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Old 05-12-2008, 06:42 PM
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Default Chantix quit smoking drug, HELL ON EARTH.

I started taking chantix (a quit smoking drug) about a month ago, at first it looked like this was the ticket, I went from a pack a day to nothing in 1 week, cool huh? Then it hit me.<br>It started with a low level irritated feeling then went to extreme agitation to border line homicidal thoughts, ended up at suicidal.<br>I have never had anything that has screwed up my thought process like this in my entire life.<br>I stopped taking it about a week ago but still my brain hasnít recovered, today I contemplated checking myself into a psyche ward as 1 minute Iím fine the next I have overwhelming thoughts of the most severe agitation you could ever imagine.<br>This drug is in my estimation very dangerous, you want to feel HELL take it.<br>Nothing on this earth is worth what chantix has made me feel, I hate the fact that a substance has made me feel this way, for what itís worth donít take this drug, this is by far the worse ride I have ever been on and I canít wait till itís out of my system, I pray that it doesnít have permanent effects.<br>Buyer BEWARE.<br>
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