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Old 05-25-2005, 05:00 AM
robert hartge
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Default Benicar

Why would anyone want to take this medication? I take atenolol at 100 mg and lisinopril at 20 mg, each once a day. They worked well for me with no side effects. But, my pressure was still a little above normal, at 150/90 and it needed to be a little lower, so I was put on a sample of 20 mg of Benicar. I got off it after 2 days, my other third medication was adalat, and I had a terrible reaction to that, so it was suggested I try Benicar. It has terrible side effects, ringing in the ears, bad dreams, stomach upset, and I already have a problem with that, I got a fever and felt like I had flu. It also causes tiredness and severe headaches. I had a migraine episode at work the first day I was on it. <br><br>Why would a doctor think that this is in somebody's mind when so many people report these symptoms? Any doctor worth his salt would immediately take a patient off this. There are some other good medications out there. <br><br>I am doing the safe and sensible thing which is diet and exercise, and am doubling my lisinopril and taking atenolol. I feel much better having made that decision. <br><br>If you have normal blood pressure and this medication is effective in doing that, but with all the horrible side effects, who would want to take this awful medicine. You would probably be better off with slightly elevated blood pressure than all the problems this medication causes.<br><br>At least I have a good doctor that listens to me and changes my medications if something is not working.<br><br>This one is not for me, and quite frankly, with all the reported similar side effects, I think this should be taken off the market.<br><br>It is terrible.
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Old 01-22-2008, 03:55 AM
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Default No Subject

Your adverse reactions are actually a good sign. Do some research on Marshall Protocol.
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