in a week or so. The heartburn was so bad after 2 or 3 days, that I cancelled my experiment and began taking the Aciphex again....I couldn't stand being forced to get up at 2 AM and 3 AM by the bad heartburn, and then trying to get up at 6 AM to come in to work. I was worn out. The Aciphex fixed that.<br><br>I may never know if it contributes to the headache and IBS, but oh, well there are probably many things we will never know. Hope this helps.
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